Fish Tales Kissing

The illusion in following photos is frankly, quite obvious. None the less, I decided to show them to you (since this kind of body art is something I always loved). Great idea done by this couple, do you agree? If you narrow your eyes enough, you will get opinion you’re watching a cartoon! Hurray Fish tales! Check body paint, Heidi Klum, body art, hand paintings, body paint 2, extreme makeover for more!

45 Replies to “Fish Tales Kissing”

  1. This would be a great halloween costume for a couple. I wonder if the fish could include their real eyes as well as mouths

  2. Haha, these are fantastic! I especially like the one where one fish is about to eat the other fish, their expressions are great.

    PS…Howcome I can’t get onto the forum any more? It’s telling me it’s been moved…or…something

  3. I don’t get it? How did they get the fish to stay on their face? Glue? I just don’t see it…. oh well, back to sorting through my string collection.

  4. Wow, that is amazing, even for mighty illusion standards. At first, I only saw the fish, then I read the caption… amazing!

  5. so awsome i thought its very artistic i did laugh loads. i laughed so much u fell of my chair! lol!! anyways to huh?: i cant belive u dont know how this is done like anonymous said its paint!
    Anonymous: they not going for a snog well ok mayb but anyways i think its 1 of my faves its on my desktop now!
    i can always laugh when i see it! lol

  6. i have liam and tawny here with me and me Molly liam says its sooo obvious that its paint tawy just said wow! and left

  7. thats so cute!

    i agree with the first comment, i wonder if they could get the pesons whole face in the fishes face

    their eyes kind of ruin it for me, i wish they wouldve closed them

  8. I really like this! I saw it about a week or two ago but I didn’t leave a comment. I like it a lot but I would like it better if the faces were a more complete blue color. Great illusion, excellent site!

    –Willow, Wednesday, March 12th, 2008 at 9:03 PM

  9. Heh, nice!:) I likeeee it! =) it IS a good idea for fancy dress i think!:)hehe… heh, also, i asked my friend to try something like it and for her to make a video ^_^

  10. I feel I should inform the dumbasses here: “HuH?” was using a form of intellectual humour commonly referred to as “Sarcasm”. Don’t choke trying to pronounce it. S/he was pretending to not know the fish were fake, presumably for the opportunity to read your short-sighted comments and laugh at you. I did. But then, who am I to say that you weren’t also using your own, decidedly humourless, brand of “Sarcasm”, so you could do the same? Go play in traffic, kids. The Grown-ups were talking.

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