23 Replies to “Escher’s Relativity Optical Illusion”

    1. What do you mean, it’s ‘Only’ a drawing,
      It’s a fantastic work, doesn’t matter if it was drawn, etched on copper plate, constucted in a software enviroment or chalked out on a pavement.

      Lets see you draw, with a pencil, something simple like a Mobius strip with just a single line of ants on it for our delight then

  1. Dear jamda, it’s not a drawing it’s an etch. Escher carved this ‘drawing’ in a copper plate using a sharp metal pen. He had to etch it mirrored so it would come out the way he wanted it seen. Ink would then be rolled on the plate and gather in the carved lines. The plate would then be pressed on a piece of paper. After that the proces would be repeated. Escher didn’t have the luxury of using a computer or other modern graphic devices. He made this etch in 1953!

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