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  1. Oops! I was looking for the arrow in the small “e” – the horizontal line of the “e” and the top half of the curve making it a half arrow :s

  2. I just spent countless hours perusing your site, and was quite entertained: thanks for your great work and research! If you don’t mind, I’ll put your link on my sidebar so more people can enjoy it too.


  3. When I was 6 we took a school field trip to a FedEx place and they asked us at the start to find the arrow in the logo durring the tour.

    Guess who found it first (after about half an hour…) me! Haha, best trip ever.

    Brought back some good memories, so now, i thank you.

    Butter knife for ’08! Woo!

  4. Hey, y’all, along the same line: have you ever noticed there is the sideways image of a house between the E and X in every EXIT sign?

  5. It’s called ‘negative ground’ – a graphic device using manipulation of positive shapes (the letters) to create shapes reversed out of them

  6. The butter knife is not really in between the e and the d. It is just a result of how the ‘e’ is written, like most ‘e’s. I dont think it was on purpose, whats the point of a butter knife on FedEx logo?

  7. yes! I opened the ads category and instantly thought of this illusion. glad to see it here. :) a magazine I own has an interview with the graphic artist who designed the logo, if anyone is interested. Quite awesome.

  8. now every time that i look at a fedex truck or something that has to do with fedex, i see that little annoying arrow!! i cant help but notice it!! it is kind of annoying, but i love that they did that. do you know if it was on purpose or just a coincidence?

  9. I’ve never noticed it before! I wonder why I was so (What’s the opposite of observant?). That was so easy to notice when you pointed it out!

  10. If you slightly tilt the F and twist the D to a 32 degree angle and then flip the whole logo upside down you get a man on a horse waving his hat.

  11. I have known that for a while, if you also look at the bottom where the “e” touches the “d” there is a butter knife

  12. My lead designer and friend Brendan just mentioned this and I had to look at it again. I love that hidden arrow! It is the kind of simple genius in logo design that I find most inspiring. Check out the link above for some logo design work we did recently. All inspired by achieving this standard of thinking and brand communication behind the designs.

  13. funny, ive never noticed it before. now every time a fedex truck passes by i always look for the arrow.
    what a life changing experience.

  14. lol “symbolising speed and precision” – what a load of crap!

    If you believe in the power of the subliminal and subconcious with hidden negative space then I’d be more concerned about overlooking the hidden spoon in the ‘e’ of (ironically) Fed. Someone’s been spoonfeeding someone bullsh*t somewhere…

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