Human Motorcycles are HOT!

So what do you get if you combine yoga, bodypaint and nude models? “Human Motorcycles” as it appears, at least this was the case with our latest post. Featured art installation is a culmination of collaboration between bodypaint artists Trina Merry and Ryan Berman, where resulting motorcycles will tour with the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows in the US. It took over three days to create all three of the human motorcycles (shown below), more precisely: Ducati sport bike, KTM dirt bike and Harley-Davidson cruiser. Watch the YouTube clip to see behind the scenes footage.

Massage therapists were required to keep the participants limbered up and there was a maximum of two minutes a time each bike could be held in position.

Technically those used in the construction of these “motorcycles” weren’t models, but a combination of dancers, yoga instructors and circus performers who were able to undertake the contortions needed to form the variety of shapes, including wheels, seats, exhaust pipes and handle bars.

Each creation required hours of work with the cruiser listed at 15 hours, the sport bike 18 hours and the dirt bike 13.5 hours with each bike being airbrushed by at least eight people.

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    1. Well, you can see motorcycles isn’t it?
      Are there motorcycles? nope.
      That’s what you call an illusion.

  1. Wow, that is incredible – how do those people do that, even for the 2 minutes mentioned in the article. Impressive, & very beautiful

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