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By on April 24, 2006, with 14 Comments

This adorable girls shows us that behind every famous historical figure, there is a women. Girl in this picture is litteraly holding Christopher Columbus on her palm! They sure know how to manipulate us, don’t they? :) Check “Man Holding a Sun” and “Man Holding Taj-Mahal” also!

Girl Holding Columbus on Her Palm Illusion


14 Responses
  1. scheeko says:

    It’s Columbus in Barcelona!

  2. guimi says:

    the ‘soldier’ is Columbus pointing the new way to India -where he ‘discovered’ America-.

  3. potax says:

    it’s not a soldier. it’s the Columbus monument in Barcelona.

  4. i love it says:

    haha I think it’s because there is a long pillar behind and there chistopher columbus is on it. The girl stands far away and levels her hand with the base of the legs of christopher columbus.

    You can see the pillar behind.

  5. Hai says:

    thats so lame

  6. person 1 says:

    ya its kinda obvious that shes just standing infront of it.

  7. REYANA says:

    she just put her hand where the bottom of the figure is when it’s really a statue

  8. waspnation says:

    I saw that in Barcelona!

  9. beautifulone says:

    This is kind of lame… It would have been better if she had been kind of squatting in front of the pole and holding her hands up to give the appearance of holding him. The pole makes it pretty blatantly obvious what’s going on.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Damn, I wonder how long it will take the incredible 50 foot woman’s hand to heal after being impaled on that pedestal. No monster movies for her this year ;-(

  11. Anonymous says:

    as long as your smart you will know how incredibly stupid that is

  12. smileyface says:

    yawn…pretty obvious

  13. hello peeps says:

    this is boring its soooo obvious

  14. Weasel says:

    This is what we call “forced perspective” — I did the same thing with a picture of me appearing to hold a tiny wallaby in my hand when I was in Queensland. ^_^

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