Gentleman Rabbit Optical Illusion

An interesting art installation was setup by mr. #Francis Tabary that depicts the same object from different angles. It all depends how you look at it – you may see the rabbit or a gentleman wearing a hat. The mirror helps in seeing the both simultaneously. I leave it up to you to realise how this illusion works. It’s relatively simple, so no hints this time.

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  1. both images, the rabbit and the man in the mirror, are represented with a single line. The man in the mirror reflects the line which composes the rabbit… from a different point of view. Basically, what’s missing in this 2D picture is the third dimension, over which the line that represents the rabbit follows.

  2. It’s a rabbit looking at an egg, that has a picture of a man wearing a hat, painted on it. So says my six year old daughter. LOL

  3. I’m going to take a stab at it in that the wires aren’t confined to a 2D plane. The rabbit bends toward and away from us in such a way that the different angle we view it at through the mirror creates the man in the hat.

  4. I don’t get it. What’s suppost to happen? Or what should I see? , besides an egg with a man and a rabbit…

  5. It’s pretty easy: There’s only one wire outline. Viewed from the camera’s angle it looks like a rabbit, but viewed from the angle supplied by the mirror it looks like the gentleman with the hat. Pretty dam cool if you ask me (but no one did).

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