Find 3 Errors Optical Illusion

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Today I have new optical illusion for you that’s probably going to make your head explode. This is a brain teaser optical illusion, so I highly suggest you have a decent bit of time on your hands before you even look at it. If you’re ready to check it out, you can scroll down right now.

Find 3 Errors Optical Illusion

Were you able to find the 3 errors in the image I posted above? If so, let me know what you found in the comments section below this post. I’d be interested in hearing whether or not you were able to correctly solve this optical illusion.

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23 Replies to “Find 3 Errors Optical Illusion”

  1. I found 4 errors:

    3 obvious + 1 subtle.

    Book – 2/3, pot – which way is it facing?, and glass behind/in front of book.

    The fourth error is that while the t-pot is correctly offset behind the glass, the flower stem directly connects to the flower which in a real glass it would appear to be offset.

  2. well, I found it easy… First the glass with the flower is aparently behind the books, but before the jar, wich is on the top of the books. Second: the pot fell on one side and the water to the other side. Third: the stacked books, on the right are aparently 3 books, on the left, it seems the one on the top is pushed back…

  3. I FOUND 1 ERROR, but not sure about the other two…

    1.the bottom book and the middle one, mingle with each other.
    2.the glass???
    3.the base of the pot is visible???

  4. the books are 2 on the left, but 3 on the right.
    the glass stands on the books, but also behind the books.
    the opening and bottom of the pot are are not correct.

  5. 1. The vase goes through the books
    2. The bottom of the flower pot is visible through the pot
    3. Inconsistent shadows–if you look at the books, the light source seems to be above and slightly to the left, but the shadows are wrong. Also, nothing else has a shadow.

  6. The stack of books show 2 at one end and 3 at the othe, the glass vase and leaf should be on the stem of the flower

  7. I found them fairly quickly. I like this one lots as I’ve never seen it before. I’m a first time commenter. Thanks for all you do!

  8. 1) The vase is overlapping the book.

    2) The bottom of the clay pot.

    3) The middle book in the stack has a disappearing

  9. I think I found them;
    The middle book is missing the left side
    Vase is both in front/behind the Books and pitcher
    Can see the both the top and the bottom of the clay pot.

  10. Flower extends to far..
    Left side of JAR is in wrong place
    POT shows bottom on outside..
    LINE on right would be the Table cloth, has wrong pattern..
    Something about the lighting seems OFF..

  11. There are only two books but it looks like three. You shouldn’t be able to see the pots bottom, depending on which angle you see it, it either looks like a see-through pot or its bottom is facing forward. You can see the red book through the gap where the vase and the pot meet.

  12. I see the bottom of the red pot that shouldnt look like that, the tall glass is in a wrong position…and the green book doesnt exist!!
    Great illusion!!Thanx!!

  13. The middle book exists only at the right side of the pile, the flower pot is facing you both at the top and the bottom and the vase goes through the pile of books.

  14. I see the pot base is the wrong way. the 3/2 books. the vase is in front of the teapot but behind the books at the same time. the flowers leaf should be coming out of the stem not the flower. The strange tablecloth ending right of the vase. the bottom left angle of the table isn’t natural. and the way the teapot spout is placed, the tea would spill out the top before it came all out the spout.
    THATS 7 MISTAKES!!!!!!
    (I think)

  15. definitely not the bottom of the pot as it is partial transparent. ..However if the spot on the glass is a shadow and not part of the glass design ..that is error no. 1 as its blocking a piece of the stem.. no.2 peace lilly has no leaves…the missing book is an illusion and finally the placement of the glass and the books

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