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By on July 30, 2008, with 52 Comments

Emma-Jane Cammack, a freelance body painter whose photos we published week ago, created another gallery dedicated only to optical illusions. She creates all sort of bodypaint, but my favorite ones are those involving camouflage and illusions. You can see some of the examples below. All 3 of these were already featured in one way or another, without the body paint touch. Which one is your favorite? Can you tell, apart from the camouflage part, what is the illusion in them? If you’re asking yourselves how come I haven’t posted so often lately, it’s partly because of a slow connection I have here. Those of you who haven’t heard, I’m on vacation (Korcula again in Adriatic see). Another reason could be because I’m diving a lot, swimming and going out – so little time is left for me to update the website. But have no fear… I’ll find extra hour or two daily to do some work on Moillusions – best optical illusion website on the net! Enjoy!

Emma Jane Cammack   Body Paint Part II
Emma Jane Cammack   Body Paint Part II
Emma Jane Cammack   Body Paint Part II


52 Responses
  1. Harry says:

    Awesome! One of the best I’ve seen on the site so far I reckon, mainly because the backing pictures are all classic famous illusions. The third one with the girl is insanse because you actually have to stare quite hard to see where she ends and the wall begins!

  2. Moorsy says:

    probably not first post, but hey, since everyone does it I might as well…
    first post?

    strangely, i like the hand one best

  3. Anonymous says:

    That first one i’d say is an optical illusion. It’s invisible! But i found it after a while.

  4. Anonymous says:

    these are really good

  5. Anonymous says:

    First comment I think, these are cool

  6. Mia says:

    wow that is SO COOL!!
    i love you website! keep up the good work~!

    1st comment!


  7. Jack says:

    the bottom 1 is the best FIRST POST hopefully

  8. Anonymous says:

    Its ovious that its not painted on them what i think they did was take a picture of a persons head or hand which ever picture and then put the black nad white patterns on the top of the body in paint shop pro or something like that its really obvious!!

  9. Screaming Doubles says:




    thats the cleanest painting i have seen yet… there have been a few like this before on this site.. but maybe its cause they only did black and white, and not an entire spectrum…
    really sweet. i almost missed the last one.x P

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yay! first comment, it must have taken ages to paint those people but its very affective…luv it!

  11. Anonymous says:

    wow its really cool!

  12. Jack says:

    cool 1st post awesome @:-)

  13. Anonymous says:

    I like the last one best :)

  14. Anonymous says:

    Cool illusions, but could you please try to keep the nearly naked people to a minimum? I find it offensive. Thank you.

  15. Shannon says:

    Thank you I enjoyed that a lot.
    I think body paint is really cool :)

  16. Anonymous says:

    wow that is some crazy stuff haha

  17. Anonymous says:

    yay first comment i think!!
    this is pretty interesting
    not qhuite an illusion but pretty nice

  18. Dayana says:

    Wow… Taking out the second, which is quite obvious, you can’t tell these are body paint until you pay attention…

  19. Daniel says:

    the second pic is really creepy…

  20. Anonymous says:

    Suppa this is me its my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. mak the ripper says:

    first post!

  22. Will says:

    I think the third illusion is the most well-done. Something about the woman’s face seems like it was drawn right in to the picture itself. And I didn’t even notice her legs at the end until a couple of second ago…

  23. Anonymous says:

    ohhh yeahhh…. naked girl….

  24. Anonymous says:

    Wow that’s awsome but i dont get it with the last one.

  25. HenkDeGekkeDuitser says:

    Ahh, super toll, ganz geil est dese shit, jawuhl!

  26. gina gee says:

    first comment woooohoooooo

    its ok but i have seen better body paint

  27. Anonymous says:

    cool..i like the first and the last, not sure about the 2nd one though

  28. Kevin says:

    Wow, body paint illusions of classic illusions! That is very cool.

  29. rachel says:

    i really like the first one, its really cool

    but the guy in the second one is kind of scary lol

  30. Anonymous says:

    wow, the last one is the best!

    BTW did you get my email about the House of Cards video?

  31. RossK says:

    First? Realy cool, I like how the first is linked with the ‘black dots’ illusion. The last one took me a while to see the whole woman.

  32. Kool-Kev says:

    Really cook. I like the Black and White look.

  33. Pikle says:

    Oh, wow! These are good ones. The first one and the last ones are the best; it took me a while to see them. I think the second one is rather creepy because of the eyes. Keep adding those illusions!!

  34. Chris says:

    Wow! These are amazing!!


  35. Anonymous says:

    Wow, those are really well painted! Good job!

  36. Anonymous says:

    hm… thats cool, the illusion works very well on the first one 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999th comment

  37. Anonymous says:

    Without sounding too sad… is it just me or can you fully see the chick’s flaps in the last pic? Bahaha.

  38. Anonymous says:

    that last one is really awesome!

    YAY! FIRST ONE! (maybe…)

  39. Debolina Mukherjee says:


  40. Alf says:

    First comment? Probably not -.-
    All these illusions ROCK, but I took a while fore me to see the person on the bottom one. WOW!

  41. Anonymous says:

    they are pretty nice
    a lot nice xP

  42. nobody says:

    last one is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! there are two or more optical illusions in each one but three ways the last one is best lol

  43. tacos says:

    the third one is really well done i love it

  44. Jez says:

    The last one is awesome.

  45. i don't know says:

    i like the third one oh yeah :)

  46. Brian Peralta says:

    third i couldnt even see her

  47. qwertyuiop says:

    i like the hand one the best because it looks like the hand is behind the painting and in front of it at the same time

  48. cindy says:

    id lik 2 do tht id hide in front of a wall nd scare ppl 2 death id b so FUNNY :D lo,l c(=

  49. dina says:

    cool i liked them like the hand and the 2nd one best

  50. Ryan says:

    on the third one you can see the girls tits! ;)

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