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By on May 7, 2006, with 69 Comments

This one is old-school classic optical illusion. Nicely done, have to admit. So simple, yet so eye tricky. Count the legs on this elephant…so many! Still if you look at the elephant you can’t be sure what went wrong and where those extra legs came from. What has he been eating, Chernobyl food specialties?

Elephant Optical Illusion


69 Responses
  1. hi says:

    hi im the first person to put an entry in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tanguy le magicien says:

      the shame is that is not the original drawing by Shepard wich have only 4 impossible legs and not a fifth in the tail. That’s the viral Fake that trust the genuine… to sad.

  2. Stephanie says:

    0 because this is an optical illusion .

  3. EXL249 says:

    Good for you!! also i would also like to say that this is by far the oldest illusion eva!!

  4. nini says:

    i c 7 or 8

  5. Killburn says:

    However, there is only one “complete” leg.

  6. shay9985 says:

    i c 7 too

  7. lizzie + paige says:

    i c 8 legs wkd lol

  8. Big Gay Al says:

    5 legs

  9. Me says:

    This is confusing, lol

  10. Brandi says:

    I see six. There’s one near his mouth

  11. max says:

    Wat the 1…..2……. IM STUCK!!!!!

  12. dunno anyting says:

    Definitely 4 as there is only 4 tighs

  13. VDO Master says:

    i c 5 2

  14. AIU RM says:


    Very intersting. I counted aparently 8 legs total, 4 attached to the body but only one apears to be completed all the way down to the floor. Very cool.

  15. Hai says:

    i’ve seen this b4

  16. Excite the exciting excite says:

    I see 8

  17. shev says:

    Got this one up in my class at school-love it!

  18. BRANDY says:

    THERE IS 5

  19. luis says:

    ok imma be honest!!! there are only 4 legs that touches the floor if u was gonna count legs like they told us too there is 7

  20. Me. says:

    I C 8 but we all no theres only 4 legs on a real elephant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol luved it

  21. pfcjulieoolie says:

    only has 1 leg

  22. Anonymous says:

    dis is far out

  23. Anonymous says:

    theres 8 this wasnt hard at all.
    come on i know u can do better

  24. Anonymous says:

    There are 8 legs and 5 feet, but only one leg and foot are definately attached.

  25. Anonymous says:

    i’m really woriied about some people’s eyesight… there are 3 legs that are just upper legs, 4 legs that are just lower legs and 1 whole leg! not too hard.

  26. Ell says:

    i see dead people

  27. Anonymous says:

    i c 8

  28. EXILE-Of all things Random says:

    O, 8, or 5 are correct as I see it.


    P.S. The answer could also be negative 8 and whatnot. Think about it!

  29. Anonymous says:

    No legs! It’s not an elephant! It’s a PICTURE of an elephant. Sorry, I’m so sad, I find something like that funny. xD
    Nice illusion. Oldest are the best.

  30. Danger Machine says:

    I saw this on the TV program SMart. It’s cool though. :)

  31. Anonymous says:

    One leg and one leg only ^^

  32. Anonymous says:


  33. Anonymous says:


  34. Anonymous says:

    There are only five only five legs have toes… so no matter what you say there is 5 deal with it.

  35. Chris says:

    @34.. haha ur one smart 12 year old….? there is one. retard.

    (its the far back one, the others are just lines)

  36. cheese says:

    i see 4 ana half


  37. Anonymous says:

    There is 5 legs, count the feet on it.

  38. Anonymous says:

    There are 8 legs – but only 5 of them have feet!

  39. Nelly the Elephantom says:

    Well if you look at it properly you will notice that the elephant only has one leg and foot on the nearest side of his body, the back one. Its the only leg fully drawn in, poor Nelly will topple over. He also appears to have a leg growing out of his face and ass – tad discomforting!! I got shown this picture back at school and i still dont like it, its obv he has 4 legs and 4 feet – they r just not attached to one another -.- .

  40. Anonymous says:

    1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! there seem to b a lot, but u look carefully and then think that there are none, but the leg furthest to the rite is actually a leg … so there is one leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Anomynous says:

    1 leggy! its the complete one

  42. It says says:

    8 feet, count the top bits of legs (apart from last one because its whole) and count the bottom parts of legs, now add the last one (which is 1 not 2).

  43. ericko says:

    the elephant is gonna die !

  44. Gloria says:

    I see 8 legs, but goshhh— where are the explanations as to wat really is happening. But ofkoz the elephant has 4 legs lol!!!!!!!!

  45. flapjack says:


  46. coolez says:


  47. smartest says:

    There is only one complete leg, that is a leg that starts at the thigh and ends with a foot. The others, whether you start at the thigh or at the foot are not. They are known as “false legs.” That’s the explanation.

    • srinath says:

      “There is only one complete leg, that is a leg that starts at the thigh and ends with a foot. The others, whether you start at the thigh or at the foot are not. They are known as “false legs.” That’s the explanation.”

      i agree with smartest. the legs other than the one he mentions start on one side (left/right) but end on the other

  48. Lily says:

    i see 5 legs lol!!

  49. Talis Pähn says:

    There is one logical explanation: Stones.

  50. gintoki says:

    i see 8 legs^^ count them up and down..

    • Becky says:

      No the elephants feet arnt conneted to the legs but wen u first look at it it looks like they r

  51. J says:

    Does anybody out there where this image originated from?

  52. amelia says:

    seen it elehant has 7 legs

  53. Annie says:

    cover up the feet. really they just drew feet in the spaces where the feet DIDNT go. ( fyi im a child my mom showed and told me that ) logical explanation

  54. sfr says:

    Everyone knows elephants only have 4 legs/feet. What’s all the discussion about

  55. Stephan says:

    at http://www.michaelbach.de/ot/sze_shepardTables/index.html it is said, that this originates from Roger N. Shep­ard.

  56. AwesomeAddict says:

    a foot is coming out of its mouth

  57. Hrrr says:

    Um no s*it Sherlock there is only ONE LEG AND ONE LEG ONLY AND IM ONLY TEN!!!!!!! Cause only one leg is fully attached there are 5 feet and 8 legs but only one is a FULL LEG smart ones

  58. ew says:

    1…2…3…4…5 what the theres to many legs

  59. ew says:

    6…7…8 no wait theres 7 or 8

  60. Suji says:

    A badly drawn elephant. There is no connection between where the leg starts in the body and the foot on the ground :D

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