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By on August 14, 2014, with 7 Comments

Good morning to you all, and today is Thursday, which means that the typical work week is winding down! Tomorrow is Friday, and that will be the official start of the weekend once the five o’clock hour comes! Do you all love white tigers? White tigers are a rare breed of tiger, and there are so few left in the world that they have an a little bit of mysticism about them. Though whether you believe these tigers are magical or not, they certainly are cool! Today’s optical illusion is all about these beautiful white tigers, and the chance to find more of them.  Take a close look at this illusion and be sure you comment to us below about how many tigers you can find.

Find the Tigers Optical Illusion

Ready for another great chance to play optical illusion hide and seek? Take a look at this illusion, and you are supposed to be able to see a famous silhouette! Do you see George Washington or Benjamin Franklin? You may have to take some time to study it to find either famous historical man, but be sure you let us know who you found.  Good luck with the tiger illusion and have a great day!


7 Responses
  1. abboud Joshua says:

    I really love this illusion !! I can see five tigers . I also love the plantation / flower

  2. GARY says:

    I only found 4

  3. Miriam says:

    There’s 6 (4 hidden plus 2)

  4. benny says:

    (counting the 2 visible ones)

  5. Sue says:

    7, two obvious ones and four hidden in the plants and one on the face of the moon (?)

  6. karl says:

    8 look very closely youll see them

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