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Just wanted to mention that I updated Google Earth category with some cool illusions from the past that can be seen in Google Earth or using web application, Google Maps. I would appreciate if you checked it, and post your thoughts on that category. Also, if you encounter any errors, be sure to drop me an email. Today illusion was submitted by Alexander Sell. He wrote: “At first I gotta say that I really like this page and the widget. The attached picture I found in Google Earth close to Frankfurt Airport in Germany. It looks like there are 3 planes (Boeing 747 !?) departing very close to each other. The distance between the 1st and the 3rd is less than 1 nautical mile which is far below the minimum allowed distance behind an aircraft that is classified as heavy. Of course it’s only one aircraft that was shot three times in a row by the satellite. Maybe this one fits to the Google Earth gallery.”

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  1. First comment again!! yeh that illusion’s quite kl. yep – should definitely be put under Google Earth category. And now everyone – dont all get on at me becoz i was first (like u did on the ‘More Painted Cars’ one). It’s a gd illusion!!

  2. If you go to Franfurt Airport on Google Earth you can see that there are four shadows but only three aircraft.

  3. ya i was just on google earth and i found the four airplane shadows and the 3 planes. Really weird. Maybe a US jet testing drill. Not likely but possible

  4. its the way the image was captured, its the same plane 3 times (and a 4th shadow where it was out of capture range).

  5. yes, this is very kl. but sinse this is my first comment on this site basically. i know what some of you did to ellie xx which upset her, and please dont judge me because of what i talk like, because its rude and pathetic to be honest.

  6. I think its the same plane just photoed @ different times like the ship 1 but goin in the same direction (ya kno)

  7. i showed this to my dad, who was in the air force for 6 years…he said that they are ither fighter jets, or they are at different altititudes, ut in that case they wouldnt be taking off from the same airport, so it would have to be a different plane flying by..wierd though

  8. Well it is 3 planes because if it was a multishots put together there woud be 3 cars in a row on the road below the middle planes shadow cause the time it would have taken the multi shots it would have only moved a short distance

  9. That isn’t a mess up, it’s 3 A380s (the really big new ones) flying in formation during on of their display sorties to Germany.

  10. Study the image, the shadows seem to fall to the northwest. if you assume the shadow of the 747’s do there is an anommoly, any comments

  11. as much as i can see directla on Google Earth there are four shadows of those 3 planes… one is not on this picture you posted :-)

  12. I don’t know what to say. Some guys said it was one plane with the picture shot three times. Others say this is no joke and that it is a flight around the country. WTF?

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