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By on May 23, 2006, with 69 Comments

This is another classic example of Spot The Object illusion. There’s a dalmation dog hidden in this image. Can you see it? Now that you’ve found it, try and find the rest of 101 dalamations, it’s just other hundred of his friends are much better camouflaged ;)

Hidden Dalmation Dog


69 Responses
  1. cam says:

    where’s the dog?

  2. LBC says:

    I can see dog’s face in the middle of the pic, but where are the others dogs LOL

    and its not dalmation its dalmatian ;)

  3. gogo says:

    its sniffing the floor

  4. Hai says:

    nope cant see it

  5. lulu says:

    hey hai – its sniffing the ground walking away from you. can you see it now?

  6. JT says:

    R U stupid it is sniffing the graound facing away from u!

  7. IRS says:

    I found it the moment I opened the page. This one was easy!

  8. Moonica says:

    I found it right away. It’s weird because I couldn’t find teh coffee bean man right away. But I found this one right away…Life is crazy.

  9. alex says:

    i can sorta see the face in the middle but not the dog sniffing the ground and walking away. anyone give me any pointers?

  10. Jasmine says:

    its so obvious… its in the middle of the pic. sniffing on the ground…

  11. Excite the exciting excite says:

    It is easy to find the big dog, but how the hell could you fit 101 DALMATIANS into that pic!?

  12. loser says:

    i see one..and its cool

  13. MMM says:

    i can only see the dogs body

  14. greg says:

    all I see is a pig

  15. person1 says:

    i thought i could only see the body atfirst but it the head is where i thought the butt was

  16. Sophie says:

    i c the big one, then only 3 other puppies…

  17. tis me says:

    there aren’t any more dogs, only one

    well, thats my theory anyway

  18. yup says:

    are u sick? it was hard to find 1 do u think its gonna be easy trying to find 100 more

  19. Ada says:

    me thinks the other dogs got ungry and went home for supper!

  20. found 92 says:

    im really good at these

  21. found 92 says:

    and it only took me 7 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. caleb says:

    i saw the dog, a crocodile, and a horse face.

  23. Aaron says:

    YES! I finally see it clearly! The dog is facing the camera and barking, right in the center of the picture.


    There’s only one dog, right?

    • Veggies says:

      Correct, only 1 dog BUT he is not barking at the camera he is sniffing the ground. I don`t know how you saw him barking but he IS in the centerof the picture.

  24. Anonymous says:

    i can’t see anything!

  25. Anonymous says:

    I see one dog, a manta ray, and an angry Jessica Simpson

  26. Anonymous says:

    dis is soooooooo old!

  27. jonathan-aplin says:

    Spotted it instantly!

  28. Annoyed says:

    Wow “yup said…” you need to get a sense of humor he’s not serious. It’s a joke. He’s referring to the movie, 101 Dalmations.

  29. Anonymous says:

    lol, awesome! i think you can get this as an animation and the dog walk around, but still lokks like a bunch of spots :D

  30. birthday girl says:

    i see a cat in there as well :P

  31. Anonymous says:

    that took me all of one second

  32. Anonymous says:

    that was easy

  33. Anonymous says:

    walk away from the screen and ull see it

    working on the other 100
    btw i dont think there r more

  34. Anonymous says:

    ya i found the dog in the middle but it doent look like a dalmation

  35. Anonymous says:

    all i see is a big black and white bear, and that angry jessica simpson that other guy was talking about.


  36. Anonymous says:

    I see a man’s body with a bears head kinda crouching down like tarzan right in the middle of the picture.
    – Alana

  37. pretty princess says:

    this is soooo cool!! ive seen ity before though, i have it in an illusion book!!

    1.the dog is right in the middle
    2.it kinda fades away if you go to the left (our left)
    3.its got a small head
    4.its bending down
    5.love this site!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    It wasnt that hard. I saw it at an instant yeah i dont get how u dont see it

  39. Anonymous says:

    the first thing i saw was the dog

  40. Anonymous says:

    I see a lion with it’s jaws open crossing a river.

    With a tree in the background.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I see the dog sniffing the ground, walking away from you.

    BUT I can also see the lion with it’s jaws open crossing a river with a tree in the background. Only, it’s more like a jackel instead of a lion, and a creek instead of a river. No joke.

    If you can see the dog, the jackels legs are the same as the dogs, but the jackel is facing forward. The hind legs of the dog are the front legs of the jackel. The sloping neck of the dog, is the jackels wet tail coming out of the stream. The rind hind quarter of the dog is the open, snarling jaws. The tree is rising in the upper left, just above the dark horizontal patch which is the bank of the creek bed.

  42. Vickytoria says:

    lol i saw it right away its in the center bending down…. still pretty cool tho

  43. JezzKa says:

    i dnt see a dog.. i do however see a cow…

  44. Reece says:

    i kinda agree w/ Greg. what i saw looks like a pig w/ Balto’s head.

  45. GaBrIeL says:


  46. nobody says:

    the more square shaped black spots are the dalmation its facing away from us sniffing something on the ground

  47. obviously_ says:

    i see the big dog but were are the other 100???

  48. unknown says:

    are u kidding? 101 dalmations?
    i only see the big one.

  49. Obito Uchiha says:

    the picture pops and i see it immideantly lol im great at this illusion stuff

  50. meghan p says:

    i love damashons i am curntly on a project in school about them

  51. Jasmine says:

    In the middle of the picture.

  52. Liyme says:

    ….i only c2 dalmations

  53. sal says:

    aligator there, hyena also there or man having sun burn

  54. M.E says:

    where is the dalmation? and the alligator, and the hyena,and the man having a sun burn?!?!

  55. mari says:

    i see a tree on the far top left hand corner and a bear crawling towards you in the middle of the picture

  56. Talya says:

    Hi pplz
    im only 9 and im in enrichment that might not have anything to do with it but every illusion i search i dfind in less than 30 sec. i see the hyena the bear the tree and the alligator i dont see the dalmations

  57. Talya says:

    i see a cat face

  58. talya says:

    guys pplzz its me again if u turn the hyena a certain way its a dalmation and 101 puppies!!!!!

  59. anna says:

    The dog is right in the center of the pic.The image takes up 1/3 of the total height. It is facing away from the picture- walking rt to left with its nose to the ground….get it?? NOW where are the others?????

  60. BJ says:

    looks like a hyena on steroids

  61. green penguins says:

    true dat BJ

  62. Denise says:

    I see an elephant

  63. kevsmellmyfart says:

    I see the dog

  64. anonymous says:

    actually i see 6 variations of the dog…the body is in pretty much the same place. 1 sniffing the ground, 2 barking at the camera, 1 looking to the top right and 1 walking down the right path and 1 facing the camera and looking straight at you…

  65. emily says:

    i see TWO dalmations

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