Find The Vintage Faults

Find the fault in the above picture
Find the fault in the above picture

It’s time again to plaaay “Spot The Object” quiz! The winner of this fabulous competition wins an exclusive all-included trip to Bahamas at one of the world’s biggest cruisers. Sponsored by Sir Lie-a-lot!

Nah, am just messing with you (like you wouldn’t figure it out). So once again we have few vintage cards for you to play with. There are 5 of them, and each one includes at least one logical mistake. Can you spot all of the faults, in all of these game cards? First one is placed on the right, while the others can be found below inside our small gallery. Normally, I would’ve included one of these per article, but since I find them so easy to solve I’ve included all of them.

If my memory servers me well, we’ve concluded that these were very popular back in the old days when our grandfathers were young. Perhaps not as precious as all those vintage baseball cards, but still valuable. While you are reading this I should already be in NYC for a week, and hopefully drinking cocktails and enjoying my 7th day in Big Apple. Why I’m writing all this in such a way, it’s because I wrote this article on the last day of September and set it to auto-appear today.

I just hope I haven’t jinxed myself revealing all this… If someone has a quick thought what else to see while I’m still on Manhattan, now is the time to comment! I’ll still be able to follow this site and approve content. Now, don’t forget the gallery below. Logging out. Aurevoir!

Few more examples for you to play with:

200 Replies to “Find The Vintage Faults”

  1. Thats damn hard!
    The only one I think I could solve is the one with the car.
    The red light of the traffic lights are normally up and the green is down.
    The second thing im thinking about is, that trafficlights arent faced in two directions or is this the way they build trafficlights in GB?!

  2. I’m guessing the first one it is that the sun is rising/setting but the clock says it is 2. I haven’t looked at the others yet.

  3. 1) the clock is pointing to 2 o’clock : the sun can’t be rising.
    2)the metal plate in a shape of a half moon (water stopper) is on the wrong side of the watercan.
    3) Roosters don’t have palmed feet.
    4) the ropes should have been attached in the middle of the plank. The way it is now, the girl should fall off.
    5) the cars and lights are on the wrong side of the street, unless they are in UK, Japan, India or Australia.

  4. The sun is either rising or setting but the clock reads 1 o’clock. Whether AM or PM this is a fault. Of course for all we know there could be someone in the clock tower fixing this problem.

  5. umm okay i think the time on the clock is wrong and cars from that time period were all black i dont know anything else

  6. For the watering can, the splashguard is on the handle side instead of the spigot side.

    The children and the swing. The boy on the ground is too close. Girl on swing is at the point where momentum will bring her back to be pushed again, but may just knock the boy silly. Not sure this is a fault as much as childish foolishness.

    The rooster’s comb is backwards. Seems to be attached to the beak.

    The traffic light across the street seems to be pointed in the wrong direction.

  7. well…

    the watering can has the hole on the wrong side… when you try to water the plants, all the water will be spilt.

    the swing is pushed by someone standing right under the swing, when she swings back it wil hit him

    havent found the others yet..

  8. 1) The clock says 1… neither in the noon or at night we can have a sunset (or a dawn).

    2) As I may know no traffic light has red at the bottom and green at the top. It’s a convention for color blind people.

    3) The rope that sustain the swing.

    4) Cocks haven’t palmate feet

    5) The plate that keep the water from exit the watering can is at the wrong side…

  9. i think i found the mistake in the last postcard.the green is meant to be at the bottom and the red is supposed to be at the top of the traffic light

  10. Tower – It is 2 PM and the sun is at the horizon.
    Watering can – Has the lid on the wrong side
    Cock – Has skin between his toes
    Swing – The girl would fall backwards on this swing – The cords are to far in the front of the board
    Trafic Light – Has red on the bottom

  11. The clock says that it is 1(either am or pm works) and the sun is shown setting, this doesn’t make logical sense unless the scene is suppose to be insanely close to one of the poles during the winter lol.

  12. Well, both clocks are equally bright while one of the walls is clearly much darker than the other due to the position of the sun. The same happens with one of the red roofs. And both clocks (which by the way have no respect for the laws of perspective) say it’s one o’ clock, when the sun is rising or setting. But I guess that’d be true in several places on Earth…

  13. – The sun neither rises nor sets at 1 o’clock
    – Watering can has conflicting shadows (“lid” of can near handle should not be shaded)?
    – Roosters don’t have webbed feet
    – Swing knot should be in middle of plank
    – Traffic light on top left is too far away from corner?

  14. About the two kids playing, I can say that the swing is actually already moving forward, so the boy who is supposedly pushing it wouldn’t be where he is. His position is actually dangerous, cause when she moves back she’s gonna hit him!
    And her left thumb looks oddly malformed…
    But probably the thing to be spotted is the position of the holes for the rope in the swing seat. A swing like that would be at least uncomfortable.

  15. The clock shows 2:00 but the sun is setting, rare for 2 pm or 2 am.
    The watering can shield should be on the spout side so it doesn’t dump when you tip it.
    The ropes on the swing are not connected in the middle of the sides, the swing would tip with the current mounting points.
    The car is on the left side of the road?
    The rooster… I don’t know

  16. 1st picture: The clock reads 03.00 but the sun is rising/going down.

    2nd picture: The cap on the watering can is on the rong side.

    3rd picture: Not sure… The roosters mowhawk is facing the wrong way???

    4th picture: The holes in the swing are way to muth to one side!

    5th picture: Not sure again… Something with the traficlights?

  17. About the cock, I mean, the rooster, I don’t know… I think it might be something about the anatomical differences between roosters and chickens, but I wouldn’t know about that…
    Or maybe it’s its green feathers…

  18. The clock does not agree with the sun.

    The water can has its lid on the wrong side.

    The rooster has webbed feet.

    The swing has its ropes off center.

    The signal lights are on the wrong side of the street (remember, it’s England, where they drive on the left).

  19. 1. Actual sunset doesn’t match up to the time on the clock.

    2. Lid on pail is on wrong side (otherwise the water would spill out).

    3. Roosters don’t have webbed feet.

    4. Rope on swing should be in the center of the seat.

    5. Stop light colors are reversed. Should be (from top to bottom) red, yellow, green.

  20. Sunset: shadows are wrong as right side should be shaded from tower

    Garden: Top of can has baffle on handle side, but should be on spout side for pouring.

    Rooster: shadow?

    Swing: Ropes attachment to seat is not at fulcrum point.

    Traffic: This is England, so driver in left lane is appropriate, but signal has Green light at top, which is only done in Ireland.

    – Tex

  21. so i figured out 3 or 4 out of 5.

    1)the clocktower with the sunrise/sunset.-its about 3 o’clock. so the sun shouldnt be rising or setting.

    2)the watering can.- its on a hill, but the watering can is not slanted.

    3)the rooster.- i think im right, but it looks like the rooster has webbed feet, but the chicken race do not have webbed feet.

    4)the children and the swing.- ?

    5)the town.- unless we’re in england, everyones driving on the wrong side. everything is on the left: the “stop” painted on the road, the stop light, etc.

  22. the rope should be in the middle of the swing for balance.

    the spout is to high for the can, water would pour out the top of the can before it would sprinkle out the spout

  23. ok lets have a go at this… 1st, the sun is setting and its 12:05 or 2:00,second the water bucket has a cover on the wrong side, third, the rooster has webbed feet, fourth, their is and extra hand above the girl’s on the swing, fourth, the car is stopped where it is not supposed to.

    am i right?

  24. Firstly I thought this had something to do with the orientation of the church in relation to the setting sun, but on closer inspection I realised…
    (spoiler) ʞɔolɔ,o ǝuo sʎɐldsıp ɥɔɹnɥɔ ǝɥʇ uo ɹǝʍoʇ ʞɔolɔ ǝɥʇ ʇǝʎ ƃuıʇʇǝs sı uns ǝɥʇ ʇɐɥʇ
    …which–to the best of my knowledge–is impossible.

    As for the watering can…
    (spoiler)˙ɹɐɟ ooʇ ʇı pǝddıʇ noʎ ɟı doʇ ǝɥʇ ʇno llıds plnoʍ ɹǝʇɐʍ ǝɥʇ ʇɐɥʇ ƃuıuɐǝɯ `uɐɔ ǝɥʇ ɟo ǝpıs ƃuoɹʍ ǝɥʇ uo sı ,dɐlɟ, ǝɥʇ

    The rooster:
    (spoiler)˙ʇǝǝɟ pǝqqǝʍ ǝʌɐɥ ʇ,uop sɹǝʇsooɹ
    Took me a while to get that one!

    The swing:
    This one could be ambiguous, so it’s either…
    (spoiler)˙ǝɔuɐlɐq ǝsıɔǝɹd ʇnoɥʇıʍ spɹɐʍʞɔɐq llɐɟ plnoɥs lɹıƃ ǝɥʇ ƃuıuɐǝɯ `ʇɐǝs ǝɥʇ ɟo ʇuoɹɟ ʎɹǝʌ ǝɥʇ oʇ pǝɥɔɐʇʇɐ sı ǝdoɹ ǝɥʇ
    (spoiler)˙ǝɹnʇɔıd ǝɥʇ uı ʇ,usı ʇı ǝsnɐɔǝq ʇsnɾ ǝq plnoɔ ʇɐɥʇ ʇnq `(ǝǝɹʇ ɐ ˙ƃ˙ǝ) ƃuıɥʇʎuɐ oʇ pǝɥɔɐʇʇɐ ʇ,usı ƃuuıʍs ǝɥʇ

    and finally the traffic. I wasn’t sure about this one, but
    (spoiler)˙poıɹǝd ǝɯıʇ ʇɐɥʇ uı ǝɔɐld ɟo ʇno sʞool ƃuıplınq ǝʇıɥʍ ƃıq ǝɥʇ

    Sorry about all the upside-down writing, I just want people to try and solve the puzzles for themselves before reading answers in the comments, since I had fun discovering the them! :D


  25. The water bucket is the only one I’m not sure about. It could have something to do with the border bewteen the pavement and the flowers, but I can’t figure out what.. so I focused on the bucket itself.

    Here’s what I came up with for the 5:

    Clock Tower: It’s 2 o’clock but the sun is setting.

    Water Bucket: I don’t see the brads on the inside for the far side of the handle.

    Rooster: Webbed feet.

    Swing: Ropes on centered on the edge. She should fall backwards.

    Street Corner: The signal light on the far right corner is backwards.. Should be facing the other way.

  26. The swing the rope is at the front of th swing, should be in the middle.

    The Rooster has webbed feet?

    The watering can has the lip at the back of the can, but it should be at the front to prevent the water falling out when you tip it over to use it.

    The church, the clock reads 2:00 but the sun doesnt set or rise at that time!

    The car one, I don’t know, there is no red man to tell the lady to not cross the road?

  27. 1) Clock time shows 13:00.
    2) No idea!!
    3) The swing cord should be in the middle of the seat.
    4) Roosters don’t have webbed feet.
    5) Handle and spout are swithced.

  28. It’s 1 o’clock, too late for either sunrise or sunset.

    If that’s not the answer, it could be something to do with the way the church is facing. From where the tower is, the altar must be on the opposite side to the sunrise/sunset.

  29. I’ve got all the faults on my own. *yaaay*
    They were kind of difficult to see for me, I often can’t see things everyone sees (like the ‘Hidden Prince’ one…).

    The church clock shows 12.10.
    And now look at the sun.

    The swing is attached to nowhere. Hehe.

    The traffic lights on the traffic one. Look closer. Red and green have been switched.

    The rooster has got webbed feet.

    Yeah, the watering can… Took me a while to figure out. :D
    The lip of the watering can is on the wrong side of the handle.

  30. It is either sun-up or sundown, yet the clock is indicating a time in the afternoon. The vegetation indicates that this is not one of our planet’s polar regions, so this is the dichotomy.

  31. The clock doesn’t seem to match up with the sun…
    i dunno.
    it looks like evening to me, and the clock says 2 or 3 o’ clock.

  32. 1 The sun does not come up or go down at 1 oclock
    2 Traffic lites upsidedown
    3 Rope on swing not centered
    4 Roosters do not have webbed feet
    5 Handle and spout reversed

  33. Sunset- clocks are different
    Garden- shadows are incorrect with the lighting it shows
    Rooster- roosters dont have webbed feet
    Swing- not really sure? maybe he’s pusshing her but shes already in mid swing which would just conclude with her hitting him
    Traffic- theres a STOP line at a light, stops are only at stop signs

    just my guesses=]

  34. Sun is setting, but it’s noon or 1400 hrs.
    Watering can would dump water if you tried to use it.
    Roosters don’t have webbed feet.
    Rope should be in the middle of the seat, not the edge.
    Red lights are on top, green on bottom.

  35. The sun never sets (or rises) at 2 o’clock. Furthermore, the path as well as most parts of the church should be in the shadow.

  36. 1. The clock time is 1 , but the sun is on rising/setting
    2. Jug can water stopper is on the other handle side
    3. Roster has webbed feet
    4. The swing’s rope should be in the middle of the plank
    5. The Traffic light’s are inverted

  37. Church: sun is rising/setting at 2 AM/PM–unlikely unless you’re in the Arctic Circle, which this clearly isn’t!

    Watering can: “splash guard” is located by the handle, not the spout–water’s gonna pour all over those flowers!

    Rooster: chickens don’t have webbed feet.

    Swing: rope isn’t located in the middle of the swing. Girl’s gonna fall right out!

    Intersection: the “STOP” line is in the left lane (British-style), but the driver is on the left side of the car (American-style)

  38. Hhhmmm, easy though these tend to be, I haven’t figured out the “City Scene” fault. The red light’s correct, the shadows are in the right place, the cars are consistently on the same side of the road, so I don’t know about that one.


  39. Traffic light on the right is facing the wrong way
    Rooster has part duck feet
    Swing in forward position while boy is pushing (or it is a stupid boy)
    Plant water “anti spill” cap is on the back side in stead of at the front.
    Church problem not figured out yet.

  40. 1) sun setting/rising at 1:00pm/am
    2) watering can “hood” is on back of can instead of front.
    3) only radioactive chickens have webbed feet
    4) swing rope is not centered on board
    5) ?

  41. The clock says 1:00 but it’s sunrise?
    the watering can splash protector is at teh back instead of the front?
    The wall behind the rooster isn’t straight?
    The boy is a giant!
    The red light is at the bottom

  42. On the 3 first pictures:
    – traffic lights reverse
    – 2 ropes missing
    – wings missing

    For watering can and castle… hmmm… i’m in confusion :-(

  43. 1.In the church picture,the sun is rising / setting, but the time on the church clock is 1 O’Clock.

    2.In the watering can picture the “top” of the can is on the wrong side, it should be near the spout.
    3.In the street picture the traffic lights are red at the bottom.
    4.I think the cockerel’s “comb” is back to front.
    5.The Ropes on the swing are at the front of the seat instead of the middle

  44. 1st picture: clocktower on a chapel doesn’t seen to fit.

    card no. 19: the traffic lights on the right side are facing the wrong side of the street.

    card no. 13: the boy is standing in quite an awkward position, preventing the girl to swing.

    card no. 8: the rooster has webbed feet

    card no. 9: with this kind of watering can, you wouldn’t need a springkler at all!

  45. Ok, I think I got the mistakes:
    1) Church: most churches naves are in east-west direction, with the entrance facing east. But in any case, in the picture, the sun is either rising or setting, and that doesn’t happen at 01:00 nor at 13:00 hours!
    2) Watering can: eht half-lid that covers only half of the top opening has to be on the same side as the end where the water comes out from, as this lid is intended to prevent water coming out from the top opening as you tip the can forward.
    3) Swing: the ropes are inserted into the seat uncentered, which would make the seat hang down rather than make a horizontal surface.
    4) Cocks don’t have webbed feet! And (I’m not sure about this) maybe only 3, not 4 fingers?
    5) Crossing: It seems this is a left driving country. While the traffic light near the viewer is on the left, the same as the STOP sign painted on the tarmac, the traffic light further away is on the right AND after the crossing, rather than before the crossing, where it doesn’t make much sense.

  46. OK.. I think for the first time I actually got them:

    The clock face should be in shadow,
    The top of tehe watering can is backwards, i.e. the water guard should be at the front.
    The cockerals feet should not be webbed,
    The rope of the swing is to far forward
    And the lights of the traffic lights are upside down : red should be at the top.

  47. 1. The clock’s time is somewhat weird.
    2. The lip of the watering can.
    3. The rooster is webbed feet like a duck.
    4. It’s obvious, look where the rope ends, from top to bottom.
    5. The stoplight’s red and green lights are switched.

    Hope that helped!

  48. At the church the clock says 1pm or 2pm the sun should not be setting
    The watering can ”water stopper” is at the back of the can it should be in front
    The rooster has webbed feet
    The swing ropes should be in the middle or the girl will fall down.
    At the traffic the place of the red and green at switched(green suppose to be bottom red suppose to be ontop)

  49. has no one pointed out that the stoplights are facing in the wrong direction? Providing the one in the front is correct the one on the left should face left and the one on the right should face the opposite way than it is. If the front one is not correct (these are old and European so who knows) the the others should follow suit to whatever the correct orientation to the street is.

  50. 1) about the “sunset/rise” picture: in northern areas the sun may be in this position at 1.00 at night. it happens in the midsummer (21. june). even around here, at 59 degrees at north, at gulf of finland, the nights around this date are pretty bright.

    ok, PROBABLY the artist meant this point, that the clock time is wrong but anyways – this is not that easy, as it may seem.

    2) the street picture had red light on the bottom but it should be at the top.

  51. OK… this may be easy for our host, but I have been unable, as yet, to spot a single hidden image or “flaw”. In ANY of the pictures in this gallery. This is quite, quite frustrating. Please… the solution needs to be posted somewhere, if not directly in each individual article than at least *somewhere* where those of us who are, apparently, not erudite in such matters can at least see what everybody else is having fun with… and maybe learn to see such for ourselves.

  52. If sun is the only strong source of light, and it is behind the church, the visible side of the building should be in shadows.

  53. Does that look like a chimney pot on top of the enterance of the church?

    It is not left hand drive in England. I assume the person in the car closest to us is the driver!

    Why is there string holding up the spout of the watering can? it is either pointlessly there, or it would be impossible to hold on the spout if it was due to the spout being damaged on the base connection, wouldn’t the spout just swing on the string and water would pour out of the hole in the can?

  54. 1) The clock displays the time at 2:00 while the sun is rising or setting.

    2) The watering can is useless, water will spill from the top.

    3) The cock has duck feet.

    4) The strings of the swing are attached at only one point on the swing.

    5) Traffic lights are reversed.

  55. #4, The boy is standing at the center point of the swing’s arc. If he were to push the girl, he’d be bowled over when the swing swings back.
    Other than that, Pilcrepus is right on. (except that the church light is either 12:05 or 1:00)

  56. For the intersection I noticed that both the light on the closer side of the street and the light on the far side of the street are both facing in the same direction. The one on the far side of the street should be facing to the right based on it’s position. I don’t know if in england(they are driving on the left side of the road) that the lights are supposed to be red on top and green on botton but that may also be another fault.

  57. I believe Pilcrepus is right on all counts except the traffic light one. Based on the setup in the picture, they are in the right positions but the one on the far side of the street should be facing away from the viewer.

  58. The flaw in the curch is that the clock says it’s one o’clock and the sun is setting or rising. Either way, it would not be one o’clock

  59. The traffic light one is that there is both a stop light and it says stop on the street… what happens when the light turns green? =]

  60. i found these:

    1) the clock time is 1 o’clock, and no way would the sun be like that in the morning OR the afternoon.

    2) in the chicken picture, the chicken has webbed feet.

    3) the girls swing is only being supported at the front; she’d just fall off the back.

    4) theres a red light at the bottom of the traffic light.

    5) im not sure about the watering can, but i think its that the handle is the wrong way.. or maybe its something to do with the string..

  61. ah-HA. for the watering can one, the thing that holds the water in when you tilt it too much(the half-lid thing) is on the wrong side! theres no point for that there when youre not going to be pouring water from that end.

  62. The traffic lights look fine. The closest one if facing us and the far right one is facing us. Just like the far left one is facing them and its assumed the closest one to them is facing them. So each direction has one close and one far facing them. So that is not the problem.

  63. Melissa, I work in a museum and these vintage cards just came into our collection. I can tell you these are 1920s era British playing cards.

    Which is why the direction of the traffic lights seem odd.

  64. THE CLOCK READS 1:00 & THE SUN is rising or setting…….right? the cock has webbed feet & i cant see a wing & the street light arent proper & the watering cans lip to keep the water from spilling out is on the back rather than the front * the ropes on the swing are obvious.


  65. Were clocks even invented then, I think not. It looks as though it is a church (due to the stained glass) and if it was a church then it should have bell tower rather than a clock.

    In this photo, I believe the fault is the top lid-like thing on top of the watering can (looks like half a lid). Shouldn’t this be on the opposite side to prevent the water from spilling out when watering the flowers wich require you to put the can in a certain angle.

    With the girl on the swing, the fault is the placement of the rope (where it is tied to the wood). If the girl was really on this, she should have fallen backwards. The rope should be tied in the middle of the wood.

    The traffic light placement, the one in the middle right. It is faceing the audience, but by the car that is driving towards us; it is clearly used for the opposite lane, so the traffice light is useless in that position.

  66. For the intersection picture, if you look at the traffic light on the very far left, there are lights on both sides.

    Assuming all lightposts had lights on both sides, then there is nothing wrong with being able to see traffic lights on the two posts to the right, so something else is wrong in the picture.

    Assuming all lightposts had lights on only one side, then the lightpost on the far left is wrong, and is hence the mistake in the image.

  67. Probably the light and shadows on the car one. Look at the shadows indicating the sun is off to the left but the wrong face on the oposite building is illuminated. It should also be casting a shadow on the face of the building across the road from it.

  68. im only unsure about the watering can. it’s probably how the shower head has no shadow.

    about the intersection, the traffic lights are placed wrong; imagine being the lady in green, how would you know when you were allowed to cross? (i know you could look at the far right one but you get the idea)

  69. 1) The clock displays the time at 2:00 while the sun is rising or setting.

    2) The watering can is useless, water will spill from the top.

    3) The cock has duck feet.

    4) The strings of the swing are attached at only one point on the swing.

    5) Traffic lights are reversed.

  70. there’s two clocks right? one on the bright wall and one on the shadowed wall. how come the shadowed wall is so dark yet the clock is clearly visible?

    and ofcourse the time.

  71. Am I the only one who thinks the perspective is way off in the traffic light image?

    It looks like each building has its own vanishing point, making it appear as though they are rotated at different angles rather than parallel.

  72. What about this, the traffic light has nothing to do with it, it’s just that car has no door at all (or no door handle).

  73. The roof above the door and the roof below the clock should be in the shade if the sun is behind the building.

    1. it doesnt matter… if you notice the spot that the rope attaches to the seat, it is at the front rather than the middle. WHICH would not be suitable for balance :D

    2. the watering can would not be able to water anything as the spout is held in position by string and would fold toward the can. also the splash lip is on the wrong side of the can..

    3. the only way the boy could be standing behind the girl on the swing would be if she was at rest, but the angle of the ropes shows that she is in motion. If she’s moving forward he should be way behind her (having just pushed her). If she is moving backward he is about to get clocked.

    1. my answers are..

      Building – neither sunrise nor sunset happen at 2 o’clock

      Watering Can – the handle and the spout are an the wrong sides of the can when tipped the water will spill out of the top of the can.

      Roosters – do NOT have webbed feet

      Swinger – it would be nearly impossible to balance on that swing since it is tied to the seat near the front and not the center sides. with her feet in the are crossed, the girl should be lying on her back!

      Street – this one was a little hard for me. I finally figured it out. At first, I thought maybe the driver was on the wrong side but that is entirely difficult to tell. but the stop lights are entirely in the wrong places. With the closest stop light in it’s position, there would be no need for the stop light to the right in the distance since there would both be for the same traffic. If you try to rationalize it as well maybe it is for the other side then why does it have lights on the forward facing side. If there is a light on each corner, it should only face the oncoming traffic.

  74. If the card are for the 1920 there werent any caution light at that time the lights were red and green only caution light didnt come till much later. And the colors were red on top and green on bottom.

    1. There are no lights for the perp. section of the intersection: why have lights for only one part of the intersection…

  75. the spout of the watering can has to be attached to the top[brim] of the can…you cant water with this can as the water will flow out the top when it is tilted forward!

    1. yes it will pour out correctly the spout is connected at the right level of the can as long as the end that the water comes out is higher than the can the water will pour out just fine. But the spout is on the wrong side of the can from the splash guard.

  76. -The church clock says 1 o clock, yet the sun is setting. It should be high in the sky or dark!
    -The swing has the rope attached to the front of the seat, surely if she sat back she would tip over backwards!
    -The cockerel has webbed toes and no obvious wings!
    -The watering can’s lip is on the wrong side so when you tip it the water would spill out over the top too.
    -The traffic lights are the wrong way up, red goes at the top and green at the bottom. (I am presuming traffic lights existed back then?)

  77. The traffic light on the right is also facing in the wrong direction. It shouldn’t be facing in the viewers direction as it is on the wrong side of the street and the traffic light on the left is already doing this job.

  78. The far curb on the right protrudes into the middle of the street (toward the viewer).

    The people and the truck down the street on the right do not have matching shadows.

  79. 1.the buildings clock is not correct for a sunrise or a sunset.
    2.the rope conected to the swing is to far in front
    3.the rooster has webed feet
    4.there shouldn’t be a stop light on the oppisite side of the road facing the wrong direction
    5.i dont know which side a spash guard goes on but if you expect water to come out of that can it will come out the top because as soon as the neck of the spout goes down to pour water it will come out the top.

  80. well, when i said the times on the clokcs r diff, they look different on my comp to they might on urs, DONT BLAME ME IF IM WRONG -.-

  81. I can’t see a shit. The tower clock could be broken, the cock has a genetic malformation on the feet, not big deal on the swing, WTF on the traffic lights? Are they vandalized? Besides that I just see a staring lady and a passing by 30s car … And the can?!!… What’s wrong with the watering can or whatsoever? You made me waste my time wiht these anoying pics!

  82. Forgot something… I wish I had one of those watering cans where I could irrigate both flowers (tilting the can gently) and trees (wich need big amount of water).

  83. umm.. its more like:
    1. the clock on the right of the tower is on the same angle as the one on the left, but it should be facing the side.
    2. the rope is too far forward on the swing
    3. idk about the rooster i think it should be something more complicated then just the feet.
    4. the traffic lights are upside down.
    5. yes the splash guard is on the wrong side for the watering can.

  84. The only puzzling one is the intersection. The previous answers seem incorrect. Sides of the street is the result of being British. The artist would not have put traffic lights in if they were unknown at the time. How would we know the cultural practice of traffic light order 100 years later? There are two candidates that seem likely.

    1. The size of objects seems poor, the car is too small compared to the lady standing on the corner. This, however, does not seem to be a “logic” error.

    2. I am going with, rotation of shadow. The shadow of the pedestrian is cast backwards towards the traffic light. Yet the building across from her seems to be illuminated by sunlight.

  85. Building – neither sunrise nor sunset happen at 2 o’clock

    Watering Can – the handle and the spout are an the wrong sides of the can when tipped the water will spill out of the top of the can. also there is no shadow for the spout.
    Roosters – no webbed feet

    Swinger – only one set of rope supporting the front of the seat, not in the middle nor any at the back.

    Street – the lights on the traffic lights are the wrong way round going red amber green rather than green amber red. The driver is in the wrong side of the car/the road markings is on teh wrong side of the street.

  86. The traffic light with the Green on top is an obvious fault; UNLESS the scene is of Tipperary Hill in Syracuse, NY where due to the high presence of Irish the green is on top. Only place in the USA where that is.

  87. Also a cock doesn’t have a ducks feet, the swing wouldn’t swing, and there is no McDonalds in the town scene.

    BTW – churches up in north of Norway could quite easily have setting/rising suns at 1300 or 0100.

  88. Am I the only one irked by the fact that the ropes don’t seem to be attached to anything?

    No shadow of a tree or of metal bars..?

    1. That could be because the tree, bar, ect. could be cut out of the pic. I really don’t think that that’s a logic error.

  89. 1.clock tower (???)
    2.swing (the string is way too front)
    3. traffic (red light is not at the bottom!)
    4 Rooster (duck feet!)
    5.watering can (the lid thingy-wrong side unless you like to water your feet not the flowers)

  90. i agree with some, yet..

    1. clock tower. ‘the clock’.. the sun doesn’t rise or set at 1am/pm, but as it sets behind the church it shines on the front?

    2. the swing. ropes in the wrong spot, unless you want a funny video!?

    3. traffic. i liked the one who wrote about the shadows of woman and light, yet the shadow of the light goes down the curb. what gets me is the distant lights? to far left for an intersection plus it doesn’t follow the perspective

    4. rooster (ducked feet)

    5. water can. even with my bit of irish i dont get why the spill guard is on the other side. splash back maybe… diddle de

  91. The clock says 2 but the sun is setting or rising.
    The metal thingy on the watering can is on the wrong side.
    The rooster has webbed feet.
    The ropes are just at the front, with potentially hilarious consequences.
    The traffic lights are upside-down.

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