Fruit and Vegetable Optical Illusion

I d0n’t know about you, but some of my favorite optical illusions are the Spot the Object optical illusions. At first, you have a really hard time trying to find whatever it is you’re looking for, but once you’ve found it, you wonder how you could have ever missed something like that. Well, I’m going to hook you up with a Fruit and Vegetable Optical Illusion and all you have to do is spot the object, as there is something that is hidden within the image. Are you ready to see if you can find what’s hidden? Scroll down to check out this amazing optical illusion.

Fruit and Vegetable Optical Illusion

Were you able to spot the hidden object in the image above? If not, I’m about to spoil it for you, so look over the picture real good one last time before you continue reading on… The object in the image above is a human! If you look closely, you’ll see a human girl that’s laying down on the table with the fruit and vegetables and she has been painted with body paint to be able to blend in with the fruits and veggies. It’s just amazing what some people can do with body paint, huh? Did you like this image? If so, you should leave a rating for it and let us know! We certainly hope you enjoyed it.

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