Hidden CoinDog Illusion

As promised, I bring you another complicated “spot the object” optical illusion. It was created by Matt Dzugan and his brother, after they saw Baked Bean Man. It’s best to leave Matt describe his submission himself: “Hey, I’m a huge fan of the site, and especially of the “Bean Men” illusions lately. My brother and I whipped one up of our own. We hope you enjoy it, we call it ‘The Coin Dog‘”. This one is hard. The dog isn’t easy to spot, he is quite tiny in fact!

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142 Replies to “Hidden CoinDog Illusion”

  1. I found this a lot easier than the beans, about 20 seconds. The dog actually looks like a dog, and the face I think i found in the beans just looks like a mouldy bean.

  2. Awesome illusion! In fact, it’s so good that I can’t spot the dog. :-) I do see a “bubble,” but I don’t really see a dog shape. Any hints?!?

  3. this one i found alot easier than the bean one, the dog is the only blurry bit of the picture and so stood out straight away, whereas the man in the bean picture is so similar to all the beans that it is much harder to spot

  4. it’s a huckelberry hound/astro/scooby doo looking cartoon dog face, facing top right, eyes are shiny, nose is dark, picture is face only.

  5. Hint: Start with the coin in the upper left … count left to right and top to bottom 15,654 coins … the left ear of the dog is right there!




  7. i see the dog i see the dog i see the dog i see the dog i see the dog i see the dog i see the dog i see the dog i see the dog i see the dog i see the dog i see the dog i see the dog i see the dog
    it is to the right

  8. cmon people! i’m ten years old and i spotted that at the first glance! eeeeeeeasyyyyy i feel sorry for those of you older (and probably smarter) than me who cant spot a dog in a pile of coins

  9. i see 3 dogs……….. two are when you look at the whole picture and the coins form hte dog, and the other is a dog that is the same size as the coins, just like the bean illusion. i dunno which one is supposed to be the dog.

  10. near the top centre of the bottom right corner of the photo . a bit dark and blurry. the whole face is roughly the size of a quarter

  11. I think somebody put the dog in the picture for the people that can’t see the goat that takes up 2/3’s of the page. To see the goat, squint. It’s mouth is open. It’s ears are at a 45 degree angle. It has a full body, legs and a tail.

  12. dude, this illusion is toooo open for individual interpretation. The hidden tiger was a good ‘illussion’ there’s so many coins you cant possibly form a distinct image from them I can see 3 dogs, 2 cats 4 dinosaurs and a coin in there.

  13. There’s a photo of a schnauzer’s head, facing right, near the right edge and about two-thirds of the way down (between a quarter and a nickel).

  14. SOLUTION: The dog in this illusion is an actual real dog. Well, a picture of one Photoshopped in. It is very small, no bigger than a single coin. It is near the right side of the picture, about one third of the way below the center. It just looks like a fuzzy blob — blow it up and sharpen it, and you will see it is a dog.

  15. I found Waldo!

    Seriously, I prefer the illusions that depend on misdirection and trickery, like the hidden tiger. I’m not so keen on looking for one 1943 penny in a pile of coins.

  16. If you can’t find it:

    Click on picture to open it bigger, dog it about 4cm from bottom, 2cm from right. It is only a pic of the head.

  17. I found the blurry dog that people are seeing, the tiny thing, but if you squint to blur the image, I see an outline of a dog in the full picture… might just be me seeing things, but I’ve tried to outline what I see.
    Try it yourself, squint to blur the image, and the outline’s there. My outline I’ve traced is only rough, but I see it. The back of it’s head isn’t quite right, I gave up by then.

  18. ~*SPOILER!!!*~

    Okay. Go to the bottom right corner. You’ll see 3 quarters going up but slanting a bit.
    When you reach the third quarter, you’ll notice that some coins are piled to the side of what seems like pennies to form a litle path.
    The path is very short, at the end you’ll see the dog. It’s brown, you can only see its face, big, black nose, black eyes. Good luck!

    I found it .9 seconds.

    Yeah, my bro timed me!

  19. I still see no dog(s) despite the hints. I have checked the lower right area but see nothing. Could some one please either post an outline or be more specific on what to look for (ie: the dog’s face is 10 coins in width and 7 in height and in profile looking right. If you look at the text below the picture it is directly above the word ‘Optical’ and to the left of the words “myspace stuff”. Only his left legs are showing and he is sitting down…etc)

  20. There is no dog here. The point of this illusion is that it is like a Rorshak inkblot test–people are imagining things that aren’t there. If someone really sees a dog they will have to prove it with a clear outline of a real looking dog or a more precise description of exactly where the dog is. None of the previous spoiler/hints are enough to prove the existence of a dog.

  21. I totally see it. if you back away and squint, you can see it. the shiny coins are the outline. it is an artistic shot of a dog that looks like what you would think

  22. I think I might see it. But I’ve been staring for so long I might just be HOPING I see it. oh well, usually I’m pretty good at these but I must say I may in fact be defeated.

  23. i hate these things. i never know what to look for. is the dog like distinct, or just like a crapp doodle that kinda looks like a dog if you look at it right or what.

    makes my head hurt

  24. A man has a specific characteristic property to submit the influence of smb’s opinion. Verdict: I can’t find any dog in the picture. But if you watch the stars for a long time, you can become an idiot :)

  25. I found it (finally) when I backed up and squinted. It isn’t clear though, and if I didn’t know that I was looking for a dog, I probably wouldn’t have seen it. I didn’t like this one as much as the other hidden images.

  26. I found it. Slightly below the center-right part of the picture. I could never find the bean one, but now that I found this one, I am going to go back and look at the bean one.

  27. I think there are three dogs here. I see the outline of a dog’s head when you squint at the full picture. Also, when you blow up the blurry part of the picture to the right, it looks like there’s a picture of two dogs together. One looks like it’s light brown and faces you. The other is facing left and looks like it’s black and white. Pretty cool.

  28. Anyone who is saying cartoon dog or a very large outline is wrong. It’s like the silly bean face thing, it’s a very very tiny image in the pile.The coins don’t actually make a dog. Not a very fun to try and find, it’s mostly just looking for the blur. Below is the link to the solution.

  29. This one’s crap! I had spotted the little furry thing, but I could not see it as a dog at first. Hates this one. The bean man is better!

  30. come on my lil bro that iss 5 yrs old found the dog in 1.5 sec. and i found it in 1.6 sec.

    thenking2 former zezmian form runescape

  31. I clicked on the picture to enlarged it fond the dog in under a second closed it and started this comment in under 2 seconds. I have had any of these supposedly complicated ones show up faster, though it only took me about 5 seconds for the face in the coffee. That doesn’t make this site any less enjoyable and it is still one of the few favorite sites that I not only check the new entries, but I like going through periodically to check out any I may have missed or just to see olf favorites. Still on of the best sites

  32. Helllo!! i am new to here but have been on this site many many times and we all love it as a family!
    I think its Chewie (from Star Wars!)
    OOOh come on see him there oh so cute xx

  33. Found it. It is actually a dog’s face, not made of coins, and it is really, really, REALLY small. It’s near the lower right side of the picture.

  34. I SEE IT…..took me 5 mins. it’s kinda cute too.

    It’s made of coins
    figure it out on ur own, it helps if you enlarge the picture


    1. I don’t think it’s supposed to from a dogs head, you’re only going to find a dogs head among the coints.

  36. tht is sooooooo easy!!!!!!!!!!!!! but its cool!!! i found it pretty quick, it took me longer on the man in the coffee beans!!!! i use a lot of !!!! don’t i !!!

  37. spoiler
    the dog is on the right hand side a little bit down from the center it’s the size of one coin and it is leaning over another coin
    it kind of looks like a splotch but it helps if you have a mac and click on the pic

  38. There are 2 dogs.
    The answer to finding dog #1 is to step away 6 feet from your computer.
    To find dog #2, click on the image and look for a VERY TINY dog.

  39. SPOILER!!!****%><<%
    look at the little unlighted part in the middle of the picture,that's his nose…he takes up most of the page.

    Dog number 2is super small around the right bottom corner of the picture

    there is also a fish. XD

    1. LMFAOOOO!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVED THE GUY THAT SAID ”i saw liza minelli taking a crap on the salad bar at wendys hahahahahahahahaha

  40. I found it, I’m pretty sure, but it doesn’t look a whole lot like a dog to me. Maybe I’m looking at something else…

  41. Aw, I See It! It’s Not A Coin Though… VERY Easy To Find If You Look At The Bottom-Right. You Can See It’s Head And Eyes… :)

  42. I dont know if I should call it a weiner dog or a hushpuppy.but I see the dog with its long ears.sitting down.

  43. I found it it doesn’t show the whole dog just the nose it’s at the right kind of in the center look closely you will see a dark brown nose with a little bit of its mouth :)

  44. I have had any of these supposedly complicated ones show up faster, though it only took me about 5 seconds for the face in the coffee. That doesn’t make this site any less enjoyable and it is still one of the few favorite sites that I not only check the new entries, but I like going through periodically to check out any I may have missed or just to see olf favorites. Still on of the best sites

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