Faces in the Tree Optical Illusion

Good morning illusion fans! It is time once again to put your eyesight and imagination to the ultimate test with this very unique illusion. Now sometimes, people can look up into the clouds and swear they see things like animal shapes or even faces in them. Some people have a remarkable imagination and can see the face of someone in a potato chip or a tortilla, but what about the faces in a tree?

A tree with no leaves, and just its branches, can turn into remarkable things if you just look hard enough. The fun with this particular illusion is discovering how many faces there truly are in this tree. How many different faces can you see? Some people see only a half dozen, but some can see up to one dozen faces, it all depends on the limit of your very own imagination.

Faces in the Trees Optical Illusion


Do you love finding faces? If so, there is another great illusion you need to check out. While this particular illusion does not involve a tree, it involves a windmill, but it is still interesting to see just how many faces can be seen in it. Here is the many faces number two illusion, so go check it out and have fun flexing your imagination muscles!

8 Replies to “Faces in the Tree Optical Illusion”

  1. This was painted by an Indian illustrator – the faces are of Indian Freedom Fighters/Polititians – notably Mahatma Gandhi (top), Jawaharhal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi….

  2. An interesting thing is that these are not just any faces, but they Indian freedom fighters and politicians. Some of the faces are

    Rajiv Gandhi
    Indira Gandhi
    Lalbahadur Shastri
    Maulana Azad
    Jawaherlal Nehru
    Bhagat Singh
    Lokmanya Tilak
    Subhashchandara Bose
    Mahatma Gandhi
    (don’t recognize the guy in beard)

    Except the first two, all are freedom fighters and national heros in India, who were pivotal in overthrowing the British.

  3. Funny how the ad below the picture is about family tree builder. I also see 10, if I count he two obvious elderly people at the bottom.

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