“Illusions en Miroir” by F. Tabary

The master Yoda when it comes to illusions, more precisely mr. Francis Tabary once again sent some some of his marvelous ambigram creations! The Illusions en Miroir, one you’re about to see, shows how “easy” appears to read both orientations of the same writing differently. When it comes to ambigrams, the pioneers in this field are Scott Kim and Douglas Hofstadter, but you may find many other authors if you look well enough. As Tabary states, ambigrams can effectively be used in advertising, and when designed as sculptures, they add to the element of magic and ambivalence.

23 Replies to ““Illusions en Miroir” by F. Tabary”

  1. Has you guessed, “Miroir” means mirror in french, and illusions is still illusions.
    And you can see “Ici” on the left, which means Here.

    I like this one, it’s like the Hate/Love illusion.

  2. Brilliantly done!

    I think the straight line to the right of “miroir” is just a fluorescent tube for illumination. You can see another one at the far left.

    Can’t be sure, but I believe the top half is the reflection of the bottom half, so it should really be “‘Miroir’ en Miroir”, non?

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