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By on September 7, 2011, with 30 Comments

This optical illusion carpet, spotted in a Paris video game store provides an illusion of vortex floor. The effect is achieved by printing bent lines in according manner, just like what we have already seen in Apple exec’s garden. Not only does this carpet messes with your mind, it might also help you actually to trip while trying to walk across it! Can you see the floor on below photo as flat, which it actually is? Didn’t think you could!

Illusion Carpet in The Game Store


30 Responses
  1. Peter says:

    I’d want to be sober to try walking on that.

    I wonder what it looks like from the other end of the shop? Looks like this might work – maybe not perfectly – from many different perspectives.

  2. Beholder says:

    Cool! I want that carpet for my rehearsal room!

  3. Carol says:

    This would be excellent carpet for a surf shop. Imagine if it was done in blue and white tones to simulate the illusion of walking on the ocean or waves.

  4. Slammer says:

    I want that.

  5. Care Bear says:

    A good reason to stay out of game stores.

  6. illusion lover says:


  7. Jarl says:

    That would be a great addition to any home bar.

  8. DudeMan says:

    I would love to see something like that in my city!

  9. PixelsGarden1 says:

    my 1970′s Harvest Gold shag looks just like that!(I wish)

  10. PixelsGarden1 says:

    I would be stepping up, and no step there, so stumble, and stepping down, and no step there, making me cuss…nicely done!!!

  11. Devam says:

    Koolly kool! U are really awesome vurdlak!! I simply love your site!! And this one is mindblowing!!

  12. Aeros says:

    Jarl: No doubt. After having a few, then a few after that walking around would be mighty interesting!

  13. eee efff geee says:

    I would fall over O_O

  14. Ahmad says:

    NICE!…but it seems the customers don’t know it’s an illusion….not paying much attention to it.

  15. Howard says:

    Who makes that carpet? I want some!

  16. illusionist says:

    reminds me of warped space-time

  17. Dave says:

    In the USA? Never! We’re talking OSHA and a million lawyers for even thinking about it!

  18. David Blair says:

    Very Cool!!!!! I wonder if it looks just as real to the people that is inside the store???

  19. Ant says:

    It reminds me of Doh from Arkanoid’s last level! :D

  20. kennt--- says:

    this is a cool one, It’s like you’ll gona hesitate to step on the depressed areas, really cool, wanna see that… hehe here in the phil it’s uncommon….

  21. cool knives says:

    Wow, this really make me dizzy. Where is the straight line???

  22. Anonymus says:

    can you put a kids section on here for kids?? im only 8 so i am scared of alot without company.

  23. Donny says:

    Where in Paris is this place located?

  24. Donny says:

    Where in Paris is this place located? I’m visiting Paris soon and would like to see this.

  25. Maths Rules! says:

    I can’t see it as a flat floor!

  26. c9g7k2 says:

    Totally going to buy this for my bedroom.

  27. i masterbated to this photo says:

    shit better not go near one of those i always trip on this kinda shit.

  28. Ada69 says:

    Love it!!!!

  29. Laura says:

    I’d love to walk on that when completely drunk.

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