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  1. Did anyone notice the dwarf’s head is just a fraction of the size of the giant’s? Most adults have similar size heads, no matter how tall they are. This implies the dwarfed looking person must be some distance away.

  2. The back wall is definately sloping away from the giant but the wall-ceiling join must be angled to make it look flat. The pictures on the wall can’t be square either. Would be good if you could see their feet.

  3. Its forced perspectave, just like they used in the new Charlie and Tthe Chocolate Faqctory to make the ompa-lommpas look small.

  4. I used to love to play in that room when I was little, whenever we’d go to the Science Center. It’s a rather long room, with one end scaled smaller, and from some angles it looks like this. They have tv monitors on the ceiling to watch it.

  5. this is easy. it’s a room made so that it looks right from only one angle, and that short space in between them on the wall is really like 20 ft. i just know this from looking at other lame sites for idiot ideas when ur bored. ask an art major if u want it all.

  6. yea….i agree with Nimit. and why does Fuzzytreefrog and Hansen make weird random comments? also f.y.i, Tim, the ommpaloompas in that movie were real actual midgets.

  7. Let’s see the pic with the people’s full body. Right from the floor to the ceiling then I will come back and view it! :D

  8. u lot must be retarded in none of u have even noticed that the guy in the first photo who looks like a giant is the dwarf in the second photo p.s. sudoko is wkd

  9. the rroom is big in the back but he ceiling and back wall slopes down towards the camera and he big guy is much closer to the camera and the pinched walls and distance give the effect. i think.

  10. I don’t know about this one, but there is similar room at the Science Centre in St. Louis, Missouri. The floor slopes and it is something with construction and paint. so if you look at the floor the tiles are painted smaller to look farther away. It is all in the construstion.

  11. this is the same kind of camera used to make elijah wood (or frodo baggins) look much smaller than sir ian mckellan (gandalf) in lord of the rings for all the close up shots. i’m not sure exactly how it works, i asked my uncle who’s in the fli business about it, but he coudn’t explain the exact mechanics. its not stairs, its not a tilted cieling or one of those funny rooms some of you were talking about. it is just a camera that is built for making these situations in film.

  12. “f.y.i, Tim, the ommpaloompas in that movie were real actual midgets.”

    Nope, *midget*.

    He got a paid a heck of a lot too, cause every oompa loopma was counted as a separate role.

  13. we did it in psychology. i cant rememeber wat its called, wow i payed attention, but the room is shapped in a way that one side of the room is larger then the other and floor slopes. the posters in the back have been made to fit that side of the room. so the larger side the poster is bigger. and it usualy only works if ur looking at it through a peep hole. muller-lyer ilusion? no thats not the name of it. oh well

  14. OMG I used to LOVE that room! The floor is fun to slide down. As soon as I looked at that picture I realized that it was at the Science Center!! That reminds me, I need to go there soon…
    I didn’t read the begining if there is anything in there about St. Louis…

  15. easy this is just that this is not a room but like some sort of screwed up trapezoid that makes it look smaller duh!

  16. ive seen another one of these. its easy how it works. if you could see the ground, you wil realise that the floor is slanted. the man on the left is a lot further away then we think. ive even got a book which tells the solution.

  17. Well, my hypothesis is that , its taken in a regular sized room, with no abnormalities. The only difference is that the dwarf is standing further away from the camera, while the giant is closer. Creating the effect the the giant is much larger than the dwarf. I dunno, if this makes sense or not, but thats how i see it.

  18. This was taken at the St. Louis Science Center. You can tell from the billboard in the window. The head on the platter is just a hole in a table so you can stick your head up through it and it looks like you had your head cut off. THAT should be on here too!
    NOTE: The guys are EXACTLY THE SAME SIZE! They are not different sizes! The room is scaled!
    One side is normal sized, and the opposite is 1/4 scaled size. Like Jhonka said, there’s a tv on the ceiling so you can watch it.
    …there’s no stairs.

  19. trust me, i live in STL and my uncle works at the science center and its just a slanted floor in a small white room! TRUST ME ON THIS!!! I WOULD KNOW!!!

  20. the room is a specially built room. the floor tiles are tilted, and the ceiling is level but the floor makes a ramp like thing. the walls and windows are built weird too. i don’t know how to explain it but they are super fun rooms!

  21. think. If any of yalls ever took art. Remember the Vanishing point? The smaller guy is just standing closer to the vanashing point than the giant. The room is just simply a half room with low ceiling and narrow area on one side and high ceiling with loads of floor space on the other. Come on.

  22. how retarded. i very much dislike this illousion and are going to write a strongly worded letter about it.

    Suzy Lizenbagel

  23. =D I live near the St. Louis Science Center, and have visited that room numerous times. It’s really cool to stand in, cause you don’t realize until you look at the camera what exactly the illusion is supposed to be. These pictures don’t really do it complete justice.

  24. It’s all about the angles…….The photo was shot close to the guy to the right…If it was shot upfront It would reveal the trick..It’s a slanted room high on the left low on the right

    1. Acctully, it is a special room. It’s called an AMES room. One part of the celing is slanted to the right, the other to the left. No camera angle, just a AMES room. Good guess though,if I didn’t know I would of thought that too.

  25. Maybe they’re climbing a chair to make them look bigger. And the person who took the picture didn’t get the part of the chair.

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