35 Replies to “Focus Optical Illusion”

  1. if you bob your head back and forth, it seems to zoom towards you and away from you. As if you can see more of the words.
    And if you cross your eyes it looks like the words are much clearer!

  2. everything comes to us at once, luckly we have a personal area of focus, that seems clear and open. What a relief!
    Great site, top stuff.

    That’s freakin awesome!!!!!
    it looks like it’s moving

  4. Wow, if you can slightly read some of the text under focus, it seems one part is suicidal: “I can’t live my life–” and the rest is kind of.. Unreadable, or just doesn’t follow up with it. Other than that, some words around focus say: “You can focus to feel free”

  5. cool, crossin ur eyes makes it look clear but still 2 blury 2 read. ;P i saved it n shoped it and i can make out the middle row of words!~

  6. it says “(something) you mean I can’t live my life like you (something)”

    and “ok…” you’re lame, lamewad

  7. This is the first time I’ve seen this and I think it is really freaky! I am only 10 years old, and have now decided that I will NEVER get drunk!

  8. I agree with anonymous that sez he will not get drunk EVER! And if u get drunk just 2 c wot it sez, i guess u wont rememba it newayz!!!

  9. Yeah thats one of those above the influence type things that’s supposed to show you what happens when you get drunk or high.

  10. If you look at the word “focus” close up to the screen then move your head back kinda fast, the blurred words seem to become clear for an instance.

  11. it says “I can’t live my life without…” i think it says “I can’t live my life without beer” or “drugs” or something

  12. the top half says “you think you can constantly…” and bottom half seems like some suicidal message “i cant live my life…” (i dont mean to scare you, though)
    (this might be about focusing on focus but some of us apparently want to focus on the other words around “focus”)…lol

  13. moving the eyes backward fast does seem to make it readable for the instant. maybe we could capture it in a cam with slow shutter speed moving it backwards or perhaps write an image processing algorithm to find out what’s written. not that we can’t find out without all this but these methods make it fun ;)

  14. There was one picture with the same illusion, but the backdrop was a forest/woods. Can anyone share it. BTW, its awesome…

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