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By on January 22, 2007, with 42 Comments

Friend of mine mentioned these optical illusions crated by Koreans. I had fun time seeing them, but what amazed me, is that they took some of my optical illusions as inspiration! Boy, I didn’t know this blog is visited even in the far east. Great! You can easily see that the model is similar to Office Pranks. If you open this article, you will see a dozen of hilarious “relative sizes illusions” that can easily be compared to our previous illusions, like: Queen is Bald, Eating a Sun, etc. Which one did you like the best? My favorites are the first two!

Illusions From Korea
Illusions From Korea
Illusions From Korea
Illusions From Korea
Illusions From Korea
Illusions From Korea
Illusions From Korea
Illusions From Korea
Illusions From Korea
Illusions From Korea
Illusions From Korea
Illusions From Korea


42 Responses
  1. Anonymous says:

    Cute, funny ideas. I enjoyed watching ‘em.

    MaSa, Europe

  2. Anonymous says:

    that was really cool
    i loved all of them
    i just didnt get all the supersized stuff
    and that guy with the green thing on his head
    o well

  3. Anonymous says:

    wow nice, kinda weird in a cool kinda way

  4. Randy Smith says:

    The top one looks like the cove were the 007 movie “Man with the Golden Gun” was filmed. I like the pix for the inventive ideas. That and I love Asian women in general!

  5. Anonymous says:

    ROFL :D i’ve seen this kind of illusion done many many times but these ones are really funny.

  6. Anonymous says:

    typical asian pictures

  7. Anonymous says:

    Those Koreanss really know how to party.

  8. elisabetta says:

    The one with the spoon made me laugh :D

  9. Anonymous says:

    what do you mean by “typical asian pics”? so we’re racial stereotyping now huh?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Odd, What is the green pot on the head illusion?

    BC, Canada

  11. max says:

    It’s Stonewall Jackson’s(confederate army general in the Civil war) birthday. YAY!!!

  12. David Lozano Lucas says:

    jaha, my favorite is the one with the hats

  13. ~*Kevin*~ says:

    supa’ intense! that was awesome lookin’ at those pics.
    Randy Smith is so right. asian chicks are hot!

  14. Dave Rattigan says:

    That top one is Scaramanga’s hideout from The Man with the Golden Gun!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Those pictures were funny but I don’t think they are actually optical illusions ’cause they’re obviously just photoshopped or someting like that

  16. Anonymous says:

    I think yhis is wonderful trick photography. Oh, by the way the green thingy is a bottle cap on closer inspection. (and it’s not photoshop)

  17. V.J. says:

    These are so fun!

    I like the one with the big body and tiny head.


  18. MistDragonNinja says:

    Really funny stuff, I thought the guy with the green thing on his head should have made a video!

  19. Anonymous says:

    these were great. but it’s definitely nothing new in korea. i went on a trip to a korean temple and the photographer had me stand up near the camera and hold my hand out and put my husband way far behind up on a hill with a “thumbs up” and it looked like I had in standing in the palm of my hands~ hehe.

    *the green cap that the guy has on his head in the pic above in the metal cap to a bottle of soju- a korean type of sake (alcohol).

  20. Anonymous says:

    This looks ‘shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from having seen quite a few ‘shops in my time.

  21. Ryan G says:

    Some good new ones there.

  22. Anonymous says:

    this is my first time seeing this site, and me & my friends used to take pictures like those until some of them spread over the internet, maybe since this site not exsisted.. we never thought its an optical illusion or sumthin, we took pics like that for fun.. but no offense i think we never say that we took inspiration from this site..
    sorry for my bad english.. thank you..

  23. Anonymous says:

    One word. Totally Awesome. Oops

  24. Anonymous says:

    last time i did something this easy i almost fell of my dinosaur

  25. Roc says:

    Not optical illusions but trick photography, much of it amaturish going by how the distant objects are out of focus. A professional would have had both fore and background objects in focus. Let me call it imaginative. :)

    – The Roc

  26. Salad says:

    LOL! I remember in elementary school there was a book called “Tricky Pix” that showed you how to make these… but nevertheless, there are some really creative ideas here!

  27. Lollipop says:

    Yay.. I’m half korean!

  28. anonymous says:

    omg this is so cool

  29. lolipop101 says:

    lol these are so funny!!! ive always loved these awesome ones

  30. aprizzledizzle says:

    OMG. this is SO cool! :)
    i’m gonna try these with my friends. omg <33
    lmfao, korea's funny

  31. Kei says:

    This is very creative!

    There’s something strange on first image if you look carefully, the hill doesn’t reflected on the water.

    The others are awesome and realistic!

  32. Jugoy says:

    I like the pictures!! Very creative!

  33. Ave says:

    Is the first one photoshopped? I stared at it for long and it doesnt look real to me…the mountain she was carrying looked artifical to me…hmmmm

  34. Karthk says:

    guys, u can have a look at an illusion pic that i have taken…

  35. Radical Bombs says:

    for #1 where did the rock come from !?!?!?!?

    • Magnet says:

      It’s in Phuket, Thailand. The other posters did mention about the James Bond movie that was filmed there. Look it up.

  36. aurelio says:

    at number 9 you can see a little of fingers

  37. DeVangelous says:

    It looks like the Koreans are obsessed with putting things in their mouths…BIG THINGS…

  38. >Tp says:

    Real North-Korean style. Shitty. They must be living in eighties.

  39. DD says:

    hahahaha! go koreans! im half korean lol these r hilarios!

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