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  1. No, there are two perpendicular mirrors under the table. The girl is inside the cavity behind the mirrors, and it seems like you can see under the table because the mirrors are reflecting the walls beside them.

  2. In this case it is not mirrors. Where they would be is panels that are painted to match what would be the background. If it was mirrors, the checkers wouldn’t have the right perspective.

  3. or she could be standing behing a table that was painted to look like a table and also has the backround on it making it look like she is nuting

  4. um this isnt a head on a plate. but half a body. get it right guys.

    im so lame for sitting here and looking at these pictures. we have no lives people.

  5. OMG!!!! how in the world of magic did they do that???? that is some magic… i cant get over it!!!!!!!! i saw magic today!!!! that is sooo cool!. now THAT’S magic!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. accually you can see her lower bodies shadow…sorry to dissapoint….if you dont think thats her shadow then it could also be a painted box. if you look at the checkers on the left, above and below the black thing, you see that the lines dont match up. also, on the right you can see that there wouldn’t be enough space between those two black checkers to have a yellow checker. more likely its the second one :P

  7. i think faggot is right…but im just here cus my moms work dosent anything else…and…i wonder if thats the shadow of the girl..all i know is im clueless….=^.^=

  8. It’s quite obviously mirrors. When the mirrors are perpendicular to the walls behind them then they appear to be extensions of the walls. In which case you could go at almost any angle and still get the desired effect. it’s more likely the shadows are just from behind the camera or even maybe the cameraman themselves.

  9. Why don’t people just cut dead people’s heads off and put them on plates and tell everyone it’s an illusion?

  10. I can vouch for this, I was in one of these once. There are two mirrors under the table and behind the camera are two walls you can’t see from here that look like the ones behind the table, the mirrors reflect them. The mirrors and the walls next to them make a box with a hole cut in the top you can stick your head through. Only difference is that the one I was in didn’t have fruit around the edges and the walls were red instead of yellow :c)

  11. This type of illusion is olso at science museum at JUNAGADH>GUJARAT>INDIA.
    Yes it is optical illusion created by two mirrors at 90* to both side from middle steel pipe.And opposite wall painted same desine so it reflect and…..it`s illusion!!!!

  12. i’ve seen thing like this in singapore’s sciance city at the optical illusions part. If you’re an optical illusions lovers you should go there and the science museum in jakarta,Indonesia.

  13. who da heck commented “√≠ts called photoshop”. man its illusion which includes mirrors.they reflect da wallpaper beside them.. and the girl is standing inside the cavity made by mirrors…there is a proof too that this is done with mirrors look at the left mirror carefully ..u will see light reflecting on the mirror thats why its a bit light there …….

  14. this is present in several regional science center branches in kolkata, delhi, mumbai , lucknow and bhopal. out of these only delhi and mumbai ones look real because in the others the mirror position are mismatches ! I could send you a photo of mine in the same setup !!

  15. I think that shes inside a box that is painted to resemble the back ground with a hole on the top to pot her head thru.

  16. The table is from the Danish Eskperimentarium. She is sitting in a box and on the outside of the box there is two mirrors that shows the walls next to her

  17. im not really sure what this means, but when you look at the legstand thing (the pole that is holding the table up) the checkers look like they are connected, which when you look above the table they are regular, so they did someting with that, but im not sure what.

  18. bahah, there was this illusion too when we had an science fair on our school, the left and right sides of the metal thing has a mirror, so its actually and amazingly genius because of how the mirror is set XD

    1. This one is quite easy.
      If you look near the table leg, (pole) there’s a shadow. For the room to be square, the shadow should have been even, but it’s not. The shadow is probably someone photo shopping the girls bottom half out, but the shadow stayed. :P

    2. theres a hole where she put her top half through, and then the rest of her is outside the checkers, and the weird shadow, i guess thers something behind the pole.

  19. it is so easy
    through the other side there is a hole and she is putting her body through it illusions are like telling people are dome

  20. I went there a couple of weeks ago… its funny pretty funny when an unsuspecting person walks in… one guy made a kid cry!!

  21. ahh…ehhh…interesting picture though you might wan to reconsider looking at that shadow of the box again…!

  22. thats cool but ive seen it b4
    and my friend saw this and sed the 2fruits in front of her look like boobs
    wow perv much

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