Duck or a Rabbit?

Another strange conclusion I have come up with: I noticed that no matter how hard I try putting complex photos made in real life, the best response I get from my visitors is when I publish simplest optical illusion images. Don’t get me wrong, this makes me real happy, because I finally understand that all you want is effective illusion, not all the bling-bling-shiny photos. Please correct me if I’m wrong! Or comment why do you think that happens. Arturo Hornedo submitted this nice Rabbit Duck. Which one is it? Can you see both? If you like it, don’t miss Horse Frog, Liar Illusion, Fish Girl, before and after six beers, double meaning pictures, love shirt, in the city, jazz musician, old young lady… more in multiple meanings category!

Rabbit Duck Optical Illusion
Rabbit Duck Optical Illusion

17 Replies to “Duck or a Rabbit?”

  1. Are you sure that’s a dog? I mean, i understand the rabbit, but the dog looks more like a duck or… bird to me.
    Still, vey cool illusion, took me time to spot the rabbit thoug..

  2. I think simple illusions can often be the most effective because more detail can distract from the essence of the illusion. A simple line drawing can sometimes demonstrate the mind’s processing of an image more clearly than a photograph.

    I think photographs can also have good illusions, such as some of the “3D” murals and chalk drawings, forced perspective, etc. However, almost all of the photographs you post are postage-stamp size, and that really detracts from the viewing experience. I’d say that a photo (unless it’s a very good illusion) should be 640×480 or larger or it shouldn’t be posted.

    For example, it was almost impossible to see any detail in those levitating dumpster photos because they were so small, so you can’t expect anyone to be able to say, “Oh yeah, I can see how they did this.”

    Just my thoughts. I know you have bandwidth stuff to worry about, and many of your photographic illusions probably originate through chain emails or somewhere other than the original source.

  3. The duck is the original when you view it, the rabbit is on the right. Rotate your head to the right and you should see the rabbit.

  4. Wow, that was cool. I saw the bunny right away, but it took a while to see the duck. Now I can’t stop seeing the duck instead.

  5. it is a rabbit because the “duck” has a weird tail, a strange extra piece under its stomach and on the rabbit the extra piece is its tail and the weird duck tail is the feet.
    The rabbit just looks more right but yes technically it can be seen as both

  6. This illusion is so simple . . . it is both a rabbit and a duck.

    It depends on how the photo or illusion is turned . . . duh ! ! !

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