Hidden Owl Optical Illusion

How’s everyone out there doing today? I hope you took full advantage of the weekend and enjoyed it as much as you possibly could. I stayed busy most of the weekend, so it seemed like the weekend just flew by for me. What did you do this weekend? Leave a comment below and let me know.

I’m happy to say that thanks to all of you we had an optical illusion actually go viral last week. The illusion was a brain teaser and there was a lot of debate over it. The illusion I’m talking about is the “Count the Balls Optical Illusion,” which I highly suggest you check out if you haven’t done so already.

Today, I have another optical illusion that I’m going to go ahead and post up for all of you. This one could be considered a brain teaser optical illusion, as well. First of all, there’s a hidden owl in the image that you have to spot, which shouldn’t be too hard. Now, your job is to tell me whether or not you think the owl is real. Is the owl part of the actual tree itself? Is the owl a creation of Photoshop? Maybe the owl is real and hasn’t been manipulated in any way? Leave your comment below and tell me what you think.

Owl Optical Illusion


Do you want to see another really cool optical illusion that’s going to put your brain to the test? Have a look at this Colorful Text Optical Illusion.

11 Replies to “Hidden Owl Optical Illusion”

  1. It’s real. I recently saw some special on tv that looked like this photo. By the way James, so what’s the answer? 15 balls it is!

  2. I think the owl is real because if you look, you see the side of another owl behind it, and I don’t think someone would have added both owls, but I could be wrong. :)

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