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By on February 23, 2012, with 115 Comments

Let’s see if you have what it takes to spot the hidden giraffe in this beautiful painting below! First one to find it earns a privilege to brag around. I bet if you’re an old-time fan, you’ll recognize this type of illusion almost instantly. New comers will need few minutes before they can figure it out, though. For more similar illusions (or hints if you will), be sure to check the almighty Hidden Tiger and the off-the grid Where is The Third? illusion. So, have you found it already?

Find The Hidden Giraffe!

© Gianni A. Sarcone, www.archimedes-lab.org


115 Responses
  1. Karen says:

    In the spots on his neck.

  2. jaimeslp says:

    See its neck. That was easy.

  3. Henry says:

    It realy is that easy it’s not hidden itsjust a stretch to see it

  4. Chris says:

    It’s spelled out on the neck!

  5. breandan says:

    took a few seconds, but yep, found it

  6. Richard says:

    It’s easy once you have found the hidden tiger. :-)

  7. Rebecca B. says:

    I found it

  8. L.A. ROBB says:

    G I R A F F E, cute

  9. bren says:

    written on its long neck :)
    nice pic

  10. ScheherazOdd says:

    Found it! First time I’ve seen that illusion…

  11. catherine armand says:

    written on the neck!

  12. madBOX20 says:

    the word “GIRAFFE” is spelled on its neck

  13. Leta says:

    That was easy..found it right away…I loved and remember the tiger one :)

  14. Craftygirl says:

    Found it!! No clues from me, I got it within seconds though.

  15. Terry says:

    Oh, took a minute but spotted it…

  16. Glenn says:

    Yeah, sometimes Giraffe is not an animal!

  17. Maribel Gonzalez says:

    The hidden giraffe is on the neck of the Giraffe, from the spots on the Giraffe neck you can read the word GIRAFFE

  18. Richard says:

    On the giraffes neck! lol

  19. jasonZed says:

    Found it! I won’t give it away though. I love these kinds of illusions, but I always suspect that it will be harder than it turns out to be.

  20. ben says:

    the word “GIRAFFE” on the neck

  21. kyle says:

    i had to cheat and look at the comments but once i found it i felt stupid i didn’t see it :P

  22. Linda says:

    That was good…..move away from screen a little and you might find it

  23. carl says:

    wtf how do u not see it i looked once then found it

  24. Markus says:

    Err… Found it?

  25. Cherry Blossom says:

    Ok, so i sound pretty stupid here, but where is it?

  26. Cherry Blossom says:

    Oh, now I see it!!! :)

  27. Bob J says:

    It was too easy to discount the words so i didn’t find a hidden giraffe.

  28. JoyJ15 says:

    I saw it before I even saw the full picture, lol

  29. jarod says:

    lol, i found it the second i looked for it, it took me like 3 second, not even kidding

  30. randomguy says:

    Found it quickly. It isn’t that hard (:

  31. Nosa says:

    Giraffe on the neck of the girafee

  32. Kieran says:

    Thats sneaky

  33. Robert Wrench says:

    Hmmm… Sometimes you have to think outside the box… Very amusing.

  34. fortune212 says:

    lol its on the neck baby!!! haha not really an animal giraffe

  35. bubby says:

    It took me forever! I was looking around the giraffe!

  36. Benua says:

    I might be an old time fan ! Cool….

  37. DBoehmer says:

    Wow… Found it! Beautiful Animal!!

  38. Daat says:

    Letters on the neck

  39. R M Booker says:

    So pleased that no-one has given it away so far – yes I got it quickly – still a good one though.

  40. Nisheeth says:

    Good one. But don’t you think that you are over estimating the difficulty?
    It was far too easy to see. Almost as easy as the Animal Giraffe

  41. MECHELLE says:

    ok….is the giant colored giraffe front and center really the hidden illusion? there must be something i’m missing cause that’s lame. help!

  42. Bobby says:

    No fair! I was looking at everything BUT the giraffe to find another one!

  43. iyad+ says:

    Found it, and found the hidden tiger. nice one

  44. Nanyi says:

    Too easy, yes I saw the “hidden tiger” and “where’s the third?”, I guess that’s a spoiler but I like that type of illusion anyway. It’s a joke.

  45. Hypersapien says:

    Was anyone else looking to see if it had the words “The Hidden” in front of it?

  46. memem says:

    where is it???

  47. Tsaukpaetra says:

    At first I thought it was a joke, but then I opened my eyes and was like, “Impolite fish?”

  48. PsychoDad says:

    Makes me want to light up a Camel!

  49. judy says:

    We are just too clever!

  50. maddog says:

    Not only did I find the word, I also found the picture of the “Giraffe” pretty slick.

  51. Josh says:

    At first i looked for a the obvious then instantly knew that this wasn’t what i was looking for. i love these type of illusions

  52. Care Bear says:

    How in the world does anyone hide a giraffe?? BTW, I did find it. Very clever.

  53. Kairho says:

    Well I couldn’t find any hidden “giraffe” but there was a very hard to see “GIRAFFE” in there!

  54. roesia says:

    am i the only one who cant see this?

  55. cool froggy says:

    I Found It! it really is like the tiger one…

  56. David says:

    Oh’ dear!

  57. Azn Girl says:

    I’ve seen other illusions like this, so it was easy to see the hidden giraffe.

  58. Mel says:

    No, I can’t see it. Can someone share?

  59. Mel says:

    oh, okay, I have now…..doh!

  60. Aeros says:

    I was thinking since its chunky maybe it’s pregnant with another giraffe. But sadly no. Took a min or 4 but found it.

  61. william White says:

    I found it quite clever even though I found it quickly

  62. capt says:

    wow, thought id be neck n neck w/the first spotter.

  63. didiek says:

    found it in a few secs

  64. Maddie says:

    I found it the second I looked at it, though I’ve seen a similar illusion before :P

  65. yuki okazaki says:

    omg…it took me 4 ever 2 find the giraffe lol i feel so stupid it took me so long. well i wont give it away

  66. mycaricature says:

    ha! Took a mo, but that was cute.

  67. CorralesID says:

    Well i see a cammel that see pixel?¡ also 2 more objects, a smile tiger and a dragon, the dragon is near the tree, am i correect guessing it. or were is the girraffe that i cant see(unless the big one), if im correct this OI is by the yellow contrast between dark and white colors which describes th extra objects

  68. meandu says:

    I managed to find the hidden giraffe although it took me some time. I had to leave the picture for a brief second or two and then I was able to find it. This was actually fun to do this morning.

  69. Stephanie says:

    WOW!!! I feel like an idiot… I actually had to go back to the tiger then come back. If it were a snake it would have bitten me.

  70. :) says:

    omg its so easy its in the neck!!!

  71. Wes says:

    Wow… Optical illusions are fascinating..

  72. Niki says:

    Didn’t like, not because it took me long to see it:-) But because it is a word game more than it is an illusion game!

  73. danny says:

    their is no giraff thats the joke

  74. Hannah says:

    lol i found it after i read some comments!

  75. Renee says:

    Uh… Are there two giraffes, or just the one? Because that one was way too easy to find.

  76. Luana says:

    wow its rite on the neck of the giraffe and hint it is written in the alphebet letters…literally GIRAFFE

  77. Emily says:

    This is taking longer than expected…

  78. zuar says:

    take 2 times searching…

  79. Cool Girl says:

    the giraffe was coloured in for me, is that normal, or is there another giraffe in the picture

  80. J says:

    Do you need me to spell it out for you?

  81. Jessica says:

    It’s on the neck. Look for the word.

  82. Jessica says:

    it’s on the neck.

  83. Ant says:

    I saw it easily and very tired!!

  84. Magda says:

    Very good one!

  85. mary says:

    oh i thought they meant another animal giraffe. that’s sooo cool

  86. i think the giraffe ran AWAY cause i dont see it

  87. Nidhi says:

    Kya Tina , its so simple …its written on the Neck.

  88. Michael says:

    Theres also one all the way in the back on the building

  89. your mom says:

    found it!

  90. This was easy ‘on the neck’ but still i am struggling with the horses one where people claim to see upto 9 horses.

  91. Gianni says:

    This picture is protected by copyrights. Can you please restore the copyright notice of the picture as follows: ©Gianni A. Sarcone, http://www.archimedes-lab.org

    You can find the original here.

    Thank you!


    • Vurdlak says:

      Sure! I didn’t have a clue about this one’s origin, even though is among the best ones I’ve seen!


  92. CatieV says:

    Good one!

  93. cherie bee says:

    ohh Giraffe.Now I think the word sounds strange but i did have to find out where giraffe was and if u can see it on the back building u have extremly good vision.i cant see nothing else.

  94. Jordan says:

    Really? It’s not that difficult. Think outside the box, are you really looking for a giraffe?

  95. vampire_cherise says:

    OMG I see it!

  96. ferdeelicious says:

    its in the neck….

  97. fire says:

    it spells it out on its neck its not a picture of 1

  98. ellie says:

    GUYS ON THE NECK IT SPELLS ‘GIRAFFE’ dont look for an actual giraffe

  99. piece o cake says:

    that was easy founded as soon as i looked on the neck

  100. Neds9kelly says:

    Just like the hidden tiger, it the same

  101. jennyspark says:

    i saw it in 2.5 seconds

  102. hh says:

    It’s not a very good one. Only works for native English speakers…

  103. Diana says:

    Found it as soon as I enlarged the picture. Cute.

  104. Jackson says:

    I had to stop myself from scrolling down and accidentally having it told to me by the responses. Only took about 10 seconds. Was not looking for the word but I thought it would be amusing to find a baby giraffe in the big one. Accidentally stumbled upon the word.

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