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By on August 3, 2010, with 10 Comments

Deep inside the woods, there is a clearing where one may see a forest goddess. But only if his heart is pure and will is strong, such sighting will be visible to him. Are your qualities enough? Do you qualify for this? Can you stand shoulder to shoulder with the chosen one’s profile, and see the forest goddess materializing in front of your eyes? Those among you having trouble seeing the goddess’s face, can purify their soul Forest Face Optical Illusion


10 Responses
  1. Nick says:

    This isnt new :o

  2. Vanth says:

    She doesn’t have any hair

  3. Lil Smily says:

    i see more faces than only that one

  4. Lolzater=] says:

    Okai, that is creepy Dx

  5. pop says:

    i see a face

  6. Christine D says:

    i saw it rite awas…hint tree roots are the chin

  7. Mat says:

    *another hint*

    The shading of all those colors in the.. (code words below!!)

    syntr ov th pge jst myt b tiadngz uv smthng elz, hehehe

  8. nicola says:

    wow i didnt see it straight but now i do

  9. STR e t C H says:


  10. Ice says:

    Looks more like a baby face

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