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By on December 13, 2013, with 2 Comments

Are you ready to see one of those optical illusions that are probably going to make you spit coffee out all over your keyboard in sheer laughter? Well, you’re going to love the optical illusion that I’m about to show you below.  I have showed this optical illusion to a ton of people and every single one of them have laughed at it. Therefore, I’m hoping that when you check it out it has the same effect on you. At first, you’ll probably wonder what you’re looking at, but after the first few seconds the laughter is going to come spewing out. Are you ready to see what optical illusion I’m talking about? Scroll down below to see what I have dubbed the “horse mouth optical illusion.”

Horse Mouth Optical Illusion

So, did you see what I was talking about? You can clearly see another horse’s mouth inside the horse’s mouth that is closest to the camera. It actually reminds me of the alien from the movie “Alien.” You know, how when they opened their mouth you could see another little alien head inside? It sort of like a photo bomb. Either way, I thought this optical illusion was really funny and I certainly hope that you found it funny, as well. This is one of the funniest optical illusions that I’ve ever seen. If it made you laugh and you enjoyed this optical illusion, would you be kind enough to leave a comment or a rating to let me know? I would really appreciate that. Also, feel free to share this optical illusion with your friends, because I’m sure they’ll get a laugh out of it, as well.


2 Responses
  1. Mudshark says:

    The shadows don’t look look good. Photoshopped.

  2. No says:

    Didn’t laugh, tried to find something funny in it, saw description. Still didn’t laugh.

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