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I receive over a dozen illusion submissions each day, and sometimes these submissions include somewhat “edgy” content. The problem is, they often work really well – sometimes even too well to be precise! Then it comes to me to decide how should I handle this situation most precociously.

Even though I may endorse such optical illusions that ONLY imply NSFW content (while in reality being perfectly safe), I still wouldn’t want them showing inside your desktop widgets and gadgets, potentially bringing you in awkward situation of some sort. Thus, I have decided to place this simple, non-related socket illusion (above) to have something to fill your gadget with. Before you start complaining how these might lack taste, I can assure you the illusions they hold work really great! Hope you like what you’re about to see inside this article! Looking forward reading your comments.

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  1. I don’t see anything odd in the middle right one, despite looking at for like ten minutes, and then doing a reverse image search with Google. Weird

  2. Well, two of these are adverts, thus already widely seen I presume; the only conclusion I can gather about whether these are rude or not depends on what culture one lives in. (FWIW, they’re fine by me, but only so-so as “illusions”.)

    But I don’t see any illusion in the photo pair with the oriental ladies. What is it?

    1. the girl in the middle looks like she has her legs spread,but in fact what looks like her legs are the legs of the girls on either side of her,kneeling on one knee

    2. Why call them Asian? The term Asian is even misrepresented; a Russian is an Asian too. Turks are Asians as well, yet when we use the term “Asian” most are referring to the people from the Orient… hence Orientals.

  3. Kids look at this site. I know this cause I’ve seen comments where people state their age. OK, sure nothing in here is actually what it seems at first glance, but should you really be filling young heads with these ideas?

    1. Yeah, lord knows you might end up with a psychopath on your hands if your 9 year old catches a glimpse of a boob-that’s-not-a-boob.

    2. Listen im 13 and in 8th grade. I learned about Sex Ed. in 4th & 5th grade. There was diagrams of every and all of these FAKE body parts. Okay so if they dont learn it from school, they learn it from friends. If they don’t learn it from nither it WILL be on the internet. Besides these are even what they seem to be so just sit down and stop trying to improve the world because its not happening.

  4. I don’t get the panda.Is it the female part and the exclamation mark for males?
    The others are awesome.Two bald men viewed from top.


    1. The panda is so the widget doesn’t cause “awkward” moments if somebody glances at the screen at the wrong time.

    2. The panda is actually an outlet to plug things inot, and the eyes?mouth are the hole for the when you plug something in its like stabbing it in the eyes.

    1. if you look at the third picture you see that the girl in the middle has her legs split but theyr acualy the girls next to her’s knees makig an illusion… on the third one the girl seems to have her legs wide open when acualy her legs are on top of each other

    1. I agree, Kimon! Can’t. Stop. Laughing! Did a double take and still can’t shake the image of what I “thought” I “saw” at first glance! This is great! Off to explore more “Sexy Illusions”

  5. While I do appreciate the fact that you have stopped putting “edgy” illusions in the widget (really, thank you!), please remember that you do have many female fans who do NOT get excited about bald heads or knees that look like breasts. Yes, they may be optical illusions, but be honest about the reason you are posting them: they look like dirty pictures. Thank you for at least keeping them out of the widget so I don’t have to look at them any longer than I choose and don’t have to worry about others seeing them on my desktop and getting the wrong impression.

    1. I’m a heterosexual female too (I assume you are hetero since you assumed that because you’re female that this doesn’t appeal to you) and no, I don’t get excited by these either. But the reason he put these up are because they are illusions that HAPPEN to be dirty pictures. Yes, guys might like it, but truth be told, at the end of the day those “boobs” are bald men. Therefore: an illusion. I’m glad that he cares about us enough to remove it from the widget. There’s no need to assume the only reason he put them up was to showcase smut.

    2. Get over it overly sesative little priss. If you don’t like it, and he gave warning saying they were dirty. don’t look, and if you look don’t complain. Its like you are just looking for a reason to let everyone know what a prude you are.


    4. Ummm, I’m female and I see nothing wrong with them as none of them are dirty at all. And if your kids are looking at them and see something dirty, then sorry to say your child has a dirty mind. lol.
      If you think THESE are bad, you should really just stay off the internet…

    5. The bald heads are women who are going through breast cancer. Look in the corner of the picture. It is supposed to look like breasts because they are trying to get people in to get mamograms so they can try to prevent breast cancer. Look at the picture closely before you go and judge…

  6. OK. While I appreciate these, I would like to say this. I’m not a prude, you can show _me_ illusions like this all day. But… you’ve become a daily treat for my 5-year old and I to share. He asks me, “Is there a new illusion of the day?” every evening. Tonight, I’m going to have to say “no”… because I’m not going to show these to him, and have to explain them.

    You’ve gotten pretty big… lots of people all over the world know of and appreciate and visit this site daily. And not all of them are adults.

    1. Vurdlak did give you fair warning Aand some visitors ARE adults. I think you’ve already remedied the situation by just telling your son “no”. Not all illusions are clean.

    2. Great illusions!

      And really tired of the “but what about the KIDS!” comments. Honestly people, your kids would be a lot more well-balanced if you TALKED about this stuff instead of hiding it and pretend it doesn’t exist. Childhood is a time humans learn to understand how to cope with the world, and if you don’t help them cope now, they’ll have to figure it out on their own with someone else’s “help” later.

    1. grow a pair, will you? I hate when women shake their heads at everything even slightly sexual like their fragile hearts can’t take it. These aren’t even softcore and they ARE illusions, so yeah they are appropriate. what’s not appropriate is you being rude.



    The asian girl in the center of the left picture is NOT spreading her legs… took me a while… it’s just the bent legs of the girls on either side that make her appear to be showing off!

  8. Wow, seriously guys? These are funny illusions. And not even THAT edgy. As if our society/media doesn’t immerse kids in this anyway.

    1. it’s a person sitting down,you are looking down,and you see the top of the knees and what looks like a big toe.

  9. I really like your illusions but I dont like these – they are in bad taste and I dont want them on my screen. Be good to keep to more of a high road than this in future

    1. Get over yourself…you obviously looked at all of them to get to the comment area. They are funny illusions. If you are afraid your coworkers or boss will see them and think they are dirty then maybe you should just get back to work and stop stealing money (your pay) from your company.

  10. I do not usually post comments on these things, but I enjoy viewing the illusions. But seeing all the negative comments, I just had to say speaking as a woman, I loved these illusions and do appreciate thier edgy and comic affect as illusions. Some people just need to chill out and have a little more humur in thier lives. So I hope you do keep pushing boundries in the name of providing good illusions.

    1. I am guessing all the prudes are young because in time REAL life takes stage and you will not be able to avoid it all…

  11. I just want to say thanks for all your illusions, regardless of whether or not these straight edge prudes can appreciate them or not…..C’mon people, sex and nudity are totally natural and nothing about these posts are inappropriate. I’m sure these same people complaining have no problems with their kids watching people fight on T.V. or even worse introducing their children to religion. Get over yourselves……That being said the third leg is killer! Keep up the good work and thanks for the awesome family appropriate site!

  12. After reading some of the comments on here I just have to say, please, do not try to cater to anyone. It seems to me that the main objective of this site is to provide an array of optical illusions. If some people are offended by some of the illusions you display just remember, you can’t please everyone. It’s better to have to offend a few people in order to show as many different types of illusions as possible, than to leave some good ones out and play it safe for the sake of a handful of people. This site is about OPTICAL ILLUSIONS, so please, leave nothing out.

  13. Oh boys, these are artistic shots. Come down again and just smile. I am female and nevertheless I think they are great photos and illusions.

    The title should have given you an idea about the content. If you can’t stop yourself from clicking on the link, this tells more about you than it does about Vurdlak.

    Thank you for these pictures and please do not be discouraged by some tight minded people.

  14. Awesome. Nice collection. Keep up the good work (I generally like all of the content you post).

    I agree with Nicole. If you don’t like it, don’t look. All of these images are extremely innocent once you look twice.

    Thanks Vurdlak.

  15. I would say these pics. are VERY inapropiet, epecaly 4 my age and under. and yes, Lizzy , Robert,Ron and Deneess (sorry if i spelled ur names wrong!) i dont like these pics. so i gi a 100% thumbs down on these…..

  16. You’re upset about “showing” boobs? You’ve got to be kidding me! Have you listened to some of the commercials on tv??? And don’t tell me your 4 and 5 year olds don’t hear those!

  17. Another thumbs up.
    For anyone to find these images offensive is frankly laughable and reflects not on this site, but on their own hang ups.

    For those with children – explain or don’t explain it really is up to you.

    If your child already ‘sees’ the illusion and you have a problem with that, then complaining about this site is not just closing stable door after the horse has bolted, it’s closing the door of entirely the wrong stable after the horse has bolted

  18. he oriental chicks, left is making it look like shes spreading eagle, but it’s the chicks on each side of hers legs. .and in the car, the seat making it like she’s spreading eagle when in fact her legs are close together.

  19. That panda: someone has painted the ears, eyes (around the plug holes) a nose, right? Hope he or she haven’t childrens at home since it became a very atractive plug for kids :(

  20. People are so ridiculous. I think these pictures are great. The ones who say these are inappropriate need to just get off the internet completely, turn off all the TV’s around them and might as well turn off all music that has words in it. Then be sure to lock yourselves indoors. There is much worse than these pictures in everything around us. Grow up.

  21. Wow…I bet if V. did NOT make such a deal out of it being NSFW, et al…Then, I will bet even more that there would not be sooo many Hovering Hollerers (Yeah…I am looking at you ‘I-am-sorry-son, No Illusions for YOU tonight-guy’…It is YOU prudes that find these offensive…Would you freak out at The Dolphin Vase Illusion…(‘Kids see Dolphins..but as non-innocent ‘adults’ we see a couple in flagrante de licto) These are the illusions that prove what type of folks can tell the difference…why, MOST people didn’t even get the worst ones, (Being the Oriental gal illusions) I mean really…A ‘child’ would NOT see a thing, just as many here didn’t, unless you look…(I saw it right away…maybe I am sick?) Seriously, Keep those blindfolds, bandages and bags over your kids eyes, ears, and mouths…Me? I dare someone to just prove a point, and show a 10 yr old the one with all the asian gals…I guarantee…? They will see NOTHING.

  22. I am sorry, but for all of you adults that think these illusions are “inappropriate” then you need to think about what your children are doing, hearing, and seeing everywhere else, because trust me there are worse things out in the world than these priceless illusions. I mean the music video for Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO played on Cartoon Network which plays cartoon for children. That is inappropriate for children. I mean common! If you haven’t seen that video, go ahead watch it. It is not PG. And I have to say that kids are influenced in every way, not by some picture that most of the kids under the age of Middle School will not comprehend. Trust me I am in 8th grade, smart enough to be in 9th grade, and I find these pictures hilarious! And the guy said it would be somewhat “edgy”, just because you don’t agree with it, does not mean that you need to make rude and unnecessary comments about something that is funny and innocent.

  23. These were funny! I had to look a couple times to get them for the one with the group of asian ladies posing, but it’s laughable that so many people here find them offensive. Knees, bald heads, groups of people and really the only dirty or offensive thing here is the way you’re taking images that just HAPPENED to be double entendres. Clean up your mind and think twice. I’m a lady and I didn’t see anything wrong with them, nor did my husband OR 7 year old daughter. She saw them for what the really were not the dirty images that can be proposed.

  24. I know I’m a bit behind in discovering this pg but if the viewers are worried pictures of optical illusions are going to destroy the next generations mind… we’d be so lucky if THIS was what we needed to shield them from. Honestly, take your pop-up blocker off as you search the web for simple non-sex orientated sites, then turn on your TV (hit the news last) and after all of that take a walk outside. You’ll soon realize everyone having an issue over something this small makes you look like an ignoramus. This website has just been starred for the bookmarks! =)

  25. jeez whining about childrens being exposed to illusions of booby’s, mmm boobs, like children weren’t never breast fed, maybe thats the problem ..the last picture though ?? transmutigenderlated or someone’s danglin’ knee

  26. Im using my brouthers name to say Im 11 and used to it. If you have older BROUTHERS then this is normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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