Find the Hidden Animals Optical Illusion

Today is Tuesday, and everyone is beginning to adjust to being back in the office.  After a long day, people often like to do things like filling in a crossword puzzle or finding words in a word search. However, finding hidden object is just one more way that people like to relieve the stress of the long day.  In the above optical illusion, there are a lot of hidden animals, and there is nothing more fun than trying to find them all.  The fox is clearly the most obvious animal to find, but it is not alone because the woods around the furry fox are full of his fellow creatures.

Find the Hidden Animals Optical Illusion

Ready for another optical illusion that can make you think and stimulate the mind? This optical illusion is all about whether the lines going across this picture are straight or if they really are as crooked as they appear to be.  For those of you out there that have figured the illusion out, we ask that you please leave a comment below and tell us whether the red lines are actually crooked or not.  Remember, people do read the comments that are posted, and they may be having a hard time figuring this illusion out, and will need a little bit of help.

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  1. I’m probably missing some, but I see 4 human faces (profile view) plus a wolf or fox head in the tree trunks, a horse, and a second horse (or maybe donkey) beneath the first one, and a fifth human head made of branches and leaves directly above the fox’s head. There’s a couple of other spots which COULD be human faces, but they aren’t very clear.

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