Hidden Face of The Woods Illusion

So yo’ve managed to spot the hidden coffee-bean man, and you think you’re special? Let’s see if you can repeat the task with the “hidden face of the woods”. If you manage to complete this much harder task, then you truly deserve recognition ;D Happy hunting! P.S. When you find it, don’t tell – instead rate the illusion accordingly, and don’t forget to share with your friends!

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    1. Hmm. I found 4 faces. One looks more like a tribal mask, the second one is looking out at me. The third one seems to be screaming and the fourth one is sort of incomplete but appears to be grimacing. Of course the artist intended the second one…but I wonder if the artist realized there were three more faces that manifested in the painting?

  1. I’d rate this a 9.9 as I had to come back several times before it jumped out at me. Would have given a 10 if I had to have help. Good one.

    1. Took me a few times coming back to and I finally found it after finding the coffee bean face one.

  2. I was expecting to have to stare at it for a minute before finding it, but I found it within the first 30 seconds. Kinda spooked me a little when i first spotted it. LoL.

  3. woww!! really nice illusion.. the face is exactly at the right side of the picture, 2 inches up from the bottom.. hidden behind those green follen leafs.

  4. Love these hidden face pictures. I found the face surprisingly fast in contrast with the bakedbean man. Well hidden but after you’ve found the face it keeps jumping out of the picture. Keep up the good job!

    1. i can never find these things, but i took ur advice and i found it!!!!!!! thanx
      its kinda creepy!!!!!!! :/

  5. That is utterly terrifying when you find him. Only took me about 30 seconds, but I was looking for the rest of him as well.

  6. OK, I see the obvious one that is pointed out, but there is also a larger transparent one floating in the air.

  7. Tehe! KJ and Cheddar have it right. When you do find it, it does kinda spook you and once you do find it, you’ll have a difficult time in TRYING to enjoy the rest of the pic! (cuz your eyes will have a tendancy to look into the eyes of the “hidden” face) Just my opinion. ENJOY! (now for my “illusion”,….is to have a flippin keyboard that actually CORRECTLY WORKS instead of having to backspace a bazilion times to get the keys to function!) Anyways, ENJOY! ‘n PeAcE! :)

  8. I see 2 faces I think. One is very small I don’t think that it’s the correct face, the other one I see is a little broken up. Am I close or looking in the wrong spot.

  9. I see 2 faces I think. One is very small I don’t think that it’s the correct face, the other one I see is a little broken up. Am I close or looking in the wrong spot. I FOUND IT. LOL. bUT SERIOUSLY, there is 3 faces in that shot. 2 animated, 1 live face

  10. I think I see two faces! There is a tree above the leaves that has a lump formation that also looks like a face.

  11. I suspect that if I had this hanging on my wall, I might take years to spot it unless someone told me he was there! Very nice.

  12. Ahhhhhhhhhh…disapointment…i was like ‘ok here we go, get ready for spendin like 5 min’…after like 30s i was like ‘just found it, ok this is it?’…i though it would be alot harder…not very good.

  13. I’ve found four faces so far, but probably none of them are the one being talked about. I’ll probably have to be one of the “I’ll find it when I come back to it” people!

  14. couldn’t see it at first. The I put my glasses on and saw it in a second! I think it’s the expression on his face that makes it so eerie.

  15. when i was looking at the comments some guy named micah said it was at the right and i looked at the right and i found it and its kinda scary

  16. Ohmygod. I was looking at it for like a minute and then OHMYGOD IT’S STARING AT ME.
    It’s so obvious once you find it. It’s pretty freaky.

  17. I mastered the coffee bean man but I almost had a heart attack when I saw him.I just can’t find him! I keep thinking I find him but, it is not an actual human face.

  18. OMG! I just found the face and it also just about gave ma a heart attack HINT:near bottem left. It is freak’n scary but, hidden well!

  19. Not gonna lie, it only took me about 5 seconds to find it but boy was that freaky! I wasnt expecting to see it that soon and it kinda just popped up out of no where…kinda creeped me out, lol

  20. I see two one that I know is the one they want to find and I imagine the other is the one that Jerry Rosie found. Saw both within 10 secs.

  21. Lol s/he is just chilling there without a care in the world. Took less then that Coffee Bean illusion, but still a good way to practice ones attentiveness.

  22. I found it but i wouldn’t compare with the bean one. In the bean one the face is hidden because we think it’s a bean.
    in this one the face is hidden by leaves and stuff and one can only see part of the face (eyes and mouth basically)
    the bean one is superior.

  23. Couldn’t fined it at first but After i found coffee been man I found him straight away!
    PS. if you have not found it, prepare to be spooked!

  24. Wow I found it but it almost scared me to death it looks really weird and if you take a while to find it then you do.Please wonder how long has that creepy face been staring at you !!!!

  25. The first face I’ve found was not the one similar to the coffee-bean illusion.

    So for me ther his 3 faces/figures in this image.
    One like the coffee-bean illusion, one of a famous sunday night cartoon character and a third more spectrum like of a woman.

    The first one I saw was the cartoon character

    Can you find all 3?

  26. I couldn’t believe I didn’t see the face at first. I zoomed in on my screen to make it easier (I feel like I totally cheated.)

    I was like….”Whoa! There you are!”

    Great stuff! Keep these coming!

  27. scaredthe hell out of me! I am still shaking!!
    for those who dont want to get frightened, dont look for him

  28. Once you see it, it just stares at you. Kinda freaky. I watch my friends trying to find it and most of them find it within 45 seconds..

  29. anybody notice that there’s an animal hidden in there too? I was all ears when my 19 month old grandson pointed it out.

  30. I’ve been staring at it for a half hour and I don’t see it. I see one facelike thing, but I doubt its the one. It is not definite, or clear, or human like the coffee bean man. I found the coffee bean man, but only after reading the comments. I don’t think hidden object illusions are my cup of tea (or coffee), so I’m not going to rate it.

  31. wow that is so spooky my heart jumpted :D
    i give this a 9.5 :D
    i love all your optical illusions they keep me thinking every day:D

  32. Wait, maybe I have it. Not much of a face if it’s what I think it might be. Is is small? Could be covered by a dime on the screen?

  33. Didn’t see i before, came back today and spotted it in 15 seconds – but, all in all, a really great illusion

  34. Hmm. I actually see what I believe to be three faces or my mind just making me think that they are faces. LOL Can someone please email me a detailed location, as not to spoil it for the others? Thanks. [email protected]

  35. Thought I found it the first time I looked at it and was wondering why people kept saying look to the right. When I came back it jumped out at me as the face everyone is seeing. The other face, the first face I found, is more ape-like. It’s in there too.

  36. i know I’m gonna be giving it away a little, but Idon’t know whether i’m looking at the right thing or not. it’s at the lower right and part of it is concealed by leaves, right?

  37. Never mind…just found it (as soon as I posted a comment about not finding it – never fails – lol)! Very creepy!

  38. It’s easy, bottom right corner… not too close to the bottom though. If you are wearing glasses, don’t bother. I showed my auntie who wears glasses and it took her a day and night constantly at the computer (she didn’t go to bed) to figure this one! She’s only just seen it now.

  39. ya good one. spotted the face. i was expecting something between the woods and in fact some vague figures can be seen

  40. took longer than i want to admit but when i did find it it about scared me.
    I was looking at the picture from a distance though, thinking i was looking for a “big picture” kind of thing. As soon as i got close…

  41. Maybe I was lucky, but I found it in two seconds. Much easier than the coffee bean for me, Then again I hike around the forest and measure trees and plants five days a week so I had better be able to spot an abnormality quickly. He is kind of freaky though. Reminds me of an X-files episode.

  42. Just a day or two before you published this I watched Danny Wilten’s video on pareidolia & apophenia
    ( youtube.com/watch?v=xPlQb9GjETE&feature=g-u-u )
    Interesting … and I still can’t see it.

  43. I found the wrong one to start with! I found another partial one just to the right of the rocks, looks like a man screaming in pain!

  44. I rate it a 1 out of 10. Over-sold under-delivered on the pic description.

    Got it in about 2 seconds.

    C’mon, try harder…

  45. I found it in a couple seconds but, the eyes spooked me. I would rate it at 8. I prefer to see the art work or chalk drawings rather than this kind of thing.

  46. I’ve have come back to this page for several days and I still find the face. All I can see something that looks like the “Pink Panther” involving the rock formations. Somehow I think I miss this boat.

  47. I was expecting this one to be hard but I found it pretty much straight away were as it usually takes me ages

  48. These types of pictures are annoying because I never know if im looking for a huge face, made of various elements, or the word ‘face’ or like this one, a tiny little thing hidden due to its size in a 95% normal photo.

  49. Ok, I see at least 5 faces. One is an actual face, one is a floating translucent face, and there are 3 made of rock, one being a side profile.

  50. I found the one to the right of the rocks, which I think is the one they are looking for, and another one in the trees top just left of center, this looks like a ghost man.

  51. I can’t believe they left a naked man’s bum in the woods back there disappearing in the trees. I wonder if that was intentional or in the original photo. The shoulder may be apparent, too, or it may just be another branch knot.

  52. Nice ! Comparison with the “Hidden Coffee-bean man” is a good hint ! For those who are yet to solve, zooming the page ( Use “Ctrl” & “+” keys to magnify the page – since in the website there is no other option of zooming is available)may help you in identifying the face.

  53. Based on most of the comments I am reading, most of you guys have NOT found the face. Here is a hint: it is an ACTUAL face, not a bunch of items put together to “resemble” a face. Still haven’t found it? His face is very dirty, but his eyes and mouth are very easily identifiable. It’s partially obscured by some green leaves. OK, he’s on the far right, about 3/4 of the way down the photo.

  54. OMFG i hate typing these but…

    get OFF the computer, spin once, kiss your hand 5 times, post this on 2 DIFFERENT sites or else the love of your life will DIE one week the day you see this.


  55. sorry cant see it

    -up right, up left, down right, down left,
    middle left, middle right, middle, nothing

    -squinting my eyes nothing

    -staring/looking from close,far,left,right nothing

    -looking direct,away nothing

    cant see whats not there

  56. Not a big face, it is small one, look at the right,about 1 inch above from bottom. Reddish lips. just stares the green leaves.

  57. The first face I found: starting from the Top-Right corner, an outline of a face looking towards the top-left corner. Sure, it’s awkward looking but it sort-of looks like a face. It’s not a spoiler because it’s not the main face. :)

  58. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thats so creep. its going to be in my mind forever its like its staring into my soul.

  59. A little creepy, but not difficult. It was the first thing I noticed when I glanced at the picture. Cool picture though.

  60. About 2 minutes, then i froze. He’s looking at me!
    The 2nd face is : the closest tree at the left
    The 3rd face is : between big and smaller rock
    the 4th face is : jus bottom left the screen (only mouth, nose, and 1 eye)
    that’s what I found

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