Faces in the Mountain Optical Illusion

Good day everyone! Wednesday is upon us all, but don’t fret, Friday is just a couple of days away, and then the weekend will be here! When the weekend comes, this may be a great chance for you all to do some rock climbing up the side of a mountain, which is what  today’s optical illusion is all about!

How many of you love the challenge of mountain climbing? Have any of you skilled climbers ever noticed that sometimes mountains have faces. I mean, other than Mt. Rushmore of course? If you take a look at this picture of a green covered rocky mountain, you may see the mountain looking back at you! Do you see that there are a few faces tucked in among the greenery and rocks? Well, if you do see them, or if you don’t, that’s okay, we still would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

Faces in the Mountain Optical Illusion

Ready for more illusions? Check out this water, and do you see the man in it? Sometimes, even a spray of water can look like something else, and this man in the water illusion certainly proves that, does it not? Enjoy your Wednesday, and we will meet again tomorrow!

One Reply to “Faces in the Mountain Optical Illusion”

  1. This is the CIA’s “little joke”!

    These “faces” are a camouflage screen that the New World Order employs at their numerous facilities around the world. The screen is covering up something behind it. The seemingly strategic position is evidenced by the ancient fortified structure in the cliff.

    The “faces” in the screen are what is referred to as the CIA’S “little joke”. It implies that they’re watching us and we aren’t smart enough to see it.

    They are laughing at us. They are taking over the world right in plain sight.

    Just below and left of the wall in the cliff there is a ” tell”, you can see a window of some sort. Probably a mounted cannon of small caliber. They use a lot of 100mm cannons in their fortifications.

    Another ” tell” is the “darker than dark” spots in the image. Get close up and check out the shapes. Just “not right”. Also, a type of camouflage.

    If you zoom in on the bushes, they all kind of homogenize together and the ” little joke” becomes visible as well.

    The biggest ” tell” is the “wall” seen on top of the cliff. It is constructed of a plasticultured silicone material that has optical properties that render it invisible to the naked eye, and nearly invisible to the camera.

    Just like a rainbow, the silicone material is invisible until it reaches dew point conditions whence it becomes visible as a rainbow/spectral stripe.

    There is a structure there, atop the cliff that hides something behind it.

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