Google Earth Mega-Zoom Airport Model

Dan Hadad emailed me this Google Earth Super-Ultra-Mega zoom location. It’s Google’s latest show-off for the new Mega Zoom locations. They illustrated it by showing high res aerial photo of an airport located near Den Hague in Netherlands. If you look at the picture below, you’ll probably ask yourself: “OK, what’s so high res about it?”. Well, if you look closely below the airplanes, you will notice what looks like huge people walking by. What you are really seeing are normal sized people walking by part of a miniature version of Holland which is a tourist attraction called “Madurodam”. Check it out in Google Earth or visit this Google Maps link. This aerial imagery is about 3 inches per pixel. Jump inside this article for more images. If you like Google Earth optical illusions, don’t forget to check more of them in this category!

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      To think Boobs should not be seen its a crime to cover nice ones up.

      I knew what you meant as I remember a set getting tan on a roof top there as well.

  1. you can look for “Catalunya en miniatura” (Catalonia in miniature). It’s a similar atraction, AFAIK it’s also outdoors and maybe you can locate it.

  2. It’s Den Haag.. Or ‘s-Gravenhage..! And well i know that because i’m there now.. ^^ .. Really nice city ^^..

    1. *facepalm*
      Where did YOU learned your English?
      It’s called “The Hague” in English!
      “Den Haag” is Dutch! -.-“

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