Hidden Animal Forrest Illusion

First of all, I’d like to tell you I see nothing offensive in the previous post, and those of you who don’t like it, that’s fine. One thing that is certain, is that you have no rights to declare it offensive. Poor gag – maybe (I had a laugh, though). Ok let’s move on, and let’s try to spot as many hidden animal friends as we can in this optical illusion submitted by Jonas Wetzky. I found quite a few, but I’ll let you have your own fun searching for them, and arguing about the final number. Which made me think, how many of you subscribed to RSS version of this site, and how many are subscribed via email newsletter? Share your thoughts… Also, I’d like to hear your opinion on my habit to link the related words in blog posts. How well do you think linked illusions are targeted? Do you fancy this style, or you hate it? My intention is only to remind you, and point new visitors to some long lost optical illusions from the archives.


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  1. I see 8! (Doesn’t mean there’s not more…or that I didn’t count twice!)

    I see the optical illusions on my Google homepage…there’s a module for it. :-)

  2. sorry mate we do have rights to say offensive we have rights to voice our opinion do not abuse our rights to freedom of speech. do not dictate to us how to act or feel,you do not have the right to do that

  3. I only saw 9. As for the words in blue linking us to past illusions, I like it. I am rather new, so I often find myself clicking those links to check out past postings. :)

  4. your site is cool (meaning people providing you with great illusions). However, your administration stinks! Now that your site works nicely, you developed a God syndrom ! we can comment the way we want, can’t we ? the comments are there for this purpose ! Just post your pictures and shut up. what I hate in your site is you ! Only illusions would just be fine…

  5. I saw 13 but I might have counted one twice. I love this site and I think you guys are great, a lot of fun to take ones mind off the day. I have the I have the feed.PS I like the BLUE words

  6. erm… the last post was offensive… i mean i didnt find it offensive, but when ya have at least one guy being offended by something, then it’s offensive. that’s the definition of offensive duh!

  7. ok first of all the last post was kind of funny, but i agree it can be offensive depending on what you perspective is. however, people can say whatever they want cuz its a free country. this post is cool but it also gives me a headache. and the blue words are really helpful, but maybe change the color and make it purple or something. :)

  8. In a free country, we only have a right to free speech, NOT a right to offend anybody, otherwise they would then have a right to offend you and that is wherelove & tolerance stops and hatred & violence begin. Offence is a very personal issue. If somebody deems something to be offensive, then, to them, it is. Period. Other people may think differently, but that, too, is their right. Democracy is a compromise, but if the majority of citizens have a view on something, that becomes the official line and the minority have to put up with it. In this country, the majority of people now thing that homosexuality (i.e. “gay”) is ok, so those who are offended do not have a voice. This doesn’t make it any more right, or any less offensive.

  9. I found 9. I get the RSS feed from within Google Reader. As for the blue words, I really hate them. There are so many that I end up clicking on none because I assume its just going to take me to another irrelevant page.

    I love the site though, and look forward to your posts.

  10. yes anonymous (comment #7)thre is a freedom of speech, but also a right of ownership. you can disagree but this is still vurdlak’s blog.

  11. anonymous #7.
    take a chill pill.
    if you don’t like it don’t read the web site.
    it is your choice to be offended or not, but you don’t have to share it with the world.

  12. I found 17!!!

    After getting a headache looking at the screen i printed it out and highlighted each animal…

    there is at least 17 – and far more depending on your imagination!!!

  13. – porco?!
    – leão
    – veado
    – corsa
    – cavalo
    – cao?!
    – lobo
    – gato
    – girafa
    e uma serpente para aí algures ^^

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