Eyelashes Optical Illusion

One of the things I love posting about on the site are 3D chalk drawings and body paint illusions. You see, I’m not much of an artist whatsoever. Actually, I’d be doing good to draw a couple of stick figures. Honestly, a 1st grader would give me a run for my money in an art contest. Therefore, I highly respect people ¬†are able to pull of some amazing artwork.

Today, I have a body paint optical illusion where someone was able to pull off an amazing effect around their eye. This is an eyelashes optical illusion and I definitely think it looks amazing. I’d love to see this type of eye makeup become a fashion trend, because it shows creativity. Are you ready to check it out? If so, you can scroll down right now to see this amazing optical illusion in action.

Eyelashes Optical Illusion

Ladies, this would be amazing if you were able to do this. I see a lot of women doing some amazing effects on their fingernails, so why not do some amazing effects above your eyelashes? It would be really awesome.

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