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By on September 11, 2006, with 107 Comments

How many birds can you see in this picture below? Don’t be fooled by the first impression, many people first see only 5 and think it’s the final number. Actually, there are few more :)

How Many Birds Are There?


107 Responses
  1. Mike says:

    I see seven obvious ones. But if there’s more in the back ground they’re not jumping out at me.

  2. anonymous says:

    Where “a few” = 2. And hopefully everyone ignores the filename…

  3. NiteSpeed says:

    Let’s stick with seven.

  4. michael says:

    ya it took me a minit it look’s like there’s only 5 bird’s but in your mind’s world look though the ski in between the big bird’s wing’s there are two more bird’s mabe more

  5. Niki says:

    oh, I get it!!! I see seven. That’s really clever!

  6. KonBon says:

    I see 13

  7. sam says:

    i saw seven

  8. Alanaah says:

    I see 7 birds.

  9. tessssss says:


  10. Tequila Mockingbird says:

    I count 7. Am I right?

  11. scott says:

    i can only see 5 where are the others

  12. Manda Lynn says:

    I see seven

  13. graphic-faerie says:

    Are there 7?

  14. bigmac375 says:

    7 birds

  15. Eric says:

    I can only see 28 birds.

  16. timmy says:

    umm…. 7 ???

  17. Soulseeker says:

    There are seven :D very nice, keep it up

  18. BCSI-CSD014DC4C=2 says:

    I see seven.

  19. o..o says:

    hmmm is there a reason to name this file 7brd?

  20. mo says:

    there are seven

  21. teras says:

    7 or 5, depends the point of view?

  22. mrmojorisingi says:

    i’m seeing seven right about now.

  23. Sebatiaan says:

    7 birds

  24. Emilia says:

    I just can see seven :-(

  25. josh says:

    so…how many are their….I want to know

  26. Mikey says:

    I see 9….thats it no more no less.

  27. ur mom says:

    i see 99

  28. big b says:

    lol on the file name… kind of gives it away…


  29. VR says:

    There are 5 real birds et 2 “birds-gohst” = 7 Correct??

  30. ilikechocolate says:

    7? i need to kno! eric, howd u c 28???

  31. ibskier says:

    i only see 7

  32. Ash says:

    Seven..thats in the pic..dont know if ppl who c more r looking out of their windows !!!

  33. OwenKL says:

    Okay, I see the seven just fine. The two between the bird’s wings are identical in shape to the 5 plainly visible ones (a la Escher’s “Black & White”). But are there any others in other shapes? I almost see heads only of a chickadee and a hawk, and a really cartoony heron, but I’m really unsure of them. Where can we find a definitive solution?

  34. sanghoku says:

    i count 14…
    7 obvious ones, 5 on the arc above the door, one in the tree in the left corner, the bush sticking up could be interpreted as part of an ostrich (is that how your write it?)

  35. Leendert says:

    7 it must be. Don’t see more.

  36. Izzy says:

    I believe that its seven!!!

  37. p says:

    You people are trying too hard. There’s only supposed to be 7. It’s not lame.

  38. monica says:


  39. Little astronomer says:

    I see 7

  40. little cipelic says:

    i see 7 birds ; )
    damm! just becouse you told me : (

  41. little cipelic says:

    now i see 7 birds
    just becouse you told me so…damm

  42. Secret Admirer says:

    Yeah its 7. I GOT it

  43. tiny says:

    Technically there are 5 birds, (Real ones anyway) but there are 2 more bird SHAPES made by the wings of the big bird. Good stuff.

  44. aljordan82 says:

    54 , there is 49 birds hiding behind the building.

    seriously ,I only counted 5

  45. AuntieD says:

    I see 8.

  46. surfer person says:

    if there is more than seven than were are they???

  47. Large says:

    So obviously 7

  48. jodie says:

    there are 8 birds. the big tree right in the middle is the head of a different typr of bird. cant think what its called tho. :S

  49. eightie says:

    Eight, if you consider the tree looks like an ostrich’ head and neck.

  50. Smoke says:

    only seven

  51. caleb says:

    i found 7 and a horse face lol!

  52. caleb says:

    my mistake i found 9 now but i still see the horse face.

  53. Anonymous says:

    obsviously theres 7..
    look at the filename at the end – 7brd



  54. Anonymous says:

    5 obvios ones 2 wings the plant looks like a beek look in the branches are another 1 thats all

  55. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Vurdlak, for displaying my painting.
    Other paintings of mine can be seen at http://clowder.net/hop/index.html


    Hop David

  56. vivi says:

    i see 8..

  57. Joseph says:

    I found 10 birds, a shark and is that a tricerotops coming down the stairs just obove the two white cars in the background?

  58. Anonymous says:

    theres 7 :)

  59. Red says:

    i can only see 7 because thats what im sure about

  60. Anonymous says:

    ^_^ i think there are 7 birds!

  61. meg says:

    i see the seven in the sky … the emu in the shaggz bush and a bird made of twigs in the top left… that all i can find but there must be more

  62. Anonymous says:

    i see 43 in the pic =]

  63. <3 says:

    I saw 10

  64. cockson says:

    i can only see 19

  65. Anonymous says:

    8 = 7 wings are wide open and 1 is not. still looking for more

  66. maurogiulio says:

    there are 8 birds

  67. Anonymous says:

    i see 15 because the 5 obvious ones the 2 in the big birds wing and th 2 in all of the little birds wings

    • Blah says:

      If u hover over the image with the mouse, it says 7brd illusion. There isn’t 15 birds you dumbass

  68. Adam says:

    i see 15

  69. =aku= says:

    i see 8…^^

  70. Anonymous says:

    23 birds =D you didn’t saw that coming :P

  71. Anonymous says:

    there r 16734156190610372598 birds. 5 real birds, 2 shaped birds, 1 lighter bird on big bird and the other 16734156190610372590 high in the sky

  72. cool says:

    is that a tiolet next to the tree all the way to the right? look at the tree which is most to the right. look at the stone toilet next to it xD

  73. GhetoRayden says:

    Well, i put a series of mirrors angled atomically perfect infront of my laptop giving me a most endless cascading effect needless to say my answer is INFINITE!

  74. Jez says:

    there are only 7

  75. Ruinate says:

    There are 8, the large eagle has a smaller bird on its back, it’s eye is the large eagle’s eyebrow. That’s why it appears that the large eagle has 4 wings.

  76. Frank says:

    7 ofcourse. If you hold your mouse over the picture is says: 7brd optical illusion .


  77. cindy says:

    i countd 100

    no jk
    i only see 5 D:

  78. alicia says:

    there i 7 birds

  79. asianpearlkeeper says:

    I can only see 7, but there is a chance that the tree in the middle is a bird head

  80. Ross Matthews says:

    There are 10 birds including bird shapes

  81. mike says:

    i see 5 birds no one can tell me there are more then 5 because i don’t care i only see 5

  82. erin8ball says:

    7 plus the 8th one.

  83. kramyer Lee says:

    this optical illusion is quite good. yeah it’s visible to see,there is a 5 birds in this picture.Then, while you paying attention to find the other birds,and your vision was be played by this optical illusion. You don’t notice the other birds had already flown. hahahah ^_^

  84. Akire says:

    There is a bird shape in the bird-shaped plant on the left. It’s nesr the top. Haha Hoped I helped.

  85. Ika Puspa F. W. says:

    To people who said this picture has 7 bird because it was titled 7brd, I must say that I’ve seen 9 birds. 7 main birds (including the light-shadowed ones), an ostrich-like tree, and a somehow look like a swan head and neck at top of the door.

    There’s maybe more, though…

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