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By on February 29, 2012, with 10 Comments

Fred Eerdekens Shadow ArtFred Eerdekens is a Belgian artist we’ve featured multiple times in the past. What we have learned by now, is that he is most famous for his breathtaking installations that use light and very purposely placed objects to create typographic spaces. Just like the ones presented below. In my opinion, these are just cool beyond words. Can you imagine walking around a gallery space looking soley at the beautiful objects, when all of a sudden you reach the position where the lights and objects collide to form a shadow of words?

After you’ve checked both #Fred Eerdekens and #Shadow tags, you’ll have a pretty good insight to proceed with what I have prepared for you today.  Wires, metal, junk, trees… it’s just a portion of material Fred uses to come up with his creations. Here are some of the more prominent works done by this artists. And if all of this still isn’t enough for you, you are welcome to browse through the attached gallery at the bottom of this post. Which one is your favorite? Can you make out all of the words and letters produced by shadows? How about those is dutch?

Fred Eerdekens Shadow Art
Fred Eerdekens Shadow Art
Fred Eerdekens Shadow Art
Fred Eerdekens Shadow Art
Fred Eerdekens Shadow Art
Fred Eerdekens Shadow Art

More Shadow Art Installations by Fred Eerdekens:


10 Responses
  1. Ash says:

    That’s actually really awesome (btw first comment) =) I love how the random things can create such precise letters =DDD

  2. cool froggy says:

    Woah!!! Theyre amazing!! I wanna see more

    First Post…i think :D

  3. The Toader says:

    These are awesome. I would actually go to an art museum to see these.

  4. Jenny says:

    Oooh and aaah indeed. It’s cool how he can create two different shadow words just from one installation. The house idea is pretty cool. Imagine walking through that house and as you go from one room to another, a new message would appear on the wall while the sun is slowly setting and creating even more words. =)

  5. Indy says:

    ‘Men ga een sackter gang’ is literally ‘Men go a softer way’ (from what I remember speaking bad Dutch about 10 years ago!) Could it mean men get softer/take a softer rout?

  6. RN says:

    Very impressive!

  7. bren says:

    i like how he created “somewhere”

  8. Wendy says:

    Love these!!! Very well made, the artworks are beautiful on their own but with shadows included they are amazing.

  9. Amy says:

    I speak dutch and can’t read all the words! Is anyone else having trouble with the crazy cursive writing?!

    Het is heel mooi, dank je Vurdlak voor de eerste nederlandse post dat ik heb gezien hier – en dank je mener Eerdekens voor je handige kunst! Ik hou van Nederland en de taal, ik ben zo blij dat ik heb daar gewonen voor zo lang. Hup Holland!

    It’s really nice, thanks Vurdlak for the first dutch-related post i’ve seen here – and thanks mr. Eerdekens for the clever art! I love the Netherlands and it’s language, I’m so proud to have spent so long in that beautiful country. Go Holland!

  10. Laurie says:

    Here’e another artist’s approach to shadow images


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