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By on June 1, 2013, with 10 Comments

Remember the Cool Bro illusion from 2 years ago? This one’s very similar, in a way where street-painted arrow appears to levitate in mid-air. Caught by the sharp eye of Melissa, a reddit user who found it funny and decided to share her finding with our Mighty Optical Illusions community. If you come across similar interesting stuff, don’t be a stranger – submit them illusions using our email link in the footer of this site.

Floating Arrow Illusion


10 Responses
  1. z2d4th says:

    i think the arrow drawing is manipulated.

  2. John says:

    Very nice execution.

  3. Steve H says:

    No I think the arrow was originally painted in the wrong spot, then they covered it up with a black paint and then re-painted the arrow in yellow on top. Perfect illusion!

  4. Steve says:

    I’ve seen this before, where the road department will spray black paint over the old marking and then put the new one down with fresh “traffic yellow” paint.

  5. Halidom says:

    Probably by a graffiti artist with a sense of humor. You can see marks in the drawn shadow that would not be in a real shadow.

  6. Annie says:

    Of course it is; the shadow is just painted on. It’s not a REAL floating arrow, it just LOOKS like one.

    It’s very well done, and very clever.

  7. Bob says:

    They both are painted on the road surface – the black from the side acts as a shadow of the arrow.

  8. girrafun says:

    much better than the Cool Bro illusion!

  9. Anonymous Girl says:

    This illusion is rubbish.

  10. suor de sapo says:

    I like graffitis and I specially like those that shows sense of humor.

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