Girl In the Pool Optical Illusion

Happy Thursday everyone, and soon the weekend will begin, which makes everyone happy.  Summer is almost officially here, literally within a matter of days, but by now, everyone is hitting the pool just to cool off and relax. Today’s optical illusion is really a head scratcher because is this a giant girl, a girl jumping in a pool, or a little girl that can walk on water?

girl in pool optical illusion

This little girl is smiling happily, and it’s clear she is having a great time, but what is she doing? Some may say she is gigantic, but it is just the way that the eye is made to see things thanks to a movie trick called forced perspective.  The human eye is going to see this little girl as being not so little thanks to her distance to everyone else in the pool, which is pretty impressive is it not because it actually does work.

Want to see another great illusion that has a summer time theme? Pork and beans is a typical food that people take while going camping, and with that in mind, take a look at this pork and bean illusion. Can you see the man hidden within these beans?

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