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  1. There’s a wolf head in the bark of the tree on the foreground, on the bottom of the trunk.
    There might be aonther on the moon, it looks that way to me.
    Doesn’t the spot where the clouds are the lowest, about half width of the picture look like a muzzle to you?

  2. I think there are 10, though a couple I’m not sure of.

    Could you please post the source for these illusions. If this came from a poster, I’d love to buy one.

  3. I found 9.

    A big one in the clouds
    1 on the moon
    Check out the right side tree – there are 3 over there.
    a howling wolf at the foot of the right side wolf
    left side – the coniferous tree – 1

  4. the 2 obvious in the center, the large one in the clouds, 1 on the moon, the twigs on the middle tree near the top show a profile view, the 2 snowy trees on the left make a face, the log beside the right hand wolf shows a small “howling” face, the very bottom of the tree on the forwground on the right, and another, on the same tree bark just over half way up, the middle tree and the 2 shadow trees behind make a face, the ears being the 2 dark tree tops, another profile face on the tree to the right, its between the other 2 mentioned, the log in the bottom left corner, the twigs coming off that have a profile face.

    hard to explain where they are…*wishes i could circle them lol*

    so i found…13 is it? maybe 12 lol

  5. I found 13 by circling the noses. To do that, save the picture. Then reopen the saved picture in MS paint. Then use the pencil option with the color red to circle the noses.

  6. holy crap i found about 25 and they were really easy to find just have an open mind dont close your self off to the possibilities.

  7. I own this poster. There are 15 wolves in the picture.

    2 wolves (obviously)
    4 in the tree
    1 in the moon
    1 in the clouds
    2 in the branches sticking off the fallen log (bottom left)
    2 more in the fallen log next to the wolves
    1 made from the trees on the left hand side
    1 at the top of the skinny tree behind the sideways wolf
    and 1 really big one made of the sillouette in the trees behind the sideways wolf. ( the skinny tree has this wolfs eyes and nose, and the ears are made of the trees in the background)
    Total of 15 wolves ^^

  8. As Amanda says above, there are 15 wolves. I have the poster too. It is on my hall wall. Everybody stops and tries to find the 15 wolves. Even when two cops came here, one asked questions while the other tried to find the 15 wolves. The spoiler is on my desktop. I have the wolf poster there with 15 numbered boxes showing where each of the 15 wolves are.

  9. I found at least 25 they are easy becuz i have the exact shirt and it came with a card that showed where all the wolves are and it said find all 25 wolves.
    nice one!!
    i like this one
    its my fav so far ;)
    Have fun and keep looking!
    :) :) :) :p
    c’ya yall
    love ya
    (p.s there is absolutlly NO MORE THEN 25!!)

  10. At least 8. 2 standing, 3 on the tree, one between the two pines on the left, 1 on the moon, 1 in the clouds and maybe also one on the snow on the left

  11. i don’t know.i couldn’t tell an acurate number because the picture wasn’t big enough to really take a really good look. i’ve counted 10 right now though…

  12. Got all 10!

    Only read on if you want to find the wolves . . .

    One and Two are obvious, three is in the snow bottom left hand conrner, behind the branch. Four is in the fir trees on the left hand side of the picture. Five is howling on the log in the middle, just below the middle wolf’s head. Six in at the bottom of the tree to the right. Look a little further up the tree and there is another wolf, number seven, it’s facing the wolf in the middle, it’s head is between the branches of the branch sticking out of the snow. Wolf eight is even further up the tree and again it’s looking at the wolf in the centre, it has it’s mouth open. Wolf number nine is in the moon, top right hand corner and wolf number ten is in the clouds at the centre of the picture.

  13. I found 15 in total. The trick is that some kind of overlap a bit, especially the one in the clouds. I see the obvious big face but there seems to be a profile facing right. Maybe I’m crazy? Also tricky to spot are the two that are made from the twigs on the log in the bottom left. Again a straight face, but to the right of it is a profile facing left. It also looks like the biggest real wolf is looking at a squirrel on the tree… I think he’s hungry!

  14. well.. i found 8..

    *the two real wolves
    *two on the tree on the right
    *one on the moon
    *one howling on the log next to the two wolves
    *one’s face in the clouds in the centre of the sky
    *one in the pine tree on the left of the screen…

    but i’ve got no idea where the other 2 are =S

  15. ok for all u poopooheads there is 15 wolves cuz my dad acutally has the picture and it says can u find 15 wolves…………….but unfortuently i can only see 12

  16. baSe on The pICture…” I had Found 10 wOlves, The MosT cOoL iMage oF the wolf is the in one tree… and i think theirs onother one in the left upper part on the picture…. ^______^

  17. This is a 1500 piece puzzle that I have completed and found all the wolves to. It was a very fun puzzle and just wanted you to know :) I love wolves

  18. i see 2 @ the front that is all to meet my eye.

    ps…amanda i see none u claim and dont tell people u ruin it tightass

  19. Haha -found eight
    3 in the big tree
    1 in the right end of fallen log, howling face
    1 in cloud/moon on the right side corner
    1 in the cloud outlined by left-side branches of 2nd tree
    1 in the snow covered branches of the 2 pine trees on the left
    1 just above the 1st wolf formed by the 2nd tree branches and pine trees in shadow behind

  20. yay i found 11, d 2 main ones, two on d tree, one in d middle of d sky and infront of that one is another wolf head made of twigs, one in d right hand corner on d sky, one on the left side in d trees, one on the right side of d log next 2 a wolf, another on d left side of the same log, one behind a wolf ( its eyes are twigs n its ears are trees)

    n dats all dat i can find

  21. I believe I have found 11. The sky, branches and bark cleverly hide them but if you stare…as you would with those laser posters they pop out at you.

  22. WOW 101 comments!
    Anyway… i found 12 and an angry looking bird(maybe its a left over from the eagle one :P) And one of them looks kina like an angry deer with red glowing eyes. Awsome pic

  23. hi, i’m Jessika,

    #1: one on the left
    #2: one on the rite
    #3: one in the top of the big tree on the rite
    #4: one in the middle tree on the rite
    #5: one on the bottom of the tree on the rite
    #6: one in the center of the pic
    #7: one in the skinny tree
    #8: one in the top rite log
    #9: one in the left top log
    #10: one in the bottom log
    #11: one in the trees on the left
    #12: one in the clouds
    #13: one in the moon
    #14: can’t find it
    #15: can’t find it.

  24. I found eight, plus the obvious two, plus a piranha. Did anyone else see the piranha? It’s in the top left corner facing away from the picture, and it’s formed by a cloud.

  25. WTF, I found only 9!

    #1/#2 – totally ovious
    #3 – log by #1 & #2
    #4 – trees on left
    #5 – clouds
    #6 – tree on right (bottom)
    #7 – lil above that one
    #8 – keep going up tree
    #9 – moon in upper right

  26. #1 you can see
    #2 you can see
    #3 trees on left
    #4 bottom of first tree from right under 1st wolf from right
    #5 clouds above obvious wolfs
    #6 far right tree bottom
    #7 higher up the tree
    #8 moon
    #9 right behind obvious wolf 1st from right (darkness and tree)
    #10 right next to #4 trees

  27. 1. top left corner in the clouds, 3/4 view from above
    2. nose of #1 is left ear of #2
    3. same nose as #2, facing other direction
    4. bottom jaw of #3 is brow of #4
    5. same as #4, just right, slightly bigger
    6. face view middle of the clouds
    7. profile view, right of #6, shares ear
    8. just back a bit, the twigs off the skinny birch
    9. where those twigs attach is the nose of #9, just above, two identical marks, either side of trunk, those are the eyes
    10. skip a bit, look at the moon
    11. misty cloud in front of moon is a profile view
    12. right tree bottom, face view
    13. right tree 1/4 up howlling profile on hind legs
    14. right tree 3/5 up snarling profile
    15. identical to #14, 1 cm up
    16. middle birch… bah im at work and i ran out of time, theres another five i was getting to…

  28. I found, der are 3 on d three, one on d moon, one on d brocken tree between d two wolfs, one is created by d two trees at d left

  29. I found 11…possibly 12 but I couldn’t be sure about one of them so I didn’t count it. Anyone see one at the upper left corner in the clouds? I thought I saw an eye and a nose. I saw like 4 in the tree, thought.

  30. #1 5 in group of trees on left
    #2 5 around main wolf on left in trees
    #3 4 in snow in front of wolf on left
    #4 10 in clouds and moon
    #5 3 on small tree in middle and 4 on large tree
    #6 3 on center wolf
    #7 3 on small tree on right

    looks like close to 33

  31. There’s only 15 wolves as the artist even states on the official poster. A lot of you people are either full of shit or just see things that arn’t there. They are always distinctive when you find them.

    1. There.Are.Two.Obviously.shown.one.in.the.moon. one.in.the.clouds. two.in.the.visible.tree. And.2.in.the.green.christmas.like.trees. Thats.10

  32. I saw 10 But the 10th looks messed up. It’s nose is a little lump on the closest obvious wolf and its ears are 2 evergreens and the Snout is the leftmost deciduous tree

  33. I Found Twelve… :3
    I Like Those ‘Hidden Animal’ Illusions, They’re Just So Kewl.

    Let Me Give You 2 If You’re Stuck:
    Two Of Them Are The Big Ones Just In Case You Haven’t Noticed… They’re Easy To Find. :P

  34. I found 15-16 I may have recounted one. Be sure to look through shadows as well, They are there and I am sure that there is more that we can’t distinguish.

  35. I found 1 on the moon, 1 in the clouds , 2-3 in the right-hand side tree, 1 in the snowy christmas tree, 2 visible and where there’s a lump on the wolf (nose), eyes are branches and ears are 2 Christmas trees! So that makes 7-8 wolves, but i’m only 11.

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