Find The Mistake!

Hey! Previous post I did yesterday, already gave some results. Andrew Miller and Robert Irvine (editor at Web User magazine) both sent me a scanned photo of the page where our widget was mentioned! Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. I will probably create “MOI in The News” section, where I will post all those articles that made reference to this site. If you have some material, don’t hesitate to send it. Stay tuned!

In the mean time, here is a simple illusion that surely worked for me. Have a look at the picture below. Can you see the deliberate mistake the author did? Some people see it immediately, while others stare at the image, and takes them eternity to notice. Some people don’t see it at all. Jump inside the article, and read the answer I wrote below the photo – or confirmation of your answer (if you have already seen the solution)!

You did spot it, didn’t you? If not, just ask yourself …. what is the name of this animal?

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  1. How did I not get that??? I was going to say something about the chest but when I scrolled down for confirmation, I wasn’t even close!!! That is what I call Girrbra. Very funny though!

  2. do you mean aside from the obvious fact that the giraffe has zebra stripes? If its supposed to be something subtle then I can’t see it. The stripes seem too obvious to be an illusion.

  3. Funny. I thought; what a strange head, but didn’t really see that it was the zebra stripes.. Don’t you think it’s a kind of weird that we don’t ‘just’ see that?

  4. LOL! It took me a while, but then I remembered zebras don’t have long necks and giraffes aren’t striped black and white. Very nice one!

  5. lol wow i cant believe i missed that, and claude its called sarcasm >.>

    you know, maby there is no mistake, i mean it is a painting right?

  6. How could anyone not spot that?

    I thought they messed up on the feet or something-I didn’t think it would be something as obvious as its neck was too long

    the author meant to make it like that-you can see giraffe horns along w/ zebra ears

  7. IT’S A ZEBRAFFE!!!!!!!!!!! lol so cuuuute! but, i must say, not really an illusion… love it anyway! awesome vurdlak!!!

  8. That was v-e-r-y i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g. I was looking at the body shape, trying to see if the legs were on backwards, if the tail belonged to some other animal, when it suddenly hit me. I liked this one because it’s simple, really obvious and yet still fooled my “smart” brain.

  9. No… no lo entiendo!! No se donde esta el error, son de esas pocas ilusiones que no comprendo. Muy buena! :S
    Saludos desde México!!
    Excelente página!! Los veo cada día en mi pagina iGoogle de inicio.

    No… I don´t get it!! I don´t know where the mistake is, there are few illusions I don´t get and this is one of them. :S
    Greetings from México!!
    Excelent website!! I see you every day on my iGoogle page!!

  10. You are probably starting to see things then proxylittle. I dont see anything. =P
    I just knew something was wrong with this picture but couldnt find out what.. And it was so obvious. xD

    I love this iGoogle add, everytime I start my IE I just hope there is a new picture here. :>

  11. lol i can’t believe i didn’t catch that, i read the last part and started looking for a word in the stripes. thats funny how it works out like that

  12. HAHA! This is excellent! When I read “Find the Mistake!” I immediately went examining the “giraffe” for an extra limb or a weird tail or something! This is a great little trick!

  13. I like this picture. It’s great. It shows me, that the evolution is so various and imaginable that everything could be possible for our minds so that we couldn’t see the mistake in a second.
    Anything is possible
    (I’m from germany, so I hope that my grammar is not so bad)

  14. I love the penguin comment! My first thought was misdirection and there was something in the trees. Can’t believe I missed the obvious!


    I got it without reading the answers but it took me WAY too long for what it was… *hangs head in shame*

    I think if I wasn’t told to look for an imperfection, it would have been quicker. Anybody know of a psychological reason for this?

  16. This illusion made me feel so stupid :) I started at it forever like “what, whats wrong with it.” then my brother came up behind me, took one look at it and was like “Why does that giraffe have zebra stripes on it” Boy did I feel stupid

  17. omg!! that was like…really easy…(mayb cause we were learning about african animals in geog and that was just way to obvious)

  18. Looking at the thumbnail after i read the title on my iGoogle, i was like “Hmm the legs?” almost instantly…. then i realised as i clicked the link to come to the main page – wtf, its obviously that its a Giraffe-Zebra! =P..

    I think the question itself is what threw me, along with the fact that i’m used to seeing illusions and such from moillusions. If someone had have asked me “What’s wrong in/with this picture” I’d have just given the answer straight, easily… its where the image was posted and the question was asked though ;) (and how it was asked :D) – rather than “Find the Mistake” =D

    Great post i liked it thanks! =D

  19. I my god, i just wrote that is’t a toy, I just got it, I must be reaaaaaaaaaaalllyyy tired because i didn’T saw it at all, niccce one! your line telling to ask myself works because when I tryed, a had a total block, lol

  20. Nobody noticed also the rear legs?

    If you look at the feet, the 2D front leg looks like the right rear leg, but it actually is the left rear leg.

    Best regards,

  21. i don’t see the penguin, no matter how hard i look…. i see random patches on the zebra but it doesn’t look like a penguin….

  22. I don’t know why, but I find that simply hilarious!! Especially after my younger brother got frustrated and started ranting about mind control using illusory lies and whatnot…

  23. there is no penguin.
    anyone that didn’t notice this needs to take a retard test to see if they are a retard or not.

  24. LOL – I looked at the original picture, and my first thought was: “that’s not right.” XDD Aaaaaah, MOI is twisting our brain perceptions!! XD

  25. Took it kinda long to see though, but when I jumped to the article, I found out the answer was right in front of me! Hehey… Fooled me. Keep ’em coming!!!

  26. I had my mind focused on looking for like false legs or something else. It took me 30 seconds to figure out it was OBVIOUSLY a Giraffe photoshopped with zebra stripes…this is a good one.

  27. wow how did the giraffe get those zebra stripes! was it painted, photoshoped, or was it just born like that (i doubt it was even close to being born like that) *unsure*

  28. I saw the mistake at first glance, but my brother/mum both took a few minutes to get it.

    Also, is that a penguin on its back?

  29. So… where’s the illusion? I see a giraffe with photoshopped zebra stripes. Not anything illusory though. The tails seems to be a tail to me.

    Is there something more?

    And this does not help: “You did spot it, didn’t you? If not, just ask yourself …. what is the name of this animal?”

    This animal doesn’t have a name.

  30. is it a giraffe with zebra skin or a zebra with a giraffes neck? I DONT KNOW!!! btw it will be a ziraffe or a gebra…

  31. Lol, i couldnt tell, then looked at the text at the bottom – ‘If not, just ask yourself …. what is the name of this animal?’ I said zebra then suddenly realised, lol

  32. a zebra and a giraffe were mating and it had both dna when it was born so it had a shape of a giraffe and stripes of a zebra

  33. as soon as i saw ask yourself what is this animal? i instantly said ZEBRA!

  34. these animals are now extinct i believe the last known
    specimen died in a german zoo in late 1880s they were
    known as quaggas look it up

  35. helllllooooooo people in America and wherever else you’re from. LEARN YOUR AFRICAN ANIMALS. sheesh.
    and no, not a quagga. a quagga is a donkey and zebra. look it up ;)

  36. PEOPLE wake up! I mean, how dumb is this quest ? :3
    first of all this is NOT a zebra it’s a giraffe ! you can tell by the shape of the head (tiny corns on top) , second, the giraffe is in a zebra skin, third, yea, there’s a penguin on top of the giraffe’s back -_-‘

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