The Headless Boy at the Beach Optical Illusion

Happy Labor Day to you all! Today is Monday, but everyone has the day off to celebrate the last day of summer vacation. Hopefully, you all are doing something fun, like going to the beach, but even at the beach, you can run into all kinds of really cool optical illusions. Take a look at today’s optical illusion, which is a salute to summer fun! Kids love to play in the sand, and bury things in the sand, but this illusion may take things a little too far! Does it not look like this little boy has lost his head at the beach?

headless boy at the beach

This optical illusion was pretty straight forward, but how about one that makes you think? Take a look at this optical illusion, and ask yourself, is it a duck or a man going fishing? This illusion can really go either way, and you may have to turn your head or squint your eyes, and you may be able to see it! Anyway, hope you have a great Labor Day, and your last day of summer vacation is just as great as the rest of your summer has been.  Happy Labor Day, and we will talk again tomorrow for more great optical illusions.

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