The Extra Long Zebra Optical Illusion

Morning to you all and Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend, but unfortunately, the time ended and it’s back to work! While you all were relaxing with family and friends, perhaps you went to the zoo, and if you saw something memorable there, like today’s optical illusion, then it was definitely a trip worthwhile! Take a look at today’s optical illusion, and you will notice that this zebra seems to have an issue. Can you all see that this zebra is a little longer than the average zebra? Perhaps, this zebra got extra long from the food it eats!

The Extra long Zebra Optical Illusion

Ready for something a little more on the scary side? Check out these photos of George Bush and Ted Bundy. Do you see a similarity? Now everyone knows that Ted Bundy was a serial killer, but could he have been a President of the United States at one time? It sure does look like it does it not? Scientists say that everyone in the world has a twin, but this may be the first time anyone has actually seen the twin of George Bush!  Are you all scared too? Well today is Monday, and we hope you have a good day and we will talk again tomorrow!

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