Hidden in the Snow Optical Illusion

Happy Monday to everyone, it is a brand new week and the month of July is now almost half over! Hard to believe right? Well, here is something else that is hard to believe, and that is today’s optical illusion!

Now, take a look at this wonderful scene of snow, which if you are living somewhere hot, you are going to wish it was snowing, but do you see something hidden in it? We have had this kind of optical illusion before, but this one is pretty tough! What do you all see hidden in the snow?

hidden in the snow optical illusion

If you do manage to find the creature in question, be sure you drop us a comment below.

Are you ready for another mind blowing optical illusion? Ever hear of someone finding a hidden face in a tortilla or potato chip? How about in a flower? Check out this flower face optical illusion, do you see the face? How is the face real or just the way that the flower itself looks? These flower illusions prove that an illusion can exist in anything, even the petals of flowers! Good luck finding the face and be sure you drop us a comment below to let us know what you thought of these amazing illusions!

13 Replies to “Hidden in the Snow Optical Illusion”

  1. I don’t see anything but I am assuming it’s a lion or tiger cause they would camouflage into this color scene.

  2. It actually looks like a dog. I see a small rabbit too. But I think the intention may be a dog. On the far right, in the middle of the pic is a patch of snow right before where the shadow starts. This would be the snout and nose. Work your way up and slightly to the left to get to dog’s eye (a small dark circle). Let your mind complete the rest of the head… whips of dead grass to the left is dog’s ear, etc.
    I think it looks more like a calf… except for the long ear. I dunno…

  3. it is a woodcock (the italian ” beccaccia”).
    Divide the picture in six parts, the bird is in the high right corner of the first part from left bottom.

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