41 Replies to “Hidden Bear in Toblerone Chocolate”

  1. Gezz you think with the profession I’m being schooled in you’d think I would notices >_< and a love this chocolate bar! I would get one for Christmas every year … and I never saw it but their logo is rather small…

  2. That’s cool! I love toblerone. But for some reason the bear kinda looks like a ferret to me! (I have weird eyes!)

  3. i never noticed this but then again it doesnt stand out much. not a good illusion. it doesnt even loke lik a bear!

  4. It’s been there since 2000 and whoever says it doesn’t look like a bear must be looking at the wrong bit – it’s pretty clear.

  5. Looks more like a squirrel to me.. and would make more sense if it is a squirrel.. The reason I say it is a squirrel is cause it has a big bushy tail..

  6. Yeah to me it looks more like a ferret too. Its the big ferrety tail that does it… seriously, why does the bear have a big ferrety tail?

    Is Bern some kind of mutant freak-bear? Or is he actually just a ferret?

  7. Okay, took me quite a while to notice it. The bear’s in the background! Concentrate on the yellowish part of the mountain. There’s a shape of a bear.

  8. They’re awesome.

    Just one problem. Total Photoshop. I’m an expert in Photoshoppnessing, and have been doing it for about 85 years, and I have specialized knowledge (that you should take my word for) that proves these are fake.

  9. The reason the bear is contained in the image is that Toblerone was invented in Bern, Switzerland. The national symbol for bern is the bear. Bern is Swiss for Bear and in the centre of Bern there’s a bear pit.

  10. thats funny i have a tobelorne at home mmy mom got it for christmas but it was coverd buy a stiker i had to move it to see the montain. i dont know why but my dad got it for her.What an optical illusion.And what they can make you do! lol

    by !!me!! ps: vurdlak,do u think its funny?

  11. I don’t see the bear, but I do see what looks like a very … *hehem* large person in profile, eating a square of something… probably toblerone. ^_^ … look at the cream bits in the mountain.
    … oh wait… I see the bear now!

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