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By on August 9, 2009, with 118 Comments

Gardners 4 Hidden Tigers

Find the 4 Hidden Tigers

When I saw site usage statistics yesterday I was a little shocked. There was a big jump in new visitors, but I couldn’t see where they were coming from. Only after one user’s congratulating email I found out our little website was featured by BBC! Later I dug it up a little, and learned how they produce a TV show named “Webscape”, where Kate Russel talks about best of the web. Apparently our little community grabbed her attention, and we got ourselves a minute long introduction to millions of BBC viewers.

If some of you came here via the show, I’d like to hear your first experience about this website, and what did you saw on that show. Everyone else can find more about this on BBC’s website, and you can even watch some clips online.

Before I log out (since my girlfriend has birthday in an hour or so) I’d like to give you some fresh material from Steve Gardner. Can you find the 4 hidden tigers inside this image? Maybe I got it wrong, and there are only 3 of them that are hidden. You tell me!


118 Responses
  1. Anusha says:

    Really cool, but too easy. xD

  2. It’s 4.. The most difficult to spot (for me) is at the lower right part of the big tiger’s face (let’s call it jaw!).

    Even though I don’t like so much this kind of illusions, i posted mostly to say CONGRATS FOR THE BBC thingy :)

    Keep it up, Vurdlak!

  3. Seraph says:

    The one on his chin looks more like a lion !

  4. Frenzie says:

    Woehoe, i found them all! It was pretty easy, by the way, i guess there are 5 hidden tigers..
    2 beyond his eye, 1 by under his nose, 1 on the right side of his eye. And then left under by his throat it looks like there is a fifth one!

  5. Katie says:

    I can find 3 hidden ones aside from the big guy, they were fairly easy to spot. If there’s a fourth hiding in there I haven’t found it yet!

  6. Sara says:

    Beautiful piece. I spotted the hidden tigers right away – there is one under the eye, one just above the whiskers and on on the chin (which is a white tiger, nice touch).

  7. I see 3 – is there a 4th ? hmmm .

  8. Joseph says:

    Wow, congrats for getting on BBC!

  9. kaila says:

    totally wicked lol

  10. Stefan says:

    yes there are 4 tigers but i also see an additional fury animal, maybe a cat: it is upside down in the chin of the bog tiger, partly one of the 4 tigers (which all are visible without turning the picture. let me know if you see it.


  11. Madison says:

    i can only find 3; one on his chin, one to the left of his nose, and one beneath his eye

  12. Ericaa! says:

    Tell your girlfriend I say happy birthday!! And I love the illusion, as always :P

    Keep up the great site, Vurdlak :D

  13. Francisco says:

    You got it wrong :)
    1. Big tiger
    2. Below the eye of the tiger
    3. Right beside no. 2
    4. White tiger, by the chin of the big tiger

  14. Spider says:


    The fourth one is the big tiger. The one that we clearly see. In this picture, the background story is that the tiger is hiding from a hunter. So it is in fact a hidden tiger.

    LOL! I made that up. But it does become 4 hidden tigers, doesn’t it?

  15. Spider says:

    Oh yeah, congratulations on the BBC coverage, man! The site does deserve it.


  16. keylan says:

    yay found all 3 hidden ones not to hard but still a great illusion

  17. Wido says:

    Hi! there are 4…….nobody says anything about albinos, right? ;)

  18. wow i actually found em all…

  19. V C Srinivasan says:

    I came through BBC.
    Its a great site. Its a wonderful way of presenting the mind play. The sheer amount of coverage and material.
    Very useful for children with learning difficulty.
    Thank you,

    V C Srinivasan

  20. i can see 3 for sure… maybe the 4th is somehwere hiding…

  21. and congratulations on getting featured… man, that is cool…

  22. Andy says:

    Unless this a trick image and the fourth Tiger is actually the main Tiger image itself, I can only see three. Still a nice illusion and one that I will be definately saving.
    cheers Andy

  23. Glosom says:

    1 at the tiger’s chin
    2 and 3 under the tiger’s eye
    and the 4 the whole tiger in the picture

    thats all i think

    PS i love your site keep up the good work guys

  24. drew says:

    There’s 4, not 3

  25. I only see three hidden tigers and the big one.

  26. Georgie says:

    i can see 4 tiger but only 3 that are hidden

  27. bas says:

    3 small ones in the tiger, one of them at his mouth.
    and i think the backgroudn is a tiger too?

  28. oliver says:

    1 main image
    3 very easy to find hidden tigers

    i doubt if there is another one

  29. Reginleif says:

    two of them are pretty obvious.. the third is a little sneaky and the last is very steathly!
    at least im pretty sure that there are actually five tigers… one clear four hidden.. if not then im insane XD

  30. Jane Parking says:

    The tv show is called “Click”, and there’s a weekly feature called Webscape featuring 3 or 4 sites. The tv show is aired on the bbc news channel as well as BBC World – potentially millions of viewers.

    I like your site. Not sure about tthe quality or relevence of some of the illusions but heh what do I know!

  31. Ron says:

    I came to your site via the BBC Webscape and have found it really interesting and fascinating – only problem is finding time to see everything – but be sure “I shall return”. Thankyou.

  32. Tuffley says:

    1st one is the whole head,
    2nd one is a head under the eye,
    3rd one is a head between the eye and the nose
    and the 4th one is a head on the chin =)

    1st post?

    Greetings from Holland! =D

  33. Emma says:

    I see 4 too. Beautiful! And congrats on getting featured on BBC!

  34. MidNight says:

    Hint! One of them is actually a white tiger. Not gonna give away any more clues. That should have made spotting the last one obvious enough. Hope it helped!

  35. Eli says:

    I see the three tigers right away… there’s one under its eyes, one above the whiskers and one on his chin (a white tiger…)

  36. Adawada says:

    This one was really easy, but it was really cool! I love the picture. It reminds me why I like tigers! :D

  37. Adawada says:

    Oh, BTW, Happy Birthday to your girlfriend!

    I’m a day late, woops. :-(

  38. Samantha says:

    One obvious one,2 at the orange part of the tiger and 1 at the tiger’s white beard (i don’t know what else to call it!)

    First comment!

  39. Dennis says:

    One under the left side of the eye (front look)
    One under the right side of the eye (facing left)
    an one on the chin(also facing left)
    Great illusion!!

  40. Josh says:

    You were right: there is a fourth, less obvious tiger in the big tiger’s chin hair :)
    Congrats on getting featured!

  41. Alex says:

    1st comment found all four

  42. Sentinal58 says:

    I see 3…

  43. Jen Steffen says:

    I only see 3 hidden. I suppose you could count the big tiger as the fourth tiger. Nice shot, and I love your site. Did I get first comment this time? :D

  44. Verena says:

    I only see 3 hidden tigers and the obvious one…

  45. chris says:

    coolio, and not to challenging

  46. James de Haast says:

    It is always good have good publicity. Well done on gating on BBC. And as for the new people on the site, I would like to welcome them and encourage them to speak their mind. As for the picture I found all the tigers.

  47. Anonymous says:

    too easy they’re in the face but good illusion none the less!

  48. Of course I can’t say for sure if you got it wrong, but I can only find 3 hidden tigers…

  49. Detective Kitty says:

    i onlky see three…wheres the fourth?well if you count the big tiger it’s four

  50. darylll says:

    this is cool yo.
    I see 4 tigers, 3 hidden but I’m wondering if the bottom left one resembles an owl?

  51. Dave says:

    Couldn’t find a 4th hidden one but great photo either way.

  52. beetlebum says:

    I can find 3 tigers + 1 lion…
    strange because tigers don’t live where lions live.
    (tigers:asia, lions:africa)

    but nice illusion…
    bit simple though.

  53. Victor Fan says:

    I can only found three “hidden” ones

  54. Ian says:

    Yeah! I think I’ve spotted the 4th, the tiger is upside down along it’s neck it looks more like 1/2 a tiger, the nose is just bottom left of the one below the main tigers eye. The eye is at the tips of the whiskers.

  55. ahhh says:

    i’ve found all 4 tigers one is on the beard

  56. Dave says:

    One below the eye, one just above the whiskers, one (white tiger) on chin
    fourth is either the main large tiger or maybe there is a profile of a tiger on for forehead… if not that then I can’t find the fourth.

  57. Thias Esseboom says:

    Well done Vurdlak, it was a nice piece to see…

    About the illusion, I only see 2 hiding, and the one they are hiding in… Maybe it’s just me…

    Have a nice vacation and happy birthday to your girlfriend…

  58. iolair says:

    There are 4 hidden! One under his eye, one under his nose, number three on his chin and the fourth one is tucked in at the back of his jaw hiding behind his whiskers (turn the screen round – its easier to see!) – very clever!

  59. Peter Fisher says:

    Fascinating site. I came at the recommendation of Webscape, still looking round, I’m probably hooked now!

  60. Emil says:

    SNowtigers…. there you’ll find the fourth

  61. ??? says:

    I wouldn’t exactly call them “hidden”. You can’t miss them.

  62. I think that the back ground that is the fourth !

  63. Flor says:

    Congratulation on BBC feature, now you’re famous(LOL)!
    4 tigers, 3 hidden, though the one hidden tiger does look like a white lion…

  64. Gary Wigle says:

    I had to turn the picture upside down but I did find the 4th. He isn’t a happy camper.

  65. lukre says:

    I can see three hidden tigers and the big one

  66. xSundelightgurlx says:

    oh i c the 4th one, its on the chin

  67. mike miehlstein says:

    Me too.

  68. curtis says:

    The one on the chin could be a baby upside down with two eyes, or it could be one adult right side up. also saw two more both of them above the tiger’s left whiskers. I hope I can see another illusion as good as this one. Thanks.

  69. Ciaran Gallagher says:

    The show is actually caled ‘Click’ and appears on the 24-hour BBC News channel on a Saturday and later on the on-demand iPlayer service. ‘Webscape’ is not the name of the show it is just the section as the end of the show hosted by Kate Russel.

  70. eric says:

    thats horrible, you’ve posted much better, some with 10-15 even upwards of 20 hidden figures, but this… its a nice picture from far, but thats an appawling attempt at hidding figures…

  71. Spider says:

    @ Tuffley: No, yours is comment number 36!

    @ Samantha: Such conviction! You were very sure you were the first, weren’t you? When actually your comment is number 42 (count that, forty-two!) Don’t you feel like an idiot now?

    @ Alex: Even more idiotic than Samantha! “First comment!” No, if you had said “45th comment! Found all four!” then it would’ve been true, and I wouldn’t see you as an idiot you are.

    @ Jen Steffen: No, you’re number 48. Since you were asking, then you seemed less of an idiot than Samantha and Alex. But not by much! That goes for you, too, Tuffley!

    So, people, STOP saying first! Please! Haven’t you learned from past mistakes? GOD! Don’t these morons teach you anything? You could say first (with such conviction) and ended up being number 45 for God’s sake! Not number 2, not number 3, not number 4, but NUMBER 45!

    GOD, do you like feeling like (and being perceived by others as) an idiot?

    Read my comment in the Jesus illusion if you want to know why you shouldn’t say first. I thought that comment worked since nobody was being moronic and say first at the comments of the Liu Bolin illusion yesterday. Guess I was wrong.

  72. Alyssa says:

    Reminder: only 3 are hidden the fourth is the obvious one!

    oh ya and i got all of them

  73. cometin says:

    3 tigers!!!

  74. Alyssa says:

    Wait there are 4 hidden

  75. andronover says:

    i can only see 3 hidden, the white one on the bottom looks like a male lion with it’s mane.

  76. WILLIAM says:


  77. Ian says:

    3 tigers thats all I see.

    decent image.

    ps – Tigers and Lions are both found in Asia,(Asiatic Lions) and well as the commonly known African Lions.

  78. Dagni says:

    I found 3 “Hidden” tigers, but if you count the big one it’s four.

    to beetlebum, there is a species of maneless lion that lives in india (though a lot of hunting put their numbers down to around 300 and they are in one itsy bitsy part of india)(300 lions!). Tigers do live where lions live… sort of.

  79. t i m says:

    New visitor here after seeing the plug to your site on BBC Click – I see 3 tigers in that pic, where’s the 4th?

  80. Jessi says:

    Congrats Vurdlak! Good news to hear that the site has received some mention that brought in more traffic!

    I am only finding 3 hidden tigers, and I’m thinking I’m not swift enough to catch the 4th. My favorite tiger illusion is the hidden tiger, I couldn’t find it until I cheated and read other’s comments. That put my intelligence in check! Thanks

  81. ranazila says:

    The show is actually “Click”, shown in the UK on the channel “BBC News” (with cut-down versions shown on “BBC One”). Webscape is a section hosted by Kate Russel near the end of it.
    You can watch it in high quality until the 17th here > http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00m5rj7/Click_08_08_2009/
    and watch it in lower quality for an unlimited amount of time here > http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/click_online/7834331.stm
    . I think you can access the second link even if you live outside the UK. The introduction to this site is at about 20 minutes in if anyone’s looking for it.

  82. Maxlfaxl says:

    Ähm Beetlebum, there are Asian Lions too ;)
    but I just see three hidden tigers

  83. SB says:

    i see tree plus the big one

  84. SB says:

    i mean i see three hidden ones then the big one is the fourth

  85. ace says:

    i found all 4 ya

  86. Alycia says:

    People, he said there is ONLY three that are HIDDEN. so the regular tiger that has the hidden ones on him counts as a tiger, so that would equal 4. duuuhh.

  87. Gkusygrfkajwfer Vtykuygf says:

    The fourth is one the chin.

  88. RJ says:

    I can see three and part of a wolf’s face…

  89. ggs says:

    Excuse me if I’m wrong, but i think that over the tiger’s eye is written the word tiger. Because I can’t find another tiger face, only three.

  90. 12345678 says:

    I see One under the Tigers Eye (facing fwd), One Next to its noise (facing the left), One on it Chin (Facing the Left), and One (or more smaller intertwined ones from the Corner of his eye on the right, one showing teeth).

  91. I Am Someone says:

    Yay :D It included the endangered White Tiger. They’re my faves. next to that is the one everyone knows. :P

    I studied White Tigers before. They’re the ones who live in this snowy region in Asia, i think it was. It was heaps long ago when i did though.

  92. NeoNeo says:

    lol everyone thinks the 4th tiger is on teh neck but its acually on the chin!

  93. Carlson says:

    i see tthree and a kitten on its chin if you turn it upside down lol

  94. kekeo says:

    I found all of them, 2 in below the eye one on hes cheek and one on his neck, though you dont see all of it just the eye and part of the head

  95. talllonx says:

    there are 4
    the main tiger
    2 hidden near the eye and the forth is a white tigger on the jaw

  96. Bldaddy says:

    There is four that i can see.
    The first is the big tiger.
    The second is the the little one under the eye.
    The third is the one next to the second.
    The fourth is the one at it’s chinใ

  97. Kala Marie Toa says:

    i see three…the fourth i think everyones on about is the actual big tiger itself…grrrrrrrrrrr

  98. Nigel Otto says:

    Not that hidden…

  99. gena00 says:

    Not that hidden…

  100. GiGo says:

    ur lame tey are easy to find!i found the 3 tigers right when i saw this!

  101. Shriya says:

    That’s cool!!! BTW to whoever said “that’s easy I found 3 tigers right when I saw this” well there are actually FOUR (hmmm not so easy now?) lol just joking!

  102. DaEgg says:

    If you count the big one, I found 3 right off the bat. took a sec to find the one on the [Insert Location] . XD But cool Illusion

  103. dragon says:

    I found the fourth 1! its on the tiger’s chin!

  104. josh says:


  105. Rajesh Sawant says:

    Yeah i could find 3 hidden,

  106. EmoDoll says:

    i only found 3! how is there 4?!

  107. Khan says:

    the three are the hidden tigers and the 4th one is the real tiger itself

  108. Jose Delgado says:

    The larger tiger is hidden if you can picture his surrounding based off of what we are given in the picture. I hope i am correct in my assumption.

  109. Colleen says:

    I see all 4. Look low.

  110. TheRhyslightning says:

    There are 4 tigers but only 3 of the are hidden maybe O.o

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