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By on June 30, 2006, with 44 Comments

Sorry, not a true optical illusion this time, but I really had to post this amazing set of images. What’s going on here, is that this is the World’s highest tennis court. The photos are taken when Andre Agassi and the world No. 1, Roger Federer were shooting a commercial for Dubai Duty Free Men’s open. They were having friendly fight on the tennis court of Burj Al Arab in Dubai. You may notice a security mesh was preventing possible falls. Jump inside this article for more of these.

Highest Tennis Court In The World
Highest Tennis Court In The World
Highest Tennis Court In The World
Highest Tennis Court In The World
Highest Tennis Court In The World
Highest Tennis Court In The World
Highest Tennis Court In The World
Highest Tennis Court In The World
Highest Tennis Court In The World
Highest Tennis Court In The World
Highest Tennis Court In The World
Highest Tennis Court In The World
Highest Tennis Court In The World
Highest Tennis Court In The World


44 Responses
  1. Dan says:

    That fantastic, not sure if i would want to stick my life on the line playing on that thing though.

  2. Pouch says:

    thats awsome… although im 99% sure that that is a helecopter landing pad made to look like a tennis court for the commercial. thats intence though.

  3. Bravery Onions says:

    what if a tennis ball falls off and kills someone?

  4. M@kk says:

    It IS a landing pad. But the costs for the commercial will cope a life…

  5. Hawkmage says:

    There is no way a falling tennis ball could kill someone. It’s mass to volume ratio and wind resistance would not allow it to be traveling at lethal speeds, it would be traveling around 70 mph.

  6. pooter says:

    i dont think anyone stupid enough would jump of a high tennis court to get a stupid ball

  7. Cool says:

    It’s on the Burj al-Arab Tower in Dubai. I think it’s a landing pad.

  8. genius says:

    ive got the video clip of that but not the commercial one

  9. cole says:

    that is true that it is a real tennis court its not a landing pad.check on google it will show it as the tallest tennis court in the world no helicopter landing pad

  10. Darren says:

    I know this place. I studied it. It is the United Arab Emitries. They are frigin rich.

  11. Anonymous says:

    tHIS IS NOT AN ILLUSION!!!Its in the world recordb books for tallest hotel

  12. Dijiboutiiii says:

    what if they fell and then landed on someone and died i don’t think that is real safe not having a fence around it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    how could u play that high up it looks like it would be way to windy

  14. MatthewC says:

    It is real everyone, I have it in my Guiness book of world records 2007 for the highest tennis court.
    Pretty cool though :D

  15. Anonymous says:

    its a heli pad that gets converted for the rich players to play on

  16. Anonymous says:

    whatll happen to the ball!!!

  17. Me haha!!! says:


  18. dale_cahill3 says:

    It is an actual landing pad.


    Landing Pad

  19. Anonymous says:

    Its not gonna kill anyone
    ive been here
    the hotels made on an island
    the ball would just fall into the water

  20. Tennis Plaza says:

    This court would have been perfect to set a record for the longest in air lob record…..

  21. Basioh says:

    i realy don’t understand why there isn’t a roof ore something there… and they should’vr build the field straight above the water.

  22. Anonymous says:

    that is a landing pad ive been to that hotel and i use to live near there

  23. Anonymous says:

    It would totally suck to lose a tennis ball over the edge!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    OMG sum of u r so stupid! why would they make it look like a tennis court if it was a landing pad?

  25. Anonymous says:

    ive played on that court but you have to pay £3000 so i wouldnt but the hotel is really nice inside i stayed in it for 3 weeks

  26. Anonymous says:

    Lol…your right Bravley Onions!

  27. tutifruti321 says:

    i love lions do you love lions?

  28. tutifruti321 says:

    i would be scared incase i fell off!! lol

  29. matt says:

    it would suck to have a box of never used tennis balls and trip on the and you fall in the safty fence but the box falls over the edge

  30. WTF says:

    Wow, that’s great. Look at the slums down below with people starving while these douchebags are playing tennis without a care in the world.


  31. Greg says:

    Geeze, there is only a really low, narrow barrier around that court! I’d be terrified of going back to return a shot and falling over the edge.

  32. kevin says:

    this really isn’t an illusion

  33. lolipop101 says:

    not really an illusion but its must BEAUTIFUL view

  34. Someone says:

    yeah ur right not and illusion
    but the it’s an interesting idea!
    hey wait..where’s the railings? what if u fall of?

  35. kakaka says:

    OMG THATS ON THE OWL CITY COVER!!! :O im the first person 2 notice that…. hahaha….

  36. alli says:

    i play tennis and i hate walking to the net to get a ball imagine going all the way down to get a lost ball

  37. mumfydood says:

    u guys are weird i cant belive you think its an illusion its clearly NOT !!

  38. Yes I have seen Burl Al Arab Hotel and this is its helicopter pad where they temporarly made world’s height tennis court. Worth watching hotel and don’t forgot to see their disco at 26th floor.

  39. MissyMiss says:

    I really am wondering why they have a fence like that for someone to just trip and die? Like what the hell!

  40. shruthi says:

    u guys are crazy u think somebody will cost their life to play a syupid tennis match. and u think im nuts ,this is an illusion!!!!!!?????????? i would like to play tooooo!!!!!! hahahahahahahaaha

  41. toip says:

    if a ball hit someone at the base of the back of the neck it could kill them.

  42. Pablo says:

    Fake.. You could easily fall over the mesh. The barrier should be vertical, NOT horizontal. Very silly.

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