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By on March 12, 2006, with 243 Comments

See a new color you’ve never seen before!!…Well… at least never before on your monitor. It’s a startling example of how poor the green/cyan element is on TVs and monitors generally. The colour you are about to witness is actually true Cyan … a colour that is heavily diluted on the vast optical illusions 10 majority of monitors (thanks to colour pollution). It’s a pity one needs an optical illusion to demonstrate this, but at least you can see what you’ve been missing ;-) Anyway on with the illusion….

Stare at the white dot in the centre of the red circle. The longer – the better (two minutes and you’ll get a much stronger effect). Always try to keep focused on the white dot. It’ll be worth it.
Soon after staring, you’ll start to see a thin rim of light around the edge. Don’t stop staring though yet! Wait another minute – keeping your head perfectly still.

Once you’ve done this, slowly – move your head backwards – making sure to keep your eyes focused on the dot at all times. The circle’s rim will glow brilliantly with true Cyan! Keep on moving your head slowly backwards, and it’ll glow very hot!…

The blue/cyan colour chart to the right isn’t part of the illusion, but there to demonstrate that the ultra cyan you have just seen is not in the monitor’s color palette! It should be, but isn’t.
It’s an amazing effect.

The Eclipse of Mars Illusion


243 Responses
  1. PhilJ says:

    Oh, look, a sailboat.

  2. JON says:


  3. Erin says:

    That was so beautiful, I was in awe when I saw it.

  4. Pon Jon says:

    It was a very pretty color. Now that they’ve mentioned it, i’ve also wondered at this color. why can’t it show up on the computers and TVs and stuff? my car is this color.

  5. Lady says:

    I am truly impressed…that is really cool. I’m still seeing a strange blue circle…

  6. caffenated-cat says:

    It’s so pretty.. =o It’s gonna be stained on my eyes for awhile more, though, but it was worth it. =)

  7. ihope says:

    I cheated and only looked for about 10 seconds. It still works ;-)

  8. Chelsie says:

    cool it looks like everyone has a blue mole! HAHAHAHAHAH

  9. Pembo says:

    after doing it, look straight at something white. :D

  10. Lita says:

    That’s such a pretty color! Thanks for putting this up here.

  11. Danielle says:

    ooo behehehehe look at your hand straight after.. looks like a bingo dabber mark!

  12. Aaron says:

    Awesome, if you look at the center of your hand

  13. Braceface says:

    Wow! Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly Cooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. clau says:

    LOL. my hand has a glowing blue circle now when i look at it.

  15. Silv says:

    When you look at the blue palett before you try the illusion, the ones on the left look greenish, but look at them right after you do it, they just look blue

  16. Marine says:

    that wuz crazy pople pretty nice imma do it again i wonder where i could se this color permanently (like on cars and on walls)…

  17. Stephanie says:

    ahaha . . ahh my eye !! lol

  18. dcaron says:

    Simply fascinating and a great (painting) lesson for unveiling true colours… tks!

  19. Ligerginny says:

    :O!! Pretty!!! It’s STILL infront of my eyes, lol, i listened to the last half of a 4 minute song and willed myself not to blink..it’s very worth it. <3

  20. Paper says:

    it was cool i guess better then most of the illusions

  21. betty says:

    Wow It is a reallllllllllllly pretty color

  22. lizard says:

    I think I dreamt that color once. It was the sky on an alien planet :)


  23. mmykle says:

    if you get up cloaser to the screen when u start looking at it the efect is better.

  24. John says:

    OMG my eyes! What have you done!!!

  25. bbhimom=685500153 says:

    owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww my freakin retna!

  26. sri says:

    that was freaky stuff,,,, and it kept growing bigger as i moved away, i mean even beyond the box… wow,, ultra cool

  27. Luke says:

    That does look cool, but.
    Has any one thought of the dammage this could be doing to my eyes?

  28. Mark Jaquith says:

    Dude, it’s been 3 minutes, and I’m seeing a cyan circle where ever I look (like, on the white wall of my room.) That’s trippy.

  29. CHINKI says:


  30. Doug says:

    Very Interesting…Thanks

  31. lulu says:

    Yes you can blink chinki.

  32. boopit says:

    That is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Calvin says:

    i cant get it out of my head

  34. basketball_playHER says:


  35. Hai says:


  36. testerswife says:

    I stumbled across your web site threw a search at Canadianblogs! I think this is very cool, and would like to share with others. I have posted your URL at my blog in order to share with others! I belong to a group that is called “Microsoft Home Ambassadors”. And right now we are looking at interesting blogs to share with others. Well I find yours interesting! And mostly alot of FUN! I am sure I will be checking back quite regularly just to see what you have done! I sure have enjoyed going threw all of your Illusions and so has the Grandson and husband!
    I am still seeing little green spots going around and around LMAO!
    TC! & HAGD!
    testerswife (MHA)

  37. nobody special says:

    It is too on the color pallete…. trust me…. I can hear things people can’t hear, and see things that otherwize can’t be seen… usually high pitched noises and colors. I have an eye for matching colors. Don’t mean to sound like a know-it-all but it’s true. There can’t possibly be a color that’s not on the color pallete. The colors off to the side are different shades… and each one is gradient by one on the slide. The color you see is near the center of the pallete. you can see this if you stare long enough, then look over at the pallete at a distance so the blue circle is just outside of it.. you will see its matching color.

  38. Lindsay says:

    CKOEOWL aka cool get c o o l and k e w l any way that thing is so awesome

  39. Sam says:

    Wow, that was areally pretty color….but now all I can see is the blue circle. It won’t go away.

  40. Vanessa says:

    it was so like pretty and i think u should show alot of people that

  41. Margaret T-H says:

    That is such a beautiful colour. It’s breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.

  42. little boy blue says:

    ty very much now im color blind for blues on that spot of my eye XD

  43. M 2 the H O says:

    that was way kewl.
    but nobody special, srry but ur wrong 2,
    cyan is on the colour pallet but not on the 1 bside the red dot.
    that pallet is blue shades,
    not cyan shades.
    and personally i think that u only see weird colours cause u have bad eyesite,
    any1 cud see its not on that pallet,
    theyre pure blues fcs!!!

  44. summit says:

    the circle can also represent the “center” of your vision… you have on focal point of your vision, and the circle can show it, when you get close enough to the screen… truly is a beautiful color though…

  45. alq says:

    that was really cool. i could still see the color for a while after i stopped staring

  46. chance ridgers says:

    it hurts me eyes!!!!!!!!!! lol but its awesome now my eyes are all wacked up!!!!!!! kool color though……..also y did we have to hold our hand still?

  47. berlingo_dort says:

    herk, why did you give my all this LSD ? i’m all wickblurp…

  48. Farted says:

    pretti!!!!!!! like me pony!!!!!!!!!

  49. Nachos Yummy says:


  50. DIEGO says:

    OMG it’s beautiful!!!!

  51. Daniel says:

    Woah cool…
    but now the cyan ball is standing on my wiew!! :/

  52. Lily says:

    :o Look at yourself in a mirror right after! You look like you’re about to puke! :P

  53. alana says:

    AHHHHHHHH! ouch ouch ouch… now all i see is a ring of blue! make it stop!

  54. Gods Girl Truly says:

    ugghhh…….hi…..i really think u should stop saying bad words!
    Is any1 filtering this??? anyway i am sorry u have too see blue dots.
    …Cuz… i know how u feel!!

  55. qwart says:

    oooo PRETTY

  56. tucker says:

    dude that was sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Lem says:

    What a cool color! I’m still seeing it which is a bit irritating but quite cool! Really pretty. And so bright and .. nice ^^

  58. Bill says:

    ive done that before with alot of things!!! like listen to what i say, if you stare directly at a light, and wait 5 seconds, it does that anyway!! still very cool though!

  59. vivien says:

    now where evr i luke ders a blue cyan lol dats tite

  60. T says:

    every time i look at any lights the same dots appear, i hav sensitive eyes. sumtimes with magenta

  61. meeow says:

    ♥that was just amaZing♥ =^_^=

  62. I see in blue says:

    i got so far away that everything turned blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. cool girl says:

    why am i seing this circle? it won’t leave me!…wait, it’s gone! coooooooool!!!

  64. Manda says:

    the cicle wont stop moving damn it it is so beautiful tho im gald i clicked on it it is the most gorgeous color i have ever seen
    seriously its somehow so pure

  65. tinks says:

    i liked how it looked when you look at the centre of your hand afterwards

  66. anaony says:

    wow… cool!

  67. speedyvick03 says:

    Certainly one of the best illusions i’ve seen. it got so bright. Then, also, when i looked away from the screen the blue color was everywhere. it took like 10 minutes to go away, very strong color. Keep ‘em comin! Great site.

  68. no likey name says:

    alot cooler than it sounded cooool

  69. andrew says:


  70. lizandchance says:

    i never see these things darn

  71. Katie says:


    on 7:47 PM
    Oh, look, a sailboat.


  72. niki says:

    Amazing!!! It was so beautiful! Way worth the teary eyes from staring for so long! Thank you!

  73. Pretty Blue Circle says:

    Woah, that illusion is wicked! I keep seeing a blue circle everywhere I look!

  74. Anonymous says:

    this is so much a lsd trip

  75. Feather says:

    I can still see that stupid blue dot. O_O

  76. Anonymous says:

    LOve it!
    LOve it!
    LOve it!

  77. JOhn says:

    nobody special

    Cyan is in that on that chart. Bottom left hand corner.

    There however is a large difference between computer cyan and print cyan.

    I honestly don’t know what you think you’re seeing, but displays have always sucked for true colour accuracy.

  78. claudia says:

    oh my god dat is amazing the circle looks so real its hard to believe its not real nd only imaginary its really cool on the palm of ure hand nd if u look at someting pink it turns purple its really freaky

  79. Anonymous says:

    I saw the color in about half a minute… But still it’s a nice illusion!

  80. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that was SO COOL!!!!!! I LOVED it!!!!!

    I enjoy your site very much, and I hope you keep providing us with cool and interesting illusions like this. Keep up the good work!!!

  81. Anonymous says:

    wow that was amazing and soooo coooool!It’s amazing how much different it looked from what they show like on the television and computer.

  82. Anonymous says:

    THATS SO NEAT!!! My hand was so blue for a minute i thought it was actually painted or something.Really neat illusion

  83. loser says:

    im still seeing the circle…but that was cool..still wonder why we cant see it on comps

  84. sam says:

    wow! i didint think it would work but it did and i onley looked for about 10 seconds darn my attention spand

  85. Blossom says:

    My eyes started tearing up so I had to close my eyes after bout a minute…

    If you close your eyes then look at your hand you can see it, too.

    (Sorry if this has already been said, I didn;t read all the cmments. @_@)

  86. Anonymous says:


  87. Anonymous says:

    WOW THAT WAS SO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!I nevr saw somthin like that of my life!! Thanks alot ur site rocks!

  88. iesha_x says:

    i Think This Is A Wickedddddd Illusion!!… The Colour U End Up Seeing Is The Best Colour I Have Ever Seen In My Now 15 Years Of Life!!….i LOVE it!!

  89. sour-sugar says:

    Is it okay that im seeing a circular blue tint everywhere now?

  90. Anonymous says:

    My School Was Making A “Newspaper Day” We Had To Make A Whole Newspaper In One Day And I Loved This Sooo Much… I Put It In My Page Of the Newspaper. Goooooo Me!

    Im Hannah By The Way♥

  91. Anonymous says:

    the only prob is that i see a cyan coloured circle over the colour chart.

  92. #1 Auntie says:

    Oh wow!! what a pretty color!!! that is so cool!!!

  93. Anonymous says:

    WOW!!!!! thas d best illition in d whole site.

    ps. r d effects supposed 2 b permanent cause i did it like 2 minutes ago n im still seen the blue cirle……EVERYWHER!!!!!!!!!!

    IS DRIVIN ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Ryan says:

    i agree with lady after u look at it anbd move ur head to another pert of the screen u still see the colour. totally awesome tho.

  95. lalalalaa says:

    WOAH, that was pretty. but im still seeing a pretty shade of blue circle thougt, it was really worth it. very preety!!

  96. reeding says:

    hey i figured if you cover one eye while doing this when your done your vision isn’t as messed up!

  97. Anonymous says:

    how do you get rid of the blue circle? lol
    its a really good illusion and i love the colour!!! :)

  98. Anonymous says:

    the circle kinda follows you round it followed me i looked at my tv and it was there o ps before i saw the blue glow i saw a maroonish brown glow circling the red circle

  99. ameria101 says:

    the blue follows me i looked at my tv and the circle and before i saw blue i saw a maroonish brown color circling the red circle

  100. Peter says:

    Oh dear god!…that’s awesome! the cyan circle is still floating in my eyes as I type!

  101. Anonymous says:

    This isn’t really an illusion, it’s to do with complementary colours. The chart is of some shades, but probably not the complementary colour of that particular red. Nice cyan though. Awesuuuum…

  102. Danger Machine says:

    Whoa! I can still see it lol that has to be on of the best on this site!

  103. Kathy says:

    WOAH!!! THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME! that never get’s old! I’ve been doing it so many times now…that color is sooooooo pretty! that’s the color that I want my birthday car to be!!! and my ipod, but they only come in so many colors…

  104. Rhys says:

    This is cool! But I see a blue circle in my head when I look at something white

  105. Anonymous says:


  106. Anonymous says:

    Woh! How cool is that?! I can still see a blue circle wherever my eyes go. That’s brilliant! When you move your head back, you just get the full effect of the colour!
    It’s a VERY nice colour

  107. **********M A T T I S O N P.*********** says:


  108. jeffi says:

    i think it would be better if we all just pooped on the world.

  109. Rachel says:

    That is a really pretty colour! I love it!

  110. Anonymous says:

    Um..this is soo cool. Can we see this clour becuase our minds allow us to see it or is it just some computer made up thing? Im just asking!!!Anyways does this make us dumb?

  111. Carla says:

    My retinas are totally branded with the blue circle! The further away I moved my head, the bigger the cyan colored circle got until it started going out into the white part outside of the rectangle! It’s evil that that color doesn’t exist on screens… now when I look at my hand, it’s all blueish, and the further away my eyes are from my hand, the more blue area on it! It looked like a blue light on my hand…

  112. Anonymous says:

    wow that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  113. Anonymous says:

    OMG! I love that color! I’m gonna go paint my room like that now!

  114. Anonymous says:

    My mouth was shaped into something like –> :O

    It’s a great illusion

  115. Anonymous says:

    the model looks like and ipod

  116. Anonymous says:

    nothing special if you can do that your very speical

  117. Dani California says:

    it’s just so beautiful and such a pure blue. such a gorgeous color

  118. SEXY GURL says:

    OMG i love this illusion. may i ask how long the blue circle stays with you . i love this colour

  119. Daniel says:

    It’s a nice illusion, but it did originally come from Skytopia.com (check archive.org for proof). Try to give credit where due if poss :P Thx :D

  120. sash says:

    it is a beatiful colour i love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I cant belive how pretty that colour looks


  121. Anonymous says:

    It won’t go away ahhhh. xD Interesting, I’ve never looked at something for so long. o_o

  122. nummi says:

    oh cool…after watching this….star at any blank colour..preferably white walls or a white desktop..n ul still see a cyan circle!

  123. Anonymous says:

    Nah….boring! Just more blue! : o P

  124. tomivav says:

    It was a very pretty color.”

    sick! beautiful color. im gonna try it more than once.

  125. miphi da pig!!!!! says:

    it is such a beautiful colour! i wish my eyes were that blue. it is still stained in my eyes though ti is 5 mins later. it still works really well if you stare at it for about 15 secs

  126. Anonymous says:

    so coooool!!!!! cnn should show this. LOL it would make it less boring

  127. Anonymous says:

    that was the best illusion i have ever seen :), also, i saw weird designs in the red circle when i stared at it, then a blue-black ring formed in it. anyone else see that?

  128. nnd says:

    This illusion made me think there was a blue stain on my bed afterwards XP

  129. Azilizan says:


    Pretty color too.

  130. Anonymous says:

    wow…gorgeous colour. while i was staring at the dot, it seems like the red isnt really red…?

  131. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Awesome illusion! After a while i can see the origianal red color. Wierd!

  132. amelia says:

    OH MY BEDFORDSHIRE!!! That cyan is really sonmething scary blue circle in my vision now ahhh:D

  133. Isabella Giovanna says:

    Now im seeing that cyan BEAUTIFUL dot everywhere i look, truely is an amazing illusion. I wish my eyes were that color. I wish you could just copy that dot color and take it in and get a paint color like that. I love that color!

  134. Cameron says:

    omg that’s an amazing colour

  135. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I really haven’t seen the colour before! And I only stared for about a minute.

  136. Anonymous says:

    Quite strange…
    The first illusion with no one link in the explaining text…
    Or maybe this is another illusion?
    The links are there but i can’t see them! Nor the mouse pointer!!!!

  137. Anonymous says:

    i was like whatever right when i stopped looking at it but now that i was reading the comments that damn cyan circle is still in my sight,Nice

  138. camryn :) says:

    thats my new favorite color:)

  139. Anonymous says:

    omg its like i see a blue dot everywhere now! weird!

  140. Anonymous says:

    go into paint and try diffrent colour green gives you an ultra violet colour

  141. Anonymous says:

    Its been one week the illusion was still there! I still see it! Someone help me!

  142. Anonymous says:

    Oh wow! That’s pretty cool!! It’s just that now I’m seeing a cyan circle everywhere :S

  143. Anonymous says:

    my ipod is that color.

  144. Haily says:

    So I stared at this right before I went to bed and dreamt in this colour.

  145. harry says:

    after i looked at it there was a cyan circle following where my eyes were, cool!

  146. Anonymous says:

    i saw a sailboat my eyes hurt oh….. im color blind!!! dont use this seriously omfg aaaaa!

  147. Christine says:

    omgthis was like TOTALLY AWESOME thank you so much for sharing this i did like 20 times all the times it worked! im gonna do it again :0)

  148. Anonymous says:

    wow!!!! thats awesome…

  149. Anonymous says:

    for some reason it didn’t work at first, but when i scrolled down it followed me everywhere i looked. Great post! i wonder if you can do the reverse of all of the colors?

  150. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that one is truly amazing.
    The first thing i wanted to do when i saw it was take a picture of it, but then i realized…

  151. Anonymous says:

    I`ve seen similar stuff, but this is nice also..

  152. orly--orally says:

    oh my gosh this is the most beautiful color i’ve ever seen!!


    *stares in awe again*

  153. the technogirl says:

    the afterimage laasts too long. its as if its permanently burnt onto the retina.

  154. the technogirl says:

    wm, im #155,; i put that comment in November and nowits Jan! U tell me thatnoone else left a comment?

  155. Anonymous says:

    WOW niiiice

  156. Melissa says:

    Ever heard the song “Brand New Colony” by The Postal Service???
    This is what the sky wud look like!!!!

  157. glydelconcubierta27 says:

    shit! it’s the most beautiful illusion and color i’ve ever seen for my entire life! from now on, cyan is my favorite color!

  158. Anonymous says:

    That’s a beautiful color…:)

  159. Anonymous says:

    Get this blue circle out of my vision!!!

  160. the technogirl says:

    wtfdtigo? only 5 people ahead of me from Jan and now its May?

  161. AliceIgnis says:

    wow!! What a pretty color!!

  162. Anonymous says:


  163. Ribbie says:

    This is my favourite optical illusion of all time. I SAID ALL! AND I MEAN…

    not really all.

  164. Franx says:

    Damn, that’s cool. Like, hyper cool.

  165. thetechnogirl says:

    Its the end of june now, and only 4? how popular is this site?

  166. Nebbit says:

    lol technogirl, i think you check this site and page to often… but i would of thought loads more people would of commented…

  167. !!! says:

    one of my alltime favs!

  168. Gauslender says:

    Just awesome… the new colour…

  169. abc says:

    cooooooooolllllllllllll…..it’s so beautiful…

  170. Anonymous says:

    the blue circle after image is burned into my retina

  171. GreenMint says:

    That. was. awesomely. bright. It felt like a beautiful, shining portal was about to reveal itself to me from my computer screen. But that red circle was in the way. And now that the beautiful dimension did not expose itself to me–like the rest, the memory of it it burned into my retina…

  172. koopaflower says:


  173. Anonymous says:

    the most beutiful color of all time!!!!

  174. Anonymous says:

    what you can do too, is watch the image for 2 minutes liek in the instructions, then close your eyes and keep your hand before your eyes so your eyes don’t catch any light. Then, even when your eyes are closed, you can see the cyan. But this effect is a bit too strong. I see it even now while typing this comment :)

  175. Robert says:

    holy crap it works

  176. abi luv :) says:

    sooooooooo bright i luv it is my fav color now I LUV CYAN YAY 4 CYAN

  177. ALex says:

    I only had to look at the image for a few seconds o get that color. It is truly magnificent but now I have that color burned into my retina. Its pretty but it makes things look a little strange.

    • Cyanforever says:

      It also took me just 20 seconds to see it,
      1 thing some of you could miss is that all the blue spots on the pc and besides it turn gray.
      It’s like the cyan circle steels the blue and converts it in tu cyan brightness

  178. cris says:

    itss.. its… beutiful

  179. aaahhhhh says:

    omfg im color blind i didnt see anything

  180. Katie says:

    Wow! That is so pretty! Weird…..

  181. MiniStig1 says:

    *stares in awe*
    *gets blinded my cyan-ness*

  182. Sofie says:

    Wow. That was absolutely beautiful. I also tried to look on a white wall right after, and there was the cyan circle! Nice illusion :)

  183. ilikeillusions says:

    wow real cyan is the most beautiful color ever!

  184. Jacques says:

    WOW!! Eyes burning! Aaaarrrrgh

  185. lil ashalind says:

    amazing ! i have a new fav colour ^^

  186. theEgg says:

    same here!

  187. Tourean says:

    Shush up Nancy

  188. Jessie says:

    :O beeeaaaauuutiful colour.

  189. Klitch says:

    Yes the colour is pretty but then I’m now seeing blue circles EVERYWHERE and it’s quite annoying :P

  190. Dolphin says:

    It’s…It’s…It’s beautiful.Does anyone know a way to see pure brown?

  191. Blue Blaze says:

    This is awesome. But the thing is as I write this I see the circle still.

  192. lol says:

    now i can see a light blue circle on the screen! evil.

  193. Alis says:

    OMDG so damn cool

  194. Sj x says:

    OMG!!! This illusion is great!!! I love that clour it was so beautiful!! the only problem: there is now a stupid blue cirle afterimage. Apart from that GREAT!!!

  195. shashwat says:

    why is the name of this illusion ‘The Eclipse of Mars Illusion’?? anyways, i just love the color… why can’t they put in onto our monitors too?? :S

  196. just Dani says:

    its. still. there. @__@

    yes its a nice color but the effect last to long. i think im permanently seeing blue.. >.<

  197. iIlusionist says:


    such an awesome colour

  198. maddi says:

    I love that colour

  199. imnottellingyoumyname says:

    love the colour!!!

    P.S My name is Archie

  200. gurl says:

    loooooong afterimage like 20 min! but, kool color!

  201. Person says:

    I can still see a circle in the colour when ever I blink now, such a pretty colour :3

  202. Lil'Miss.Twilight says:

    It is such an amazing colour :3

  203. Julia says:

    Its now my fav colour

  204. MB says:

    o.o it’s beautiful!!! \o/

  205. chris says:

    brilliant blue color!wow!

  206. asianpearlkeeper says:

    I see the colour-it’s really nice! I found it works even if you stare for 15-30 secs, bit it’s better the longer you stare. :)

  207. Daphne Samara says:

    Unbelievable… Truly amazing and beautiful!

  208. Name less says:


  209. ramiro says:

    the red becomes like bright blood red and the opticul look butiful breath and the collor becomes its brightest

  210. lavaBorn says:

    cyan circle will follow as you read the lines.

  211. hi says:


  212. Foxx says:

    O.O Whoa! >o< Wahh an epic color!

  213. Rob says:

    I’VE SEEN THAT COLOR BEFORE! It’s Cerulean, my favorite crayola crayon color :]

  214. FuschiaRoses says:

    Absolutely breathtaking.

  215. Blue says:

    Ooooooh it’s so pretty :)

  216. Robin says:

    How to delete the circle? Turning of my monitor doesn’t work ;)

    • Someone says:

      The circle is an optical illusion that stays in our eyes for a small amount of time after we have stared at something for too long.

  217. alice says:

    whenever i look at something white, i now see a blue circle!

  218. fossda says:

    my computer is capable of producing WAY more colours than that.

  219. chey says:

    COOL, also the after effect is a blue dot same size as red and the red dot starts to get grainish after starting for 60 sec or so . . .

  220. samarrian says:

    haha i was totally cool

  221. FlossBoss says:

    The red circle illuminated a blue circle. I followed it around on the screen for like 3 minutes and it’s still there! I’m not sure if that’s bad or not XD

  222. October says:

    I think I stared to long, there is a blue circle everywhere I look.

  223. tarzan says:

    AWESOME ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!

  224. FINALLY says:


    BTW if you wanna remove the effect , try closing your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes. ((But it should automatically disappear after 2 to 3 min of ooking to any other thing))

  225. johnny_depp_fan says:

    Um . . . okay . . . moving along.

  226. Someone says:

    Now if your eyes are getting reeeeeally sore, at about 1 minute just stare at something white. Like the Jesus face illusion.
    It also makes it easier to compare to the color chart, and lasts a lot longer (like staring at something really bright then closing your eyes)
    I had to change the amount of time my computer went on standby for.

  227. TheRhyslightning says:

    That is such a beautiful colour

  228. Someone says:

    haaaaaa…. need to blink

  229. Someone says:

    Cyan was always my favourite color.

  230. Someone says:

    I see the cyan color after about half a minute, and it gently reverberates for about another half minute.

  231. Bluestar says:

    It’s beautiful…

  232. Bluestar says:

    That’s my favorite color!

  233. Mevin1 says:

    Now need to add the impossible colors….


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