Fake Nude Lady Optical Illusion

Check out this hell of a funny .gif animation, one that could easily fool you into believing we weren’t supposed to share, specially because of our safe-for-all-ages strict policy. But I promise you, that once you see the looping animation from start to its end, you’ll quickly realize there wasn’t anything wrong with it in the first place.

I believe we successfully managed to fool you this time! I firmly believe you won’t find posts like this untasteful, and instead will have a laugh like I did. Anyway, I expect seeing this on bunch of forums anytime soon, mainly used as an avatar in your profile :D For more (fake) sexy illusions of this type, be sure to visit appropriate #sexy tag. BTW, anyone knows which show was this taken from? I believe they were heavily inspired by Bald Gentlemen illusion prior to making this gig.

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  1. That’s from the Benny Hill Show…
    The 2 bald guys were regulars. I actually think I have a copy of the original show somewhere on VHS.

  2. Fake Nude Lady is a clip taken from the Benny Hill Show. very funny and lots more illusions such as this one. show is on DVD check it out

  3. This is typical British comedy routine.Very funny without being rude!I know the show but can’t remember the name of it!

  4. I expect this was from the UK’s Benny Hill Show – neither of the gentlemen in the picture are Benny Hill but they are his regular “foils”

  5. Benny Hill show, i remember watching this when i was a kid and laughung my head off then and it is still funny now

  6. It is from The Benny Hill Show. Benny Hill was noted by Hal Roach as the funnist men on TV. He passed away a few years ago in his sleep from a heart attack. He is very much missed. His show will live on.

  7. You’ll find the cast here, the two actors were Bob Todd and Jackie Wright. The actress was Jenny Lee-Wright

    Many of the old british comics were famous for their verbal as well as visual illusions. Dick emery had an illusion using a window a sa mirror to make it appear that both his legs were up off the ground. Can’t find an image of this unfortunately

  8. Hilarious, timeless British humour, the best in the world.I think there was a television program that showed clips of humour from other countries, it demonstrated that we are the best.
    It kept us going during the war.
    I think I know the clip about the comic with two legs off the ground, and I may be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure it was Tony Hancock

    1. The two legs floating in the window gag attributed to Tony Hancock or Dick Emery on here was usually done by Harry Worth, a google search for his name shows the gag in use.

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