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By on May 4, 2011, with 25 Comments

Strangely named user – BitPartDamaged, discovered two movie posters containing a “hidden” face. One is more obvious than not, and the other… heck, both of the faces are obvious! What is not so obvious is these aren’t faces at all, rather parts of the surrounding material that only resemble a human face. In first case we see a wrecked building, whose wreckage resembles a face, and in the other one – it’s all about photos and post-its Russel Crowe maniacally collected (in order to free his wife from prison, but this is another story…). Am not sure if the first poster for movie called “Carlos” belongs to Hollywood production, but I’m sure “The Next Three Days” is, as I’ve seen it few weeks ago. BTW, are we really incapable of establishing communication with Facebook (talked about the issue here) ?

Faces in Hollywood Posters
Faces in Hollywood Posters


25 Responses
  1. Yusif Azari says:


  2. Yusif Azari says:


  3. SnowBerey says:


  4. Aurora says:

    They both look like someone did that intentionally…

  5. Jazza says:

    Pretty cool :)

  6. ZL123 says:

    1. Woo. BitPartDamaged FTW. Lol.
    2. Nice pictures and faces!
    3. First post??

  7. Matt says:

    Wow that second one is cool

  8. debolina mukherjee says:

    both r too obvious

  9. Ryebread says:

    Wheres the terminater salvation poster?

  10. Yannick Anckaer says:


  11. mike says:

    and has anyone seen the little red headed girl in the top photo [trapped in the rubble] ??????

  12. mike says:

    actually there are 2 more people and a dog also there in the top pic but i’ll leave it to you to find them

  13. henw says:

    First ! This is great illusion !

  14. Benua says:

    Hello MOI. The first poster is from a french movie. Carlos, real name Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, was a big terorist in France in the 70′s, using bazooka on a plane in Paris airport for example… “The Next Three Days” poster is amazing! It reminds me the work of the photograph Bernard Pras -you should googled it !!

  15. I like these. A lot of “shopwork”, but great optical illusions. Obviously a lot of work went into these creations. It was well worth it……….:)

  16. Sparky says:


  17. Roger says:

    This kim Jong Il

    Way too cool

  18. kiran says:

    great pics…

  19. Ahmed Tharwat says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that face (Left Side of a Smiled Mask) !!??

    “Let Me In 2010 | Poster”

    Or it’s only in my mind :S

  20. Stub stub says:

    The 2nd pic was cool. It isn’t noticed easily.

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