Find Your Blind Spot!

Another popular one – and quite unnerving if you’ve never seen it before! Here’s what I want you to do: close your left eye and just focus your right eye on the tiny static circle on the left of the screen. At some point the big circle will disappear as it crosses your ‘blind spot‘. If you can’t see this effect, it means you’re sitting too close/far from your monitor. Try sitting closer/further to the screen and repeat the test. So, have you managed to find your blind spot? Find Your Blind Spot Optical Illusion

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  1. your left eye has a blind spot too. Just close your right eye and focus the moving circle with your left one. At one Point the cross will disappear. Et Voila: Your Blind Spot.

  2. Umm, I put my finger where the blind spot is, but I can see it just fine. When blind my right eye, I see the circle too. On my left the cross dissapears but the finger stays. . .

  3. i knew this one, but what’s amazing about this whole thing is that your eye let’s you ‘see’ the color which is around it, like it fills out the missing part with the right color. I tried looking at two white (/purple) dots on black (/green) backround. Where the other white (/purple) dot’s supposed to be, you just see black (/green). or better, you’re brain makes you think there’s also that color, since you can’t really see, what’s there ;)

  4. This one doesn’t work so well for me….. My right eye is almost totaly blind. If I close my right eye the whle page is in my blind spot :P

  5. To make it work for your left eye you need to focus on a point to the right of the moving circle. This is because the blind spot (which is where the optical nerve connects to the eye) is on the left of your lef teye, and the right of your right eye (kindof)

    I recomend using a permenent marker to draw a cross on the screen….

  6. hahaha i like jhops idea

    my blind spot did show up

    but definatly if you cant see your blind spot use a PERMINENT marker

  7. That’s very odd. My blind spot is like a strip to the right, but the spot reappears after it passes that strip of blind moving to the right. That’s very odd that your peripheral vision works in that area but you cant actually see the moving object.

  8. its cool, i like it, i blame this for many car accidents and running into walls, not that i’ve ever been guilty of either, mind you. ;)

  9. You got to move closer to the screen and focus on the cross.

    EVERYONE has a blind spot. The only time you wouldn’t have one is if you were a mutated alian

  10. It didn’t work for me with my right eye, so I tried it with my left. That didn’t work either. So I did what Vurdlak said and clicked the image. Instead of it being bigger, it was smaller so the cross looked like a dot! Oh well, nice try. :)

  11. I think it didn’t work for me because I have wierd eyes. Like when I was looking at the cross I could see my TV, which is waaaaaaaaaaay to my right and almost behined me (no it wasn’t the reflection of it on my screen). My eyes are lazy which is wierd, because for some reason I can see like an owl without turning my head!

  12. welllll either something is definitely wrong with my eyes, or the blind spot theory is wrong…
    i followed the instructions word for word, and even moved closer and further…
    but each time it was the cross that dissapeared…
    not the circle.
    and no i wasnt just focusing on the circle…
    i was definitely focused on the cross with my right eye and everything…
    but yeah…the cross disappeared.

  13. Every single Person has a blind Sopt unless you have no Optical Nerve in the back of your eye which would mean that the eye would be useless and wouldnt be able to see. So theres no point going – Ooo I musnt have a blind sopt – because you do! try moving back and forwards with your face! …idiots

  14. The blind spot is the place where the optical nerve connects to the back of the eyeball. The back of the eyeball is covered with sensors (basically), but where the nerve connects, there are no sensors, so you cant see anything in that spot. I had a swollen optical nerve for a while, and my blind spot got big, about the size ofsomeones face!
    because you have two eyes, they sort of cover for each other, so you dont normally notice.

    You can also try focusing further to the left of the cross, your blind spot might be further out that the dot moves too.

  15. Some have mentioned that their finger tips stay in sight when placed into their blind spot. i’ve seen another blind spot test in textbooks that demonstrates this. If you were to replace the circle with vertical bar that has a break in the middle:



    like that, when the break sits in your blind spot you’ll actually see:


    because your brain wants to fill in the “missing” information. This is why you can still “see” your fingertip. Your brain knows it is supposed to be there, so it fills it in. i did the same thing, and noticed that my fingertip was kinda blurry and a bit distorted. Perhaps i don’t know my own hands well enough.

  16. sabastian, the directions tell u to focus on the cross not the ball. focusing on both with my rite eye it dont dissapear,
    but only focousin on the ball with my left eye does the cross dissapear, O NO!!! WHAT AM I 2 DO?????

  17. well i have 20/10 vision so that might be why i cant find my blind spot. i tried enlarging the picture i moved closer and further from the screen and i tried both eyes.

  18. You people aren’t doing it right. It’s a scientific fact that all humans have a blind spot due to heir optic nerves.

    So don’t say the site sucks just ’cause you’re doing it wrong

  19. huh, the animation stoped for some reason on my blind spot. Weird. Also EVERYONE has a blind spot for people that “don’t have one”

  20. your left eye does have a blind spot, to see it the cross would have to be on the right and the dot on the left while closing your right eye

  21. ok mabe 1 of u can tell me whats wrong. the first tme i did this it work fine, but know it don’t work no more!

  22. People the left eye has a blind spot but its on its on the left side of the eye, like the right eye has its blindspot on the right side…

  23. Perhaps it has something to do with my usually wearing glasses half the day and not wearing them now, but, when checking my right eye’s blind spot, I sometimes never see the black circle go away. As far as my left side, I can either not see or both see and not see the cross (seemingly with a very visible but ever-changing wind of white trying to hide part of it) at various states of focus.

  24. I found something interesting about this. if you place a mirror on the table under the image, you can still see the dot in the mirror but not in your blind spot.

  25. if you concentrate on the cross with your left eye, you will not ind a blind spot because the left eye’s blindspot is on the far left side of it. The big circle is moving to the right, which is why it works on the right eye

  26. Listen up: It has to work. you have to have a blind spot unless your anatomy is different from all other humans. If it doesn’t work, you’re doing it wrong.
    Like all others just said, you have to cover your left eye if you’re focusing on the cross and the moving circle should disappear at one point.
    If you’re focusing on the big circle, cover your right eye and the cross should disappear, or at least that’s how it was for me.

  27. Gor any tests to find my g-spot? No sorry. I’m only joking but i couldn’t resist the temptation. As for my blind spot, yes thank you, i found it.

  28. an absolute gorgeous illusion. I stop seeing the ball before it reaches the end then appears and when coming back it disappears and appears again.

    wonderful…thanx for sharing…

  29. what if only half of the dot dissappered? (i did indead try looking from different distances, but only time it dissapeared was the bottom half gone about five inches away from screen):?

    1. that really cool i never knew u could find ur blind spot like that but it works if ur sitting reall close to the computer

  30. didn’t work for me … i have a 180 degrees vision – left and right, 90 degrees vision – up and down ..


    1. for the people it doesn’t work for – this doesn’t mean you don’t have a blind spot. everyone has one due to the anatomy of the human eye – the place where your optic nerve exits out of your retina (where it goes up to the brain), is your blind spot. the illusion isn’t working for me either, but I know I have a blind spot anyway :)

  31. the thing is i don't have a blind spot it is prettey weird. In school we were doing the same thing and still i dont have a blind spot. My teachers had to move the paper for me and still couldnt see it.

  32. WOAH!every time the circle goes to the end i cant see it; so i coverd my right eye and followed the big circle/kept my eye at the right end and saw my blind spot!

  33. guys if it doesn’t work get closer to the screen it’s written in the description if it doesn’t work your too far from the screen…the big circle doesn’t reach your blind spot so just get closer to the screen.

  34. Aha! Saw a version of this one in “Stumbling on Happiness” when I read it for my health psychology class. Love this trick! ^^ Wigs a lot of people out… you shoulda seen my class when I showed it to them.

  35. It’s no lie. Everyon has a blind spot in either eye. The backs of your eyes are covered in light-receptor cells, save for a small spot just off of the center. This is where the optic nerve connects to your eyes, and there are no light-receptors on that spot.


    1. everyone has a blind spot
      if u didnt it would be because your optic nerve doesnt connect to your eye, which would make you blind

  36. didn’t work for me. after a few minutes i felt like an idiot moving closer then then farther away from the screen staring at this stupid dot.

  37. thats weirddddddd
    it doesnt completely dissapear (did i spell that right) it just turns a greyish colour

  38. Holy Shit this is no lie . i looked the cross with my right eye then i opened my left eye and looked at the moving ball and the cross disappeared .

  39. NOT scary! but it didn’t work for the BIG one…. i did what they told me to do and the small one dissapeared instead…

  40. i dont think i even have a blind spot… i cant see it even if i keep moving forward and backward it still doesnt work

  41. IT BURNS BOTH OF MY EYES! i dont see how its scary, when i cant even see MY blind spot. SAY! i’m half blind, so i think thats why it dont work :(

  42. To be honest it didn’t do anything for me either. I tried from far and near as well as both eyes, but it never disappeared to me. I think it may possibility blink lightening quick at the farthest point from the x… but I don’t know.

  43. it didnt dissapear for me!
    i move like 3 metres away from the laptop and then went as close as 5 cms away from it but still the big dot didnt disspear

  44. close your right eye and focus on the moving dot the cross will disappear when the dots all the way to the right

  45. when i looked away from the screen and looked back again everything on he screen was blury but the big dot didnt disapear!!! O_O wtf

  46. Welll…. 5 inches from the screen or 10ft from the screen.. I apparently have no ‘blind spot’ because I can see the moving dot the entire time with my left and right eye. Advanced Peripheral vision FTW.

    1. Just focus on the cross so you only see the dot in your peripheral vision. It is physically impossible to not have a blind spot because it is caused by your optic nerve.

  47. First of all you are to close your left eye.
    Close your left and eye and just focus your right eye on the tiny cross. I found my blind spot by accident one time. I asked my eye Dr about it and he said everyone has a blind spot, that I just happened to find mine.

  48. You guys are funny. EVERYONE has a blind spot. You just need to adjust your distance from the screen, 6″ to 8″ should do it.

  49. WOW ! cool ! is that true? we have a blind spot? or is it some other effect like we’ve seen before?? motion blindness or whatever?

  50. Of course it works! The human eye has a blind spot where ther are no photoreceptors, where the optic nerve goes into the brain.

    1. You need to be about 1 foot away from the screen and it should make the whole thing go away. At that distance your blind spot should be bigger then the large circle. To close and it will not cover it.

  51. If I stare at a spot to the right side of the screen with only my left eye open, it would seem to me that I should have a blind spot in that eye. But this did not work – only got the blind spot in my right eye by following Vurdlak’s instructions.

    1. will work on the right side if you put your mouse pointer about an inch from where the large dot stops and reverses on the right side of the screen. Then look at the pointer with the left eye only.

    1. You still have a blind spot in your good eye. Move about a foot away from the screen and try again. You didn’t try looking through the blind eye did you, just kidding.

  52. The interesting thing about blind spots is that some people have larger ones then others and neurologicaly it can change with different stimulation.

    1. it doesnt matter if youre 13 or not it works for everyone. If anyone should have any reason to be worried about that its me because im 10.

    2. Just to clear things up for everyone who is freaking out about being blind at so and so age.

      EVERYONE has a blind spot. This is due to the structure of the eyeball.
      Your Retina – optic disc is where optic nerve exits the eye and lacks photoreceptors: which are the receptors that realize there is a light, since there is a lack of photoreceptors it is (blind spot). We usually do not see this as our brain fills in the absence of input

    3. Just to clear things up for everyone who is freaking out about being blind at so and so age.

      EVERYONE has a blind spot. This is due to the structure of the eyeball.
      Your Retina – optic disc is where optic nerve exits the eye and lacks photoreceptors: which are the receptors that realize there is a light, since there is a lack of photoreceptors it is blind spot. We usually do not see this as our brain fills in the absence of input.

  53. My blind spot was became apparent when the moving black ball was about an inch and 1/4 from the right side where the ball bounces back towards the left. Very interesting. What does it mean? What does having a blind spot mean or is it just an anomoly we all share.

  54. Well it worked for me…do the same thing but with your right eye closed and your left eye chasing the Big circle..You will notice the disappearance of the tiny circle as well

  55. your road safety is you // what is speed limit ,, u have a blind eye ,,and yetr u can not be smart enough knowing that in one moment you will be smashed in a heap ofmetal,,because both youyr eyes are blinded your mind is warrpped,, by a blindness causing grieve// a blind eye is a human wacco, in on 4 tires,, the SPEEEEDDD // signs means /////????///// THE BLIND EYES, ARE MANY /

  56. Just to clear things up for everyone who is freaking out about being blind at so and so age.

    EVERYONE has a blind spot. This is due to the structure of the eyeball.
    Your Retina – optic disc is where optic nerve exits the eye and lacks photoreceptors: which are the receptors that realize there is a light, since there is a lack of photoreceptors it is (blind spot). We usually do not see this as our brain fills in the absence of input.

  57. It only worked with my left eye, when I follow the big circle… Didn’t find any blind spot for my right eye, no matter how close or far to the screen I was… In everyday life, I usually focus on my right eye more than on my left eye because I don’t see that well with my left eye, but very good with my right eye. That might be why?

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